How to Save Money at Chick-fil-A (6 Easy Tips!)

How to Save Money at Chick-Fil-A

Jamie here!

Love Chick-Fil-A but wish it were a little less pricey?  You're in great company!

In my town Chick-fil-A is always packed and for good reason, their scrumptious chicken recipe is second to none (Unless you're in the Zaxby's camp 🙂 Read about Zaxby's Secret Menu hacks here!). Then of course there's the waffle fries, and the lemonade, and don't get me started on the milk shakes….

They're also great at catering to gluten-free folks and they've flat out perfected the art of the no-wait drive-thru!  

Now that you know why we love them so much, here are some ways we found to save money at Chick-fil-A…

**Know someone who LOVES Chick-fil-A?  They might like this! 

How to Save Money at Chick-Fil-A

1 . Get the Annual Cow Calendar (or several!)


Starting in November the Chick-Fil-A Cow Calendar hits stores.  For only $7-$8 you'll get a coupon each month for around $30 in free food!  Look for a special deal on Black Friday as well. (Some readers have reported a $4 sale – or a BOGO sale at the very end of the year!)

Sadly Chick-Fil-A no longer has the calendar in 2019, however their new app is here in it's place and it's AMAZING (I got free chicken with it last week!) Here you go… 


2 . Get the App for Free Treats!


Download the Chick-Fil-A One App and scan at every visit to earn FREE treats.  Just scan your QR code before ordering or pre-order with the app to earn freebies.  

Treats vary based on how often you go and how much you purchase but we've seen free sandwiches, free fries and more!


3 . NEVER Miss Cow Appreciation Day

Or as it's more commonly known – dress like a cow day! 🙂

Every year on July 10th, you can score completely FREE Chick-fil-A entree just for showing up in your cow ensemble.  Kids will get a FREE Kids Meal (such a great freebie!)

Find more Cow Appreciation Day info here!

4 .  FREE Ice Cream for Kids

One of the most-shared tips amongst moms of littles is that you can save the toy that comes in the kid meals and trade it in for a FREE Ice Dream treat.

Since sometimes your kids just aren't into the toy of the month – or you're getting duplicates – this is a great alternative!  When my kids were little enough not to notice or care, I would tuck away the toys that came with their kids meals, and pull them out on a later date so we could have a free trip to the play place, snack included 😉


5 .  Fill Out Those Receipt Surveys!

At the bottom of your receipt look for a coupon for a FREE Chick-fil-A sandwich for completing a survey.  I am so used to throwing those in the bottom of my purse and forgetting about them, but lately I realize I've actually been tossing away some super-valuable freebies!

Surveys appear only once in awhile (maybe once every few visits) and only on customers paying full price.



6 . Get Creative with Menu Choices

Here are some ways PassionatePennyPincher readers have shared that they save on Chick-fil-A:

We buy a 4-Piece Chicken Strips meal for $6.19 and add buns (2 for 20¢) = $6.39.  We then have basically two chicken filet sandwiches and share the fries and drink 🙂 – Amy


 I often buy the larger nuggets and a fry for me and youngest man child to eat. – Kelli


I always order one 6 piece kids meal to share between my two… I trade the toy for icecream… get the food home, split it up and add fruit or goldfish. Both kids are full and happy! – Jessica


We always order the 30 count nugget, one large fry and I get the Market salad. Of course that's to go—so once we are at home– I divide the Nuggets up and add a fruit, or some type of side. I eat the salad and my husband and three children eat on the nuggets and fries. We can feed 5 for $24 – Selena


We do the 30 count nuggets my husband and I will share a drink and two large fries. – Morgan


Most of the coupons have a trade option so if you don't like the exact item, there's usually an alternative. – Amanda



We would LOVE to hear ways that you save at Chick-fil-A – or your favorite special ordering tips!  Leave a comment and let us know, we may add it to the post!


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  1. Actually, if you just ask to get icecream INSTEAD of the toy at the time of purchase, it doesn’t cost the restaurant any more money. I know at our restsurant once something crosses the counter, if it is returned (even unopened) we throw it away. They will usually even let you wait until the end of your meal if you are dining in, and will bring it out to you then if you prefer. (This way the restaurant isn’t having to pay the cost of the kids premium twice, once when they give you the toy, and again when they toss the toy and give you the ice cream)

  2. CORRECTION: Cow appreciation day is on July 10!!!!

  3. I only drink water, so when I order a combo there, they actually take the price of the drink off the combo.

  4. Recently when I inquired about the cow calendar, I was told that they were no longer going to do it. 2018 was the last cow calendar.

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