Supper’s Set For Summer – Freezer Cooking Challenge Day 1



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If you missed my Facebook live video this morning you can watch here.

I’m soooooo excited to have 6 meals DONE today from our Supper’s Set for Summer Freezer Cooking Challenge!


I’m not going to lie, I was a little anxious about starting this little project this week (to say the least.)


In fact, since I was the one with this brilliant idea (and just praying a few folks might want to join me), last week I was a wee bit sick to my stomach about what I’d just signed myself up for.


But I gotta tell you, now that the bulk of the grocery shopping is done and I have the first day of cooking under my belt, I realized this is seriously the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had. 🙂 


For real.


But, I did learn a few things the last 24 hours as I’ve been preparing, so I thought I’d share those with you.
Here are 7 tips that will make you way more successful with this freezer cooking challenge if you’re joining me: 

1. Use Kroger Click list or Walmart curbside pickup (or a similar program if your store has one), to order your groceries (this will change your life!)
2. Order the groceries you’ll need for 2-3 days of the challenge (an entire week’s work would be a lot of food and may be more than you’re ready for!)
For example, I ordered groceries for the meals I’ll make Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then will order the rest tomorrow to pick up for Thursday and Friday.)

3. Clear space in your pantry and fridge for your ingredients before going to the store. 


I made space in my pantry for the items I needed and cleaned out my fridge ahead of time, so I had less to do when I got home from the grocery.

4. Label your bags ahead of time.
After several people suggested it, I also double bagged my recipes (to help the moisture not make a mess when everything thaws out), and also attached the labels with clear masking tape. You can totally just print your labels on card stock as well and then just attach with tape to the bags (and remember, we’ll send you the labels when you sign up!)

5. Sort your groceries by days as you’ll need them.
After I got home from the store yesterday, I “grocery shopped” for each day from the items I’d purchased. I used clothespins to keep refrigerated items in bags labeled by each day, so I can easily get through them each morning before dumping items in each bag.


6. Make sure any meat is cut up ahead of time (GROSS!)
I knew one of the recipes called for a whole chicken (I didn’t catch that it was cut up), so last night as I was going through my list I saw that and went ahead and cut up the chicken. (I’ve never done that before but survived ~ whew!) If you need help like I do, follow the instructions over HERE. (Thanks, Martha!)  🙂


7. Cut up veggies & open any cans before you start.

I cut up onions this morning before beginning and also opened up all the cans I needed ahead of time. It’s so silly, but having that done all in one quick spurt made dumping everything into bags go so much more smoothly!







So, I spent about 1 hour from start to finish this morning, and six meals are done. 


We’ve got the pork roast cooking in Mrs. Potts right now, I popped five meals in the freezer to use this summer, and I’m feeling like a rockstar right now.



That’s why I could hardly wait to tell you about our SUPPER’S SET FOR SUMMER CHALLENGE, because I think it’s, going to change your summer.




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I promise, if you struggle with meal planning and sticking to your grocery budget, this will change the way you shop.

We’ve had several folks comment in our Private Dinner’s Done group that this using Eat at Home Cooks is saving them as much as $100 EACH WEEK ON GROCERIES ALONE, and they’re actually sticking to their menu plans and EATING AT HOME.

I love that.

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The best part? You’ll get all the freezer cooking meals AND monthly sets of slow cooker meals, whole foods meals and traditional menu plans. I promise, you’ll love these lists!


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