Laurie’s 5 Favorite Fall Wardrobe Pieces!

Laurie's 5 Fall Wardrobe Favorites

Good gravy.

When my friend Jamie (and awesome blog manager) asked me to share my 5 Fall Wardrobe Favorites, I thought she was nuts (because I'm about as far from a fashion type blogger as they come. YIKES!)

But, I also know that figuring out my style has taken forever and some times as busy moms we just need someone to tell us what to wear. Since I've been doing Stitch Fix for a few years now I feel like I've (kind of?) figured out my style, and there are a few things I'd rather never live without.

So, here are my 5 favorite Fall wardrobe picks:

  1. Perfect flannel shirt
  2. Denim jacket
  3. Simple leather belt
  4. Long cardigan sweater
  5. A cozy (but still a little trendy) sweatshirt
  6. BONUS: a great pair of cozy shoes.*

* These aren't all that stylish, but I do love them sooooo much that I hated not to share!


1 . The Perfect flannel shirt

I love love love a perfect flannel shirt ~ so much so that my closet may have two, or three, or maybe seven. 

The ones that I like best fit a little more slim than a regular flannel ~ bonus points if they're light weight (this one I got from Stitch Fix is the Cosmic Blue Love Hayley Button Down Top and it is the perfect weight!)

This one has great reviews on Amazon and I love the length, so it might be worth checking out too.



2 . The perfect light-weight jacket 

love love love a good denim jacket, but if denim's not your thing, a great utility jacket can be pretty amazing too (especially if the whole denim-on-denim-can-I-wear-this-with-jeans stresses you out too!)


And if you do love denim, the denim jacket I'm wearing above is also Stitch Fix (like I share all the time, almost everything I own right now is Stitch Fix I think!) 

Here a few more denim jacket options too: 


Each month I do a live Stitch Fix Review and unboxing to show you what kinds of outfits they're putting together for me - here's what I thought this month!

3 . The right belt

I have this belt from Amazon, and I wear it all the time with jeans during the fall. Because I have a smaller waist and larger hips (I'm a pear shape all the way!), a belt is great to accentuate my smaller parts.

(I also read in Candace Cameron Bure's book Staying Stylish that you should always wear a belt when wearing a longer cardigan. She knows more than I do, so I'm sticking with her lead.) 🙂 

4. A great long cardigan. 

Since moving to Ohio, I am cold allllll the time. (Truly. I haven't been warm in five years!)

So I have several longer cardigans that work great with a flannel or even tank underneath, a cute necklace and a pair of jeans. They hide any spots I like to hide, make me look a little taller, and keep me warm too. 🙂

One of my favorites is this one from Cents of Style (it's not too bulky but is a great length) – I'm 5'8″ and have this one in a medium and it fits well.



This picture from a recent Facebook live is awful, but you get the idea! 🙂

5 . The perfect sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is my favorite ever from Jane ~ and it's just $19.99! It fits great, is super cozy, and I love that it's really soft on the inside too. (I have it in black in a size medium, and it fits great.) It's sold out right now, but you may want to check out a few more of the sweatshirts at this boutique too (I saw quite a few still available today that look fantastic, and their reviews are great on these!)

I wear it with leggings around my house or jeans if I'm heading out, and just love how comfy it is on a cooler day.

6 . BONUS: a great pair of cozy shoes

Stitch Fix sent me some TOMS Venice Suede Flats and I wear them all the time in the fall. They're not super fancy, but they're cozy and easy to slip on when I'm racing out the door!

While I can't find the Women's style still available – these Bobs by Skechers are very similar and get great reviews~!

I also love my TOMS Shearling Flats that I got a few years ago during a clearance sale at Super easy to stick on, warm and cozy ~ and they're comfy enough for tons of walking too.

What are your favorite items to wear in the fall?

Which one thing in your closet do you pull out more than once a week as the temperatures cool off?  Leave a comment to share ~ I love hearing from you!




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