Sam’s Club Vs. Costco Prices


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Sam's Club Vs. Costco Prices


{Note: The Sam's Club prices were found in Huntsville, Alabama and the Costco prices were found in Columbus, Ohio. I've shopped Sam's Clubs in both cities and found the prices to be almost identical, and in general, prices for food have been a little higher here in Ohio, so I think this is a pretty good idea of what prices you'll see in  your area. If any of my Huntsville readers happen to shop Costco I would *love* to hear your prices to compare on these same items . . . I'm going to see if I can get to Sam's Club here next week to compare as well!) 


This might just be my favorite post ever here on PPP! Because we're a couple of penny pinchin' nerds, my friend Shannon and I love to see the low-down-nitty-gritty of a good price, and always (always!) do the math to know just how much we're spending.


So, when I called Shannon on the way  home from Costco the other day, we started discussing how fun it would be to price war Sam's and Costco and see who actually won. (Did I mention we were penny pinchin' nerds?  I wasn't kidding.) 😉  I was very surprised with some of the results, but loved seeing them matched up evenly. This is just a small sample of the things we watched for this week, and if you all enjoy it, we may both make another trip back for more.

Sam's Club vs Costco - PINTEREST

As always, when shopping these stores please go in with a budget in place (in case you haven't heard that enough from me lately!) We would love to know if these prices are consistent to what you see in your hometown (remember, Shannon's shopping in Huntsville, Alabama and I'm here in Columbus, Ohio), and if you've found other deals that you've just loved at Costco or Sam's Club, leave a comment to let us know what you think.



IMG_3770.JPGSam's- Whole Chicken $1.07/per lb
Costco- Whole Chicken $1.09/lb



Sam's- Rotisserie Chicken 3 lb $4.98
Costco-  Rotisserie Chicken 3 lb $4.99



Sam's- $1.88/lb
Costco- $2.99/lb

Note: This price is a bit deceiving because the Costco price was on Perdue chicken and the Sam's Club was their Member's Mark version, but both are antibiotic free 



Sam's- Lean Meat 80/20- $3.28/per lb
Costco- Lean Meat 80/20 $3.49/per lb



Sam's – Tyson Frozen Chicken 6 lb $13.19 ($2.20 per lb)
Costco- Perdue Chicken 10 lb $22.90 ($2.29 per lb)



Sam's- Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked Turkey Bacon 36 oz – $5.86 ($.16 per ounce)
Costco- Turkey bacon 48 oz $5.49 ($.11 per ounce) but the non sale price is $.17 per ounce



Sam's- Milk $2.29
Costco- Milk $2.69



Sam's – Sargento Cheese 24 pk $7.98 ($.33 each)
Costco- $10.99 ( $.23 each)



Sam's- $2.42/18  ($1.61 per dozen)
Costco- $3.99/32 ($1.33 per dozen)



Sam's- 3 lb Grapes $4.98 ($1.66 per lb)
Costco – 4 lb Grapes $6.99 ($1.74 per lb)



Sam's – Watermelon $3.98
Costco- Watermelon $3.99

WINNER = SAM’S by just a penny


Sam's – Organic Spring Mix 1 lb $4.47
Costco – Organic Spring Mix 1 lb $4.49

WINNER = SAM’S by just 2 pennies


Sam's- Onions 10 lb $6.82 ($.68 per lb)
Costco- Onions 10 lb $8.49 ($.84 per lb)



Sam's- Sliced Apples 32 oz $3.98 ($.12 per ounce)
Costco- Sliced Apples 48 oz $9.99 ($.21 per ounce)



Sam's- Strawberries 2 lb $4.98
Costco- Organic Strawberries 2 lb $6.98



Sam's- $22.48 for 22 Mega Rolls $.93 per Mega roll roll (330 Sheets per roll) 96 reg rolls
Costco- $16.79 for 29 Tripe Rolls $.17 per jumbo roll (stock up price) 97 reg rolls (remember, this price is after their monthly coupon, so the price will go up $4.20 on September 1st but still a decent price)



Sam's- Bounty 12 roll $17.98 ($1.49 per roll)
Costco- Bounty 12 roll $15.99 ( $1.33 per roll)



Sam's – $9.91 for 90 or $.11 per tab
Costco- $14.49 on sale Buy One Get One Free $.06 per tab (remember, this price is after their monthly coupon, so the price will go up to $.12 per tab on September 1st but still a decent price)



Sam's- Member's Mark Napkins 4 pk 300 Sheets- $9.98 ($.08 per napkin)
Costco- Kirkland's Napkins 240 ct 4 pk ($0.07 per napkin)



Sam's- Rice Krispies Treats, 24 pk $8.38 ($.35 each)
Costco- Rice Krispies Treats, 54 pk  $7.99 ($.14 each)

Note: if I remember correctly that the Sam's Club ones are much larger bars – so this is a little deceiving




Sam's – Daily Chef K Cup 80 ct $29.98 ($.37 per K cup)
Costco- Kirkland K Cup 100 ct $34.99 ($.35 per K Cup)

WINNER = COSTCO by 2 pennies


Sam's- Instant Quaker Oatmeal 52 ct $8.48 ($.16 each)
Costco- Instant Quaker Oatmeal 52 ct $8.55 ($.16 each)

WINNER = SAMS by less than a penny


Sam's- JIF Peanut Butter 2 pk 40 oz $8.33 ($.10 per ounce)
Costco- JIF Peanut Butter 2 pk 48 oz $9.99 ($.10 per ounce)



Sam's – Nature Valley Granola Bars 30 ct $7.49 ($.25 each)
Costco- Nature Valley Granola Bars 48 ct $12.69 ($.26 each)



Sam's- Dole Gel Fruit Cups 16 ct $7.88 ($.49 per cup)
Costco- Del Monte Fruit Cups 20 ct $8.39 ($.42 per cup)



Sam's- General Mills Cheerios 2 27 oz box ($.13 per ounce)
Costco- General Mills Cheerios 40 oz box ($.14 per ounce)



Sam's- Huggies Diapers Size 2- 168 ct ($.24 per diaper) Size 1 198 ct ($.20 per diaper)
Costco – Huggies Snug & Dry Size 2 228 ct at Costco $32.99 ($.14 per diaper)



Sam's-  Simply Right Diapers Size 3- 252 ct $34.94 ($.14 per diaper) this is the smallest size they have in the Sam's brand
Costco- Kirkland’s Diapers $19.99 136 ct at Costco ($.10 per diaper)



Sam's- Tide $21.48 ($0.10 per ounce)
Costco- Tide $16.49  ($.10 per ounce)



Sam's Eraser's 9 ct Kit-  $9.78  ($1.08 each)
Costco- Eraser's 9 ct- $8.99 ($1.00 each)



close up of a white container on white background





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  1. Donna King says

    I wouldn't put a penny more into the Walton bank accounts. They treat their employees terrible, offer less than a living wage, and train their employees on how to apply for government benefits, thus effectively switching the burden of employee benefits onto the general public. My money goes to Costco.

    • I’d like to know where you got your information. I worked for Wal Mart for 6 years. While, yes, the associates were treated unfairly, just like any big business, I never, repeat, NEVER was TRAINED in how to apply for ANY kind of government assistance. After Sam died, the whole nature of Wal Mart changed. Share holders got greedy, but like I said, we were never versed in applying for welfare.

    • I work at walmart. I get paid a good bit more than I ever did at Kroger or Publix(southeast chain). They started me out at a higher rate and then went up for my experience. I also get a 401k to which Walmart matches a %, stock purchase program and benefits and I’m only part time. I don’t know if you’ve worked for them before but it seems your facts may be a tad off.

  2. Laura McClave says

    Costco has better products in my opinion. By the looks of this it just depends on what you are buying. I think that when it comes down to it I agree with Donna King, I personally do not want to support the Walton's for many reason (all my personal opinions) I would rather go to Costco and look for coupons to get the other products at other stores. Costco also has a way better wine selection than SAMs. I really do not see the need to hold two memberships at a store that is similar. Costco for me all the way!

  3. I feel sams is compared to Costco as Wal-Mart is to target I’ll take target any day and Costco any day pennies or not .

  4. I think you should do cost comparison on the off brands. We often buy Costco Kirkland brands comparable to bounty, charming, tide, dishwasher detergent, beagles, and many more that you can't side by side shop with SAMs. And the quality is well above what is offered at SAMs.

    • Sam’s doesn’t seem to carry very many store brand products at all. So since Costco does, it seems that that would probably be the best deal. But personally, I think most of these prices are SO expensive compared to what I get couponing at the grocery store. The thought of paying a membership fee to pay these prices horrifies me.

  5. We only have a Sam’s club and BJ’s in the area, and Sam’s is definitely better than BJ’s is. That said, I don’t mind shopping at either Walmart or Sam’s club because 1) the employees CHOSE to work there, whether as a last choice or no other option. If they don’t like it, they know where the door is, and 2) at least they have a job. If there were not working at Walmart, they may very well be not working at all, and would be entirely dependent on the public and government. And NO, I do not have any affiliation with Walmart other than being a weekly shopper there.

    • Hi Kim!

      What doe you think Sam’s does better than BJ’s? Did you know you can stack coupons at BJ’s?

      I was just curious. I always like reading these wholesale club comparisons. They are such fun!

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately you are missing a very large variable in this “chose” to work there thing. Walmart’s business model has made the economy so bad that it forces so many people to scrape by on the bare minimum. They put so many other businesses out of business who used to pay twice as much for some of the jobs the employees do at Walmart. They then changed their pay levels for the employees removing billions of dollars for the employees for greed. Looking at it more thoroughly would make you understand just how bad the Walmart really is. It would take more than a few sentences to explain this.

    • We have Costco/Bj’s & Sam’s here we prefer not to shop anything Walmart & Costco is inconvenient. We do very well using Bj’s coupons combined with manufacturing coupons! Bj. Brand items have been good quality. When our children were babies their diapers were awesome & if you didn’t like something they have a $ back guarantee! We have the rewards memberships which we split with a friend. * Instead of getting a spouse card we also alternate on WHO pays & that person gets the 2% back for the year! Typically we get back $200 or so. Its worth it!

    • SAMs club is awesome I shop there once a week I use to work for Walmart love you Sam Walton

  6. Ooh, I love that you’re comparing Sam’s and Costco prices! Unfortunately, a lot of your comparisons were on things I don’t normally buy, so not all that helpful… Also, I love the good deals on some of the organic products at Costco (produce, whipping cream, etc) and I don’t know if Sam’s has anything similar or not…

  7. Sarah Rumsey says

    On the rice krispy treats, you could change the unit of measurement to oz instead to get an accurate comparison

  8. I like Costco better. I have been going to Sam's all my life, but since Costco came to town about 5 years ago, we have been going there. There store brand products are just a good or better then named brand and there cheaper. I grown up in the grocery business with mom working at local chains and myself also working for a variety of chains since I was 15. Costco is by far the best bulk /economy for your money. There sales are on an every other or every 2 month loop. The only thing i dont like about Costco is they have a habit of changing suppliers on some items. I like a certain brand of butter, they carried it for several years now they carry a brand I do not like. And they do not take outside coupons. (I can really use that extra $1 off that $32 box of diapers, etc)

  9. Interesting. The costco store brand is a thousand times better than the sam’s store brand. Also the cashiers at Costco are so much better than at sams. We are members at both but generally will shop at Costco more and only do SAMs for quick trips since they are much closer.

  10. We shop at both, just because of the locations. The Costco is closer to my job. Sam’s is closer to my church. Each one has things we use that the other doesn’t.

    I will say this about Costco’s cheese, though. It may be cheaper, but it shows. Their cheese melts like plastic. Sam’s cheese melts much better. I won’t be buying Costco cheese again.

  11. AL & OH are very far away from each other. It would be a lot more accurate to compare a CostCo & Sam’s that are close together. Even in my own metropolitan area, the price for the same exact product varies by Sam’s location (I’ve seem generic omeprazole 42 ct differ by as much as $4 over a 30 mile distance). On the Sam’s website, you can pick any location you want and see product prices in that store (not sure if you have to have a login to their website to do that).

    CostCo is too far away from me. I have found that Sam’s brand version of items is immensely less expensive than anything I can find in a regular store; those items are the ones that I have used for the basis of my price book. As far as any name brand items in Sam’s, there have been plenty of times I have seen better deals in non-warehouse stores with sales and/or coupons, but not for all name brand items that Sam’s carries. If you are ok with generics, if you can find a generic version of an item outside of a warehouse club, it is usually always cheaper than the name brand version in Sam’s.

    • I agree, the distance throws this comparison. This only works for stores in the sames area. I will say, I have been thinking of switching to costco and this kind of answers it for me. Prices are so close its likely to not matter even though you are talking two completely different regions.

    • Nope they are all the same if one SAMs club in one state charges you more than one in another state you can get reduced

  12. It looks like some of the produce items are comparing organic Costco products vs. Sam's Club non-organic — for example the apples and strawberries. I don't think Sam's can be declared a true winner for those comparisons since they're not really like items. Sam's has a very limited selection of organic products, so that's why we have our membership at Costco, even though there's a Sam's Club that's closer.

  13. I would shop at both places for the price of milk. A gallon is NOT under $4.00 in PA. You are VERY lucky to get it at the prices listed above !!

  14. I cannot speak for Sam’s club, but I worked for many years at a manufacturer for ONE of the Kirkland brand frozen food items. When we were bidding on the product, Costco representatives told us to make the best possible product using the best possible ingredients without regard to cost. Then we went down from there to get to their price point. I thought it was a good indication that quality of product matter more to Costco than the price.

  15. Rhonda Ralph says

    Costco pays employees a liveable wage and gives them benefits. The Waltons, who own Sam’s and Walmart, do not pay a liveable wage, decent benefits and don’t give folks the number of hours that they need. Meanwhile, the Waltons rake in billions. I would rather pay a few cents more and do fair trade. Unfortunately, there is no Costco in Maine.

    • I worked at Costco… All that glitters isn’t gold . They have you work just under what they consider full time to keep you listed as part time . They are supposed to have a helper at each register so the cashier isn’t lifting 50lb bags of dog food all day by themselves … The only time we had helpers was when corporate was coming to visit and we had to put on a show for them . They do offer benefits but they are expensive .

  16. I like the products Costco has better, and I also like supporting a store that pays their employees a living wage, gives them benefits, etc. I feel like spending money is more than just getting the best bottom line for my family (though that’s important too). We vote with our dollars, and I vote for a company that sees its employees as people of value.

  17. I personally have shopped at both Sam’s and Costco and prefer Costco. With Costco is not just about the price but how the business is run from employee benefits and willing to work with the employees during illness and other family issues.

  18. Kelly Hess says

    Love the comparison, kind of an eye opener. Our family is a dedicated Costco family for a couple of reasons, one it is very close to our house, the gas is always the cheapest, and we just love the experience. I always choose Target over Walmart and I would most likely choose Costco over Sam’s, but in our case Sam’s is too far for us to even consider.

  19. very interesting. Just confirms what I suspected all along. (used to have a membership at both at the same time). Sam’s is just generally cheaper for most of basics (especially since Sam’s has sales on items too–like the Costco beating deals and regularly does on the tp and paper towels…two of the items that were both beat out by costco). Costco has far more fun stuff and good name brands, but if you want basic groceries with no frills. Sam’s is better! (also here in Houston, Sam’s customer service is not great but Costco’s is atrocious!!! That is partly why I eventually dropped the Costco card).

  20. Although Sam's may appear to be the winner here, I much prefer Costco. Their selection is MUCH better than what you will find at Sam's and I agree with Tara, the comparison between organic and traditional products is not a fair comparison. I prefer to buy organic and for that reason I shop at Costco more often, even though I do have a membership at both locations. I can often get organic products there for less than even grocery store sale prices on like or identical items.

  21. Back in 2004 I did a cost comparison between Costco and Sam’s. I began doing the shcpping for our Christian School and preschoool; I had a Sam’s membership, the secretary had Costco. In order to see where we could get the best bang for our buck I shopped both several times to compare prices and items we used. For the most part, even in 2004, the prices were pennies in difference between the two stores. What made the difference for us was that Sam’s had more of the products we used in the school and preschool than Costco did. I have since moved to a different state with no Sam’s Club, but Costco is available. Knowing it is pennies difference, we went ahead and joined Costco.

    Years ago I had problems with the business practices of the Waltons and Walmart/Sam’s Club, but as one comment made earlier (and the conclusion I finally came to) was that the people who work at Walmart/Sam’s are there by choice. They could go elsewhere. And in today’s economy, most stores are now applying the same tactics or similar in order to get business. I don’t think there is even such as thing as a conscience free place to shop any longer. Most businesses are doing something that one way or another you can find fault with (whether from business practice or whom they target).

  22. Vicki Smith Ware says

    I wish we had Costco here.

  23. I have a membership to both and the prices are very similar, but they are worlds apart. I prefer Costco. Their employees are friendly and the quality on stuff is much better.

  24. I know people that work at both places and that just isn't true. Costco government affairs spends money on lots of anti-family legislation…including the anti-children alcohol legislation in Washington State just to make a buck selling liquor. Sam's Club does a lot of good things in the community like feeding the homeless, investing in women owned businesses, kids programs, etc…so when you spend money at Sam's you are also helping the community.

    • Sam’s is owned by Walmart, they only care about money.

    • Both companies only care about money. They are businesses. Walmart/Sam’s as a whole have fair practices in place for employees. Yes, you are going to have a rogue manager that isn’t fair in the way they handle things, but they usually get what they’re due in time. Walmart does a lot of good for so many programs, communities, individuals, on and on.

  25. Thanks ladies. this is great. I will say it looked like you were comparing regular fruit to organic which is not a fair matchup. otherwise, I would still pay more to go to Costco because the employees are paid/treated better and the CEO doesn’t have an exorbitant paycheck like the Waltons line their pockets with. Costco by far!

  26. The quality of the house brand for Costco s Sam's club out of the water. I had a membership to both for one year and dropped Sam's. Costco has a great return policy too. The downside for me is that they don't carry Pampers diapers which are better than Huggies. But at least I can order them off Amazon for the same price as sam's

  27. The quality of the house brand for Costco s Sam's club out of the water. I had a membership to both for one year and dropped Sam's. Costco has a great return policy too. The downside for me is that they don't carry Pampers diapers which are better than Huggies. But at least I can order them off Amazon for the same price as sam's

  28. Momuv3princesses says

    We have memberships at both and even though Costco is much further away, we prefer to go there. (We only got a Sam’s membership when they had the awesome Groupon deal.) Although there is certain stuff we like from each one. Costco employees just always seem happy (very much unlike Sam’s), they have a great return policy, and they have the coolest stuff! Plus we have found bigger ticket items for far less than Amazon or other stores there.

  29. Sam’s Club does what I want a big discounter to do, offer me lower prices. I find a better selection there for less. I feel you have to buy pricier items at Costco when I’d be happy with a lower price for less. And I know people who are happy working for Walmart. Those that aren’t can work someplace else I’d say — it’s a free country. So I’ll go to Sam’s & you go to Costco and we’ll both be happy (:

  30. You can go to Grand Rapids! It would be a nice every other month or so outing.

  31. Gregory Fell says

    My daughter has been telling us what she said above forever – "Why do you have memberships at both?" Well, our Sam's Club has consistently NOT carried the items I have seen in other Sam's Clubs 100 miles away, and so I have made several trips looking for those items only to find I wasted my gasoline. When I inquired about this I was told that the management of each club is allowed a set number of items of inventory and they have to make choices. I was also told that each Sam's club managers are responsible to negotiate and settle on complaints, such as the 6.5 hours it took one day to rotate my tires on their tire plan. So, Laura, we are going to let our membership expire this year and stay with Costco.

  32. Christine Zika says

    Hey Cortney Harris – thank for sharing this blog. My two cents is that we have been shopping a lot more at Costco because they have more unique food items. On the apple slices comparison, the reason they are higher at Costco is because the slices are in individually wrapped packages vs Sams where they are all in one container. We prefer the Costco packaging because the apple slices last longer.

  33. Linda Prendiville says

    If you aren't picky for food quality, go to Sam's. But, for our family, we love Costco variety of Organic options. Especially meats. It would be helpful if you fully compare what each has to offer.

    • We did it as close as we could – hard to compare as they just offer different options, so we did the best we could (it’s definitely easier on items that are exactly the same, but they aren’t consistent on everything!)

  34. Like that you did a comparison as we have been debating on getting a membership to Costco. Like others have noted we don’t buy what was compared and are more interested in organic items. Wanting to know how Costco compares to grocery store to determine if membership is worth it.

  35. Rob Wogaman says

    Minute Men and the Defenders of Liberty! So, you're saying Costco wants to sell alcohol to children????? What exactly is anti-children alcohol legislation??? Just some ridiculous hyperbole from a radical?

  36. Rebecca Furbush says

    Costco all the way .. Union ..

  37. I will gladly pay more where an employer is responsible and takes care of their employees.

  38. I found this article to be very useful and would like to see more price comparisons. We have always shopped at Sam’s and have never really considered Costco until now. I too agree that it would be better if you compared prices in the same area though. And as for the way Sam’s treats their employees vs. Costco, I appreciate how everyone cares about that, and I can only speak for myself when I say this, but I have worked for Wal-Mart as an hourly part time associate for almost two years now and I believe that it is more about how each individual store is ran that matters. It doesn’t solve all of the problems, but I believe that proper, caring management that is willing to work with their employees is key in any corporation. My store manager cooks out for us every 90 days or so that we are accident- free, we get bonuses every three months, and most of the managers at my store are concerned about their employees and will help to promote you if you just do your work to the best of your ability. It takes time, like any other place, to get noticed and no, you still don’t get the best treatment in the whole world and it is not the best pay, but it is a job and I will take it over any fast food joint or convenience station with comparable pay any day. Anyways, please do more side by side comparisons of Sam’s and Costco, as I would enjoy seeing where I could get the best deal on things I buy frequently 🙂

  39. Bruce Kingshott says

    I do not shop in bulk only 2 of us. But COSTCO pays there employees about $15 an hour and has benefits and SAM's much less just at over barely over minimum wage part time mostly so no benefits. I would shop at COSTCO for being more responsible then save pennies.

  40. There is no Costco here but I have been to the one in Columbus Ohio and it can't beat the Sam's prices in Alabama….I also went to a Sam's in Columbus and they were even or better then the Costco there….

  41. I have shopped at sams for years. They just opened a costco nearby last month, so I bought a membership. With all the fanfare, I really thought it would blow me away. Really didn’t see much different, except a newer store. I priced checked the items I usually buy, and most were close or slightly cheaper at sams. Their clothes selection was mostly store brand while sams had a lot of name brand. Both have unique items, so it depends on what you are looking for. Membership more expensive at costco. I will continue to compare, but if not further impressed will likely drop costco as it is further away from where I live.

  42. Paulette Huston says

    Not always union, but they do not prevent their members from joining unions. Benefits are great and employees are treated well. It shows in their interactions with their customers.

  43. I found this very helpful for a comparison as I recently got a Costco membership at our new Costco in Centerville, OH. Although Sams is closer and I love, love, love their pretzels and other inexpensive snack bar items. I have found that Sams no longer sells Epsom Salt but Costco does.

  44. Well, I’m doing it based on the info on this site- Sam’s it is.

  45. Jones Smith says

    Minute Men and the Defenders of Liberty! Costco actually pays its employees well and treats them as a companys has its employees on welfare due to they pay them so little.they would help they community by paying a decent wage that keeps my tax dollars lower.

    • Sam’s has recently given their employees across the board pay hikes. They don’t pay as much as Costco, but they pay well for a retail job. I don’t know any Sam’s employees on welfare. Some part time employees have two jobs since they are only part time. Retail usually has very few full time positions, including Costco.

  46. When we moved, the nearest costco was an hour away.. BJ’s & Sam’s were about 20 minutes away so I got those 2 memberships to try out (because they give you a refund if you change your mind). I honestly tried to like the two of them, but I am a total Costco snob..I find the quality of their meats are so much better at Costco, and will drive the hour just to get there.

  47. Costco may cost a little more, but the grocery, meat, produce selection is in a whole different class than Sam’s Club. I go into Sam’s Club every few years to check out their products to give myself piece of mind that I am shopping at the right store. Honestly, the last time I went to Sam’s Club I was repulsed by what I saw. The food was sub-par, improperly packaged, and improperly stored. It was a complete mess. If Costco closed its doors I would not even consider a Sam’s Club membership unless some things seriously changed. The Walmart grocery section is much nicer than Sam’s Club. I wonder why they got it so wrong being it’s the same company. I know these stores can vary, and I will say that I have only been in my local Sam’s Club. Others may be better. I have been to dozens of Costco stores and I know some stores are much nicer than others. I have only seen one Costco (in Newark, NJ) that was a complete mess, but they still had a decent grocery section.

  48. I am always willing to pay the extra few pennies at Costco because of their corporate policies. They treat their employees better, provide benefits, allow unions and collective bargaining. I will support that every single day over Sam’s club. So, to me, the pennies mean I’m buying a culture and a social policy I don’t have to feel guilty about anymore.

  49. Stephanie says

    Honestly, I have access to both stores and choose Costco any day, hands down. Quality of food is important to me. I prefer organics when I can afford them and cook a lot of our food from scratch. For me, the selection is what keeps me coming back. They have more affordable, organic options from produce to frozen to meat. It’s also (I know this is nitpicky but) about atmosphere. Sam’s is dark and dreary while stepping into Costco is bright and open. I hate shopping but if I have to, I want to go someplace with light. I pinch pennies but will pay a little more for items of higher standards.
    Also, I have worked in 5 separate Walmart stores and still, if I have a choice, avoid it like the plague. I have worked produce and grocery and you wouldn’t believe some of the things that go on in those stores.

  50. Kimberly B says

    i went to both yesterday for ribeye steaks. Sam’s was $8.98/lb for Angus beef.
    Costco $11.98/lb for non-Agnus beef. Sam’s is carrying more organic items than previously.
    Side note: I went to Costco in WA state and found that the customers were VERY rude. My husband wanted a Costco card so we went to one here in TX. What I didn’t expect was how rude the customers are here too! Not so at Sam’s.

  51. Sams club has a free online shopping program that has never failed to make me want to hug all of the employees who shop for me and check me out!!!!! I have 3 small boys and am homeschooling and I for real want to hug them every time!!!!!!! Saves so much time to spend 15 minutes online in my kitchen with my pantry right in front of me, instead of shopping in the store!! Pick up is so easy and I almost always have help loading kids and groceries into the car or I can have my husband swing by on his way home from work without worrying about his impulse buys!! Also helps me with our grocery budget!!! If the cart gets past $200 I can just delete the things we don’t really need and it makes shopping with the monthly coupons so much easier! We use their credit card on monthly gas costs and the money back programs wind up paying for our upgraded membership and a few bags of fancy coffee a year!!

  52. Comparing prices from two different states…

  53. I see that you are comparing two different regions of the country. I thought that they priced their items regionally? I thought that the prices were adjusted to be lower in the South to accommodate for the cost of living in that area.

  54. Great comparison except the only reason I go to Costco is because they offer real foods (organic) rather than the fake junk. The way I see it, this saves me the most money because I’d rather pay the farmer now (or in this case, the store) than have to pay the doctor later. In fact, I drive about 45 minutes just to be able to shop for real food at Costco but the more organics Walmart adds to their products, the more I shop closer to home.


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