Be Awesome.

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Yesterday I made a quick trip to Sam's to treat my kids to a bargain lunch and pick up a few groceries. (Did you see where the deals are at Sam's?)


We made a beeline for our  pizza and hotdogs as soon as we walked in the door, and the guy who served us was fast.


And efficient.

And awesome.


Do you know how much this hungry momma with even hungrier kiddos appreciated that? I bet you do.


We finished up our shopping and tried out the self checkouts that were fairly empty. There was a slightly disabled young man working there, and he hopped right to it to help me out. He hurried to get my items checked off, made sure I didn't lift a thing (which took some extra effort on his part), and I had the nicest checkout experience I think I've ever had at Sam's. Maybe anywhere.


He was awesome.


Sure enough, we handed an older gentleman our receipt to check off as we walked out the door, and he made a point to make small talk with my kids. He asked if they were ready for school to start, was genuinely kind to them, and just put smiles on the faces of my kids (who of course aren't ready for school to start!)


He was awesome.


We then raced to get everything in the car before heading home, and as I was emptying my cart another worker walked over and let me know he'd take care of my cart (even though he was already pushing a jillion others.) He made sure I didn't do anything extra, and sure enough took care of my cart (which I normally return on my own – unless I'm shopping at Publix of course.) 😉


Guess what? He was awesome.


It got me thinking – ever single one of these workers chose to wake up and be awesome at their jobs today. They weren't getting paid huge wages, didn't have any reason to work extra hard for me, but they each did it anyways.


In the midst of our shopping I'd hurried to take my girls to the bathroom. (I have one who's determined to visit every single toilet in every single spot all over every single town she's in. Ugh.) While I waited for them, I looked in the mirror and was so disappointed. I just didn't look like the fun cute moms that I keep noticing all around me. (Did I say ugh? Thankfully, my family seems to like just the mom I am – I've got to get over that!)


While I was worried about the silly stuff ~ lines on my forehead and bags under my eyes ~ other folks were out there being awesome. I was worrying about stuff that just doesn't matter, rather than letting my behavior do the work to show a little awesomeness.


How often do I worry about things that have no real value (and that I really can't fix . . .), instead of choosing to be awesome? How often do I just muddle along, half-doing this job of mommy-ing, cleaning my home, and being a wife, while I could instead step up and share a little awesome?


What if I decided to be awesome while driving carpool?


And showed some awesome every time I cleaned the kitchen sink?



And even showed awesome each day while folding laundry? Or scrubbing the shower? Or  just cooking dinner? And (eek!) even while scrubbing the toilets?


What if my attitude even showed awesome to my husband when he walked in the door at night after having a the-kids-are-making-me-a-wee-bit-nuts-today-kind-of-day?


Today, I encourage you to work along with me and choose to be awesome too. No matter what God hands you – no matter where you're at or what you're doing, choose today to show a little awesome too.


(Wouldn't it be fun if someone watched us as we worked at whatever our job was, and at the end of the day said “Goodness, that girl was just was awesome today”?)


That's the kind of girl I wanna be. I'd love it if you'd join me too. 😉


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  1. LOVED this post! Just what I needed to hear and be reminded of! This post was down-right AWESOME!

  2. Thank you for the inspirational shot in the arm : ) Time to clean my house and be awesome for my husband!

  3. Thank you for being AWESOME by running this website. Saving money helps us all feel AWESOME!

  4. Thanks for this reminder. I am having one of the worst days ever after dealing with a truly awful third party. I know God is using your post to remind me that not everyone is like that and to look for the good people.

  5. I just discovered you today! Searching trash bag prices. I loved your awesome page. What a great read! Oh, and to mention God! Oh ya, way more awesome. Thank you for being you and awesome1

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