The Friday Fluff Up: Our Summer Bucket List



Last night, after my girls were in bed, I asked my son what he would like put in our family’s “bucket list” for the summer. I gave him a few ideas as a starting point, and let him go wild coming up with ideas for fun summer treats to add to the list.



My (little?) boy is twelve this summer, and as he rattled off things to do, I had to inwardly grin. Do you know what that big ole’ boy wants to do this summer? (Please don’t laugh. . . although I did just a bit!) He wants to play cowboys and indians and go on an “adventure”; to create an art project and play capture the flag; to make a cake all by himself,  catch a few fireflies, and, of course, build a fort outside to hide out in.

Do you know what snuck up on me as we made our list together? That boy of mine is growing up (I just hate this growing up business some days!) I doubt I’ll have many more summers when playing cowboys and indians, drawing a sidewalk chalk city, or making freshly squeezed homemade lemonade will be on his to-do list for the summer.



So our bucket list is going to stay real close at hand this summer, and we’ll be working to to clip every one off the list. And do you know what else? I’m not going to be sad about things changing one tiny bit. (Do you hear that?) Because while I know in my heart that these cowboy days are very closely nearing an end, that boy is pretty fun to hang out with as he’s growing up.  Instead of being sad as about this growing up stuff (really!), I’m just going to enjoy every single moment we’re in right now, and look right on forward to getting to know the person that he’s becoming.

(Thank goodness though that I have two little girls coming up behind him though . . . I think we may still have a few more years of princesses left!)


By the way, our all-time favorite book to read for boys has been The Brave Cowboyby Joan Walsh Anglund. I think this one’s a must-have-book for every little boy (toddler-kindergarten aged), and even now we still pull it out every once in awhile just to look through the sweet pictures and spend a little time imagining just like that cowboy did. 🙂

Thanks for the clever bucket list idea, Delia Creates. . . I loved it! See more great Summer Bucket List ideas HERE, HERE & HERE. I’d love for you to join me over on Pinterest to see more crafty ideas, and please leave a comment with any other summer craft ideas you have!


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    This post brought tears to my eyes! My little boy is 4 this summer and I was just thinking yesterday about what things will be like when he’s a middle schooler. Thanks for encouraging all of us to cherish the days but look expectantly toward the future. What a wise mommy you are! Plus, I love your blog.

    • It’s so hard to watch them grow up Elizabeth, but there are so many fun things about the age they are too… And I’m so glad we’re past the diaper phase! Enjoy every minute with that four year old (I have to remind myself of that with my littlest … Often my exhaustion from her busy-ness gets the best of me!).

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment! 🙂

  2. Tears here, too! Our “little” boy is also 12 and will be graduating 6th grade Monday. It’s so bittersweet to see him growing into a young man! It’s quite a milestone to have him entering middle school next year. Time goes by much to quickly 🙁

    • I know Tammy – I just hate it! But, surely we have great things to look forward to…. And at least it’s only middle school, right? 🙂


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