How To Clean A Dry Erase Board


clean a dry drase board


As I was working on putting together today’s 25 Days To A More Organized You post, I realized that I really needed to learn how to clean off my dry erase board! I read a few suggestions, and it turns out that plain rubbing alcohol (mine was 70% isopropyl) and a dry rag work perfectly.


If you know of any other suggestions on how to clean a dry erase board, I’d love to hear them.  Some days, it’s those little things that just make life so much sweeter! 😉

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  1. lisa baker says:

    Wd-40 works great periodically. It’s a little messy so I don’t do it often but it cleans it like new, and makes it easier to erase with just the eraser afterwards. I also like to go over mine with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser from time to time.

    • I tried magic eraser and it took the finish off my board.
      I use Lysol (aerosol spray) and it works pretty well!

    • NEVER use magic erasers on a high gloss surface!!!
      They’re micro-abrasive (like sandpaper) and scratch the crap out of it. Each time you use a magic eraser, it’ll get progressively more difficult to clean the board.

  2. Great tips – thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Janet Armour says:

    I usenthe isopropyl alcohol and clean, dry rag. Works wonders! Microfiber cloth helps save the board finish.

  4. Cynthia Miller Smith says:

    Being a daycare director with a dry erase board in every room had it challenges for cleaning. We have found that the combination of the alcohol and a magic erase bar does wonders.

  5. Once you get it nice and clean, wax it with a bit of turtle wax (for cars). It will make it much easier to clean in the future. I have been a high school teacher for 15 years and use white boards a lot. This is the best tip I have ever received.

  6. I use hand sanitizer but it works great probably because of the alcohol in it

  7. Shelley Ogburn says:

    Dollar tree bottle of antibacterial soap free hand sanitizer removes it with no scrubbing

  8. Vanessa L Moore says:

    I use bleach to clean my daughters dry erase board, it cleans off permanent marker and everything she seems to get on it.

  9. If you have permanent marker on there, my 10 year old taught me to copy over marker with a dry erase marker then clean it off, comes right off:)

  10. Nicole Moore says:

    Anti bacteria wipes work very good the ones u see in hospitals n nursing homes anyway them real deal wipes

  11. I had a teacher who cleaned them with hairspray and a damp rag. I guess it makes sense as hairspray also takes ink stains out of fabric!

  12. Easiest way to clean them is plain water and paper towel. It scrubs right off. Also, use wet paper towel to blot the eraser part of the marker in order to clean it off and keep it working like new.

  13. Cathy Stoddard says:

    Windex and/or Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

  14. Amy Weber says:

    Hand sanitizer will also get off permanent marker, ink stains or even car grease (if you have to change a tire or put oil in your car)!

  15. Yesterday I had to clean our dry erase board and the rubbing alcohol wasn’t cutting it. (It was stuff that had been written on for about a year). And I used Lemon essential oil. Just one to two drops on a paper towel and wiped and the marker came right off!

  16. Meg Spear says:

    I know this sounds crazy, but it will restore your board like the day you bought it. Use cool, black coffee. Wipe it on with a paper towel, wipe off with a clean one. White and shiny board, no smelly chemicals. I work in surgery where we use boards for everything, this keeps them looking like new. I heard this tip years ago and pass it on to everyone.

  17. Marlene Woodard says:

    I had a stained dry erase board which I tried to clean with every type of cleaner but it wouldn't come clean. I even used hand sanitizer. The only thing that cleans it is toothpaste and elbow grease. It WORKS!

  18. Jennifer Viklund Smith says:

    non-acetone nail polish remover

  19. At work we used the Lysol antibacterial spray (aerosol) just a quick spray and wipe down with paper towels took off everything. Permanent marker included. The wax idea for after its clean is something I will definitely try!! Thank you for all your tips.

  20. I use Lysol wipes. The spray bothers my asthma, and I’m sure others too, but makes sense that it works since the wipes work so good.

  21. A used (or new) dryer sheet does the trick for me

  22. Nail polish remover works really well!!

  23. SPRAY NINE is the best. Just spray and wipe. No elbow grease. Even years old pen marks on the frame came off. And it disinfects. At all hardware stores.

  24. Maryann says:

    Citrus Air Freshener Spray, great at taking off sticky residue as well.

  25. Any tips on how to write on a black board that does not work? The chalk doesn’t write on the board. It just seems to glide over the board and doesn’t adhere to the surface. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

  26. Baby wipes.

  27. I clean mine in my classroom daily with baby wipes. Every summer I spray it with Turtle Wax, wipe it with a soft cloth, and then let it dry. I did this with individual boards as well as the big boards in my room.

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