Kroger Extra Finds: Save On Pasta, Powerade, Special K Oatmeal & More

Here are a few great deals my buddy Staci found at Kroger this week.  There are a few good deals worth picking up this week, especially the great price on Angel Soft, Ronco Pasta and Kellogg’s! See the complete list of Kroger deals this week HERE before you shop.


Kroger Extra Deals


Thanks so much Staci for your help with these! See more Kroger deals.

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  1. Jennifer Adam Wiener says:

    Just a slight math correction. Angle soft… 1.00 – .45 coupon = 55 cents. Every dime counts!

  2. does Kroger not double coupons anymore

  3. A lot of them have stopped doubling coupons, but I do believe there are some that still do.

  4. k thanks I live in Alabama I will just have to call new at this I just thought it really would b a greater deal if they did on the angel soft

  5. Went to Kroger today, there were NO pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough on sale for $1.00.
    The cheapest pillsbury I could find was $2.99

    • Hi Alicia – it was a local person (not sure which Kroger she shopped at) who found them and I’m betting they were Christmas ones on clearance? BUT, it may have varied by store – I’m so sorry!

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