22 Teen Boy Easter Basket Ideas

Teen Boy Easter Basket Ideas

The older my kiddos get the more difficult it is to figure out what to put in their Easter baskets. (Why can't they still little forever??)

And those teen years – whew! – that's when you really have to put on your thinking cap 🙂

Here are some fun teen boy Easter Basket ideas that will be sure to bring a smile to his face on Easter morning:


First – start with a Unique “Basket”:

You may want to ditch the old pastel basket and move on to something different. (On the other hand – you may want to hold onto that basket for dear life!)

Turn a Baseball Cap upside down for the basket (or another hat he'll like).  This will be the main gift, so at that point you could just fill with some candy/chips/beef jerky and call it a day!

Teen Boy Easter Basket Filler Ideas:

1 . Snacks he loves – think gum, beef jerky, Sunflower seeds, chips, trail mix, drink, etc…

2 . T-Shirt

3 . Sun Glasses

4 . A Good Book

5. Flip Flops

6. $5 Restaurant Gift Card or Movie Gift Card

7. Swim Trunks

8. SprezzaBox (All done in one little box with this option!)

9. Phone Camera Lens

10. Magnetic Putty

11. Water Bottle (I bought this one and my teen guy is always stealing it!)

12. Drawstring Sack

13. Socks

14. Sharpies or Doodling Pens

15. Journal (To make this meaningful, you could flip through and write scripture verses just for your child on various pages throughout the journal, to encourage him)

16. Body Spray

17. Belt

18. Bean Boozled Game (If they've never had this, it's a fun one for teen guys to play together!)

19. Pocket Flying Disc

20. Hackey Sack

If you're stumped about what on earth to buy for teen boys Easter basket fillers, you're going to love this big list of practical and unique ideas!

21. Earbuds

22. Dollar Shave Club Gift Box

What kinds of fun things do you put in your teenage boys Easter Baskets?

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