5 Ways To Save Printing Coupons


Now that you know how to print coupons from your phone, you want to make sure to get the very best price on printing coupons!  Ink can get pretty darn expensive, and depending on your printer you might need refills WAY too often.


(Remember, you can print hundreds of dollars in free printable coupons over HERE. Love that!)

Check out these 5 ways to save:

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1. Start out with the right kind of printer.

If you plan to use your printer mostly for coupon printing and occasional documents, school reports, etc. ~  you don't need all the bells and whistles of a color or photo printer.

You need a workhorse that spits out LOTS of pages with little cost.

I highly recommend this black & white Brother Printer.  You'll get SO many printed pages per ink cartridge, you may go a couple years without having to replace it (it's the one I use!)

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2. For ink – go generic or remanufactured, or even have your ink cartridges refilled.

When it comes time to buy new ink, check reputable sites like 4InkJets and Amazon before you pay full price for the name brand. In my experience they've worked just fine without a single problem, and save about 50% on ink costs.

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You can also get your ink cartridges refilled for a fraction of the cost of a new ink cartridge. I've always used Walgreens for ink cartridge refilling, and their regular price is $12.99. Occasionally they'll offer a special in their ad which drops the price to around $7.99 (compared to $30+ for a new ink cartridge), so definitely watch for those sales!

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3. Don't pay for paper.

Staples often runs a deal on paper where you buy a ream of paper for around $8 and get back $8 via Staples Instant Rebate. (Or other similar offers) Check out their current paper offers here.



4. Use the whole sheet of paper

Even though you might snag the free paper deals regularly – let's be honest, you'll probably have to buy it once in awhile.  To cut down on wasted half sheets of paper – try to print coupons in 3's.  Three coupons fit on the front of a paper, so I always try to print three at a time.


5. Switch to Black & White Settings

If you don't have a black & white printer, you can still print coupons in black and white to save! Just change your printer's settings to Black & White (aka grayscale). This way you can just replace your black cartridge instead of purchasing new colored ones as well.



What other tips do you have on saving when you print coupons? I'd love to hear them ~ leave a comment to share!


Find out how to print coupons from your cell phone here!

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  1. I don’t think it is that bad to print with color. but having that black and white option can really save you a lot of money. I know that the color printing is almost automatic now because every printer has that option. I remember when we didn’t even have color printers.

  2. I go to the library that is 1 mile away since I don’t have a personal PC at home. I can print 3 coupons on one sheet for a dime!!!

  3. Laura Harmon says

    I have set my printer to print black and white, but with Windows 10 for some reason they still print in color….ever had anyone with this problem

  4. Claudia Haviland says

    If a piece of junk mail has a clean back, i print coupons on it. First, I make sure that there is no confidential or identifying information on the front. Then I put a big “X” on the front so that I know that I have reviewed it, and I place it in a basket until I am ready to use it.

  5. The barcodes on my coupons have never printed out very well, even with a new printer. It made for slower checkouts and for some stores actually rejecting my coupons because they didn’t scan. I finally figured out what the problem was. I was using the cheapest copy paper I could find. I upgraded to a heavier weight paper (24 lb – 96 bright) and now they scan perfectly.

  6. Fry’s in Texas refills ink cartridges for 6.99 all the time, That is the cheapest I have seen around.

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