7 Ways to Save at Bath Body Works Semi-Annual Sale


I just love it when my house smells good….  which means I’m tempted every time I walk by Bath & Body Works in the mall.  But I *usually* can resist buying until there’s a really good sale going on.  And the mother of all sales – the Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale – is my favorite time to shop!

There are so many ways to save at the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale – from taking along coupons, to knowing where in the store to find the best sales.  Here are some of the best tips I’ve learned

7 Ways to Save at Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

1 . Hold Out for January and June

If you’re a big fan of Bath & Body Works products, plan on making your purchases in January and June – that’s when the Semi Annual Sales hit!

You can get signature lotions, bodywash, and body sprays for up to 75% OFF regular price. If you’re able, go ahead and shop for the next 6 months. Having extra candles and lotions in your gift closet is a great way to stay on top of teacher gifts, friends’ birthdays, etc… while paying dollar store prices!

For Example: Get Hand Soaps as low as $1.62 (Reg $6.50!)

The summer sale usually starts the first week of June, and the winter sale starts right after Christmas.

2 . Price Adjust Policy

If you bought  accidentally bought something right before the sale – Bath & Body Works has a fabulous price adjust policy.  They’ll adjust to the lower price within 14 days of your purchase. 🙂


3 . Use Coupons with the Sale

Bath & Body Works Coupons come out all the time – and you can use them alongside sale events. (Including the Semi-Annual sale!)  For instance, we’re in the first week of the June Semi-Annual Sale right now, and I’ve received these coupons from Bath & Body Works so far:

Here’s one deal idea using the $10 off $40 Code:

Buy (2) 3-Wick Candles on sale for $10 (Reg $22.50)
Buy (7) Body Lotions, Wallflowers or Shower Gels for $3 each (reg $12.50)
– Use $10 off $40 Coupon
Makes it $31 for all 9 items!

You can even stack some coupons!   For instance a “Free Product with $10 Purchase” coupon could be used along with a “$10 off $40 purchase” coupon.  

4 . Coupons Expired?  Use them ANYWAY!

Did you know that if your coupon expires before you shop – you can still use them?  Bath & Body Works will accept them within a 3-day grace period?  What a fantastic policy!

5 . 3-Wick Candles under $5??

Guys – these quality candles burn evenly, burn long and are super scented.   But they’re also NOT CHEAP.

Normally a Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle will set you back $22.50.  The very least you can expect to pay for a candle at Bath & Body Works is $8 during the super rare $8 candle sale.

BUT during the Semi-Annual Sale, candles go on sale for $10 – and if you bought (4) and used a $10 off $40 coupon, the price drops to $7.50 each.  (WOW!)

EVEN BETTER: SOME stores get in a selection of 3-Wick Candles for 75% OFF!  ($5.62 each)  If you were to buy 8 of those and use a $10 off $40 coupon – you’re going to end up paying $35 – just $4.37 per candle!

6 . Sign up for Emails and Texts

Don’t miss out on offers they send their loyal customers!  This Semi-Annual Sale I’ve received coupons via email, but also a Free Shipping offer on Facebook that was specific just for me.

You’ll want to sign up for email, texts and such to get extra coupons and special treats like those “FREE Product with Any Purchase” coupons.  I love those – because you can buy a travel size item (like in the pic above) or PocketBac and get a FREE Full-Size Signature product!

7 . Get FREE Giftwrap

Why buy bags & ribbons later?  While you’re in there getting enough lotions to gift every lady in your life for the whole year – grab some giftwrap, on the house!  You can pick up the really cute cellophane baggies with ribbon and tag totally free.  If you don’t see them on a display, just ask your cashier.

*If you shop online, the giftwrap option costs an extra $5!


And one last tip…

As always – if it isn’t in your budget, try not to let a good deal lure you into overspending.  Buyer’s remorse is real – and I guarantee you many a Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual shopper have experienced it!

Just try to think practically about what you’ll *actually* use up in 6 months.   (A bottle a month?  Maybe less?)   And what you’ll actually use as gifts (Do your kids’ teachers even like getting body care?  Do your girlfriends use only certain scents?)

Happy Shopping!

Do you have any great tips for shopping the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale?  Or maybe just tips for shopping Bath & Body Works period?

I’d love for you to share them in the comments!

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  1. White Barn is attached to BBW. I got 75% off from there as well. Wallflower plug in’s, cute wreath, and more.

  2. Patricia says:

    Why would I buy from a store that retires their scents more than often. You change packaging, scents, lines etc. so quickly. You have lost me as a once loyal consumer. I shopped monthly and spent money for things for me and gifted all my presents from you. I finally learned.

    • You can find all the retired scents in there website. I was upset as well about the retired items but I ourvhase online at bath and body works.com to find all those amazing scents.

    • Depending on what scent you want you might be able to find it at one of the semi-annual sale because they always bring back some retired scents for that.

  3. Cheryl Bowers says:

    Do you no longer carry Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist????? I love it & buy multiple bottles. Had I known it was going to be discontinued I would have bought more. Please tell me you have some hidden somewhere????

  4. Andrea Kunz says:

    I love your Dark Kiss fragrance which was brought back for Christmas 2016. Every time I wear the Dark Kiss fragrance mist, I get compliments on how nice I smell.

  5. I just went in today and some of this you can’t do. I tried to stack coupons and they would not let me. They also would not price adjust for some things I just bought.

    • You only can stack coupons when they came together in the mail or if it is black Friday.For the price checking they might have changed their policy

  6. one tip i have for everyone is that let’s say you have a spend $10 get a free item up to $14 value and a free travel size lotion or shower get up to $5 value which you can’t use together. Do two different purchases you can use both at the same time then.

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