Zaxby’s Secret Menu Hacks

Zaxby's Secret Menu Hacks

**Participation can vary widely by store.  As always, you'll want to call ahead and make sure your location is participating or has different special days! Know someone who really loves Zaxby's? Here you go. 🙂 

When we were visiting Alabama this past week I was reminded just how much my kids LOVE Zaxby's (we don't have one nearby now).  Seriously- they are borderline obsessed with this restaurant!

Since it's on the pricey side, we've figured out some ways to eat there on the cheap.   I especially love the Days of the Week specials.

Weirdly, they're a little secretive about their specials. These deals aren't advertised on the menu, the website, or their Facebook page – but I'm here to tell you all about them!  Take a look at my favorite ways to eat cheap at Zaxby's…

First of all – did you know you can get FREE Stuff?

FREE Cookie Card – for Enrolling in Zax Kids' Club

FREE Kids Meal on their Birthday – join the Zax Kids' Club

FREE Nibbler on your birthday – join the Zax Club


Here's what comes in the Family Night Meal Deal for $25!

Days of the Week Specials:

Monday: Family Night Special from 5-8pm.

For $25 get: 20 Chicken Fingerz, 2 Baskets of Crinkle Fries, a Basket of Texas Toast, 1 Gallon of Tea or 4 Small Drinks (Refillable).

Think of it like buying 4 of the Big Zax Snak meals (3 chicken fingers, fries, toast drink) for $24 – and getting 8 BONUS Chicken Fingerz!

Tuesday: 99¢ Kids Meals from 5-8pm

This is an AWESOME deal if you have kids 12 and under – the regularly $3.99 – $4.29 Kids meals are just 99¢ with any adult meal purchase!  You can score *2* kids meals per paying adult.


Thursday: 99¢ Nibblerz

Nibblerz (essentially a chicken finger on a bun) are just 99¢ all day Thursdays.  These are regularly $1.69 each.

Sunday: 10% OFF Day

Bring in a church bulletin or program and get 10% OFF your entire order ~ I love that!


More Cheap Eats on the Menu:

  • $0.49 Coleslaw
  • $1.09 Chicken Finger
  • $1.69 Nibbler – if you're looking for an inexpensive meal, combine with a large order of crinkle fries and you'll be set!
  • $1.49 Crinkle Fries ($1.99 Large)
  • $3.99 Zax Snack (2 Chicken Fingerz, Fries and Texas Toast)
  • $3.99 Kidz Meal (Choose either 1 Chicken Finger, a Nibbler, or Grilled Cheese at this price, comes with fries, drink and cookie)
  • $5.49 Boneless Wingz Meal – on special right now
  • $5.99 Big Zax Snak (Comes with 3 Chicken Fingers, Crinkle Fries, Texas Toast, 22 oz Drink)

What would YOU add to the list of cheap eats?  Are you a Zalad fan?

Also – check to score Zaxby's Gift Cards at a discount!


Zax Sauce

And if you want to have Zaxby's ALL the time, without leaving the house – check out my super yummy recipes for Homemade Chicken Tenders with Zax Sauce!


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  1. Our Zaxby’s in Kernersville, North Carolina, no longer will give you the 10% discount with the bulletin.

  2. Renee Bell says

    Aren’t all Chick-Fil-As closed on Sundays ??!!

  3. Marisue Avery says

    I love your blog. Keep up the good work.

  4. Sam’s Club has Zaxby’s gift cards $50 value for $39.98.

  5. Tiffany Pietrowski says

    I contacted our local Wake Forest Zaxby’s and they said they’re not currently running that special anymore:-(

  6. Actually kids meal is free Tuesday for every meal you buy.

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