Kraft Mother’s Day Deal | Get $100 When You Get A Babysitter!

Kraft will pay you $100 to get a babysitter this Mother's Day!

Yes – you read that correctly.  Kraft is giving moms an option to get some “me time” this Mother's Day by paying up to $50,000 to moms across the country. All you have to do is get a babysitter on Mother's Day and enjoy your time away!

Here are the steps to take:
1. Hire your babysitter
2. Go out on Mother's Day
3. Keep a receipt or signed note from your babysitter showing the payment amount
4. Submit your payment to the Kraft Mother's Day Away site!

**Keep in mind that they are only paying out until they reach $50,000, so you're taking a *bit* of a chance here…. but a nice way to get some money back if you were already planning on having some time out of the house!**

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