25 Days To A More Organized You: Find A Friend To Help

Today I spent a few hours with a good friend of mine, and we tackled cleaning out all of her scrapbooking supplies. Because we're going on a scrapbooking weekend in a few weeks, we wanted to clear out what was there, and figure out what we could use. (I told her that since I helped, I got first dibbs on any goodies she decided to get rid of!)


We spent about two hours working, and here's what we accomplished . . . 




20130131-163218.jpg   20130131-163243.jpg


We found a ton of items she can sell on Ebay, plus several items to donate to a local children's program (they'll have cute stickers for years to come!) We were most excited though because we found a ton of our favorite colored paper lurking in the back of her closet, and enough albums to work on for at least the next few years. (If you're a crafter, you know how exciting that was for us!)


Now that I've finally survived these 25 days of organizing (and have realized that I'm not exactly the most organized girl out there. . . could you tell?), here are a few tips that might encourage you as you move forward:



  1. If you have young children at home, things are just going to be a little bit disorganized (it just means you're normal.)  Prior to having kids I really did lead a fairly organized life, but three cute kids totally threw my life out of whack. Be patient with yourself, aim to tackle large projects in short spurts, and cut yourself some slack as these are just very busy years. (While I'm not sure parenting gets even an ounce easier, the messes do seem to become a bit more manageable as they get older. . .)
  2. Find a friend to work with. It just makes life more fun, and you'll tackle those big projects more quickly!
  3. Shine your sink. There are lots of great tips on organizing out there, but for me, this one seems to make all the difference in how organized our home stays. I'm convinced it motivates me to keep up with other things too!
  4. Check out these great organizing websites. As much as I'd love to have my home perfectly organized and know all the tricks to the trade, I've still got a lot of work to do. Here are a few great sites to help you get organized:


I'd love to hear if you've conquered a big project this month while organizing at home, and always love hearing your tips! Take a minute and share your thoughts by clicking HERE . . . and happy organizing! 


Looking for more tips on organizing? Check these out. . .



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