More Money March Challenge Day 1 & Day 2

We've just started Day 1 & 2 of the More Money in March Challenge and I am sooooo stinkin' excited to have so many folks joining us ~ I just love it!


My goal more than anything else on Passionate Penny Pincher is to help you see crazy financial success, and I hope this helps keep you on track during the month of March on your finances.

After we launched our first product back in January with the Ultimate Home Checklist and so many people saw such huge success in their homes, I realized there was just something about marking off a checklist for simple projects each day, and it dawned on me that we could do the exact same thing with our finances.


So, we pulled together the More Money in March Challenge, and I sure hope it's a blessing for you. 

Each day in March we'll have specific, actionable tasks to do that will take just a few minutes, each day, and I guarantee if you join me you will see financial success (more money!) this March. 

Here's what we tackled yesterday and today if you're following along (order all the worksheets HERE if you'd like them printed for you):

  • We completed the one week financial goal worksheet on page 6
  • Gathered coupons from Sunday Paper and printed online coupons too (note – you do not have to do anything yet with these coupons, but I want you to have them on hand for week 3 when we focus on couponing and have our 2 hour coupon class. The coupon class is available to anyone who joins us for the More Money in March Challenge ~ go HERE to sign up!)
  • Decided to purposefully spend as little as possible yesterday and today (this week is our NO SPEND CHALLENGE week)
  • Completed the daily expense worksheet on page 7
  • Put credit card away in a drawer at home
  • Completed the monthly budget worksheet on page on page 8


My big financial goal for the week is to spend no more than $100 on groceries, eating out, and anything else until Friday (which should be pretty do-able since my pantry and freezer are stocked full!)

The only area I messed up on was eating out yesterday ~ I failed to tell my family about the No Spend Challenge until after we ordered lunch at Noodles & Company (I'm obsessed with their Zoodles right now . .  . ), and we spend $40 on lunch.




But, I still think we can make it, and I'm challenging you to join me too ~ tonight we're having Taco Soup from last month's Eat at Home Freezer Meals + last month's Eat at Home Freezer Meals


Here's all the details of the More Money in March Challenge if you're interested in signing up:

  • The challenge began Sunday, March 3, 2019, but you can join at any point and catch up
  • During the entire month of March, you'll have a few specific money saving tasks to complete each day
  • On Tuesday, March 18th at 8:30 PM Eastern Time we'll host a Money Saving March coupon class including everything you need to coupon (+ oodles of tips on how to use coupons at Amazon too!) To be invited to the class you need to order the More Money Challenge worksheets so we can send the invite to your inbox
  • Each weekday my friend Shannon or I will share a Facebook Live video at 9:00 AM Eastern Time with budget friendly tips and encouragement for the day to help you stay on track
  • Cost is $14.95 for the PDF including 70 pages of budget downloads (or order the printed book over HERE on Amazon.) That comes out to $3.73 per week and I promise  is worth it (especially since it includes the coupon class!) If that's too much for your budget right now I completely understand ~


Go HERE to get your More Money in March Challenge Worksheets and let’s work together for the next four weeks to tackle really gaining control of your finances. Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your journey ~ I can't wait to see your success!


P.S. If right now $14.95 is way out of your budget, I completely understand and am proud of you for sticking to your budget right now! We have a TON of free printable resources available that you can access right now~ see the full list of free printables right over HERE. I'm cheering for you! 

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  1. Bonni Bonneville says

    If I’ve missed your March madness challenge how can I see the videos now?
    Thanks BonniB

  2. Bonni Bonneville says

    Thank you Laurie! I found it and bought it!! Yeah! Will I be able to watch the videos I missed?
    Thanks BonniB

  3. Laurie,
    I’ve purchased the Budget book printout pages, I’m not sure if I’ve been able to see or follow things correctly. Is there a video with you setting the binder up & how to follow what you’ve already done, is there a link I should follow or videotape?

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