Family Dollar SmartSpins Game (An Easy New Way to Save Big!)

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Have you taken a fresh look at Family Dollar lately?

Family Dollar is a super-convenient stop for good values on household necessities, last minute groceries, party supplies and seasonal items.  Most items in the store are priced under $10 – with lots of $1 WOW items sprinkled here and there.


But did you know you can save a bundle with the Family Dollar Smart Coupons App?  It's a simple savings app that's chock full of Digital Coupons you can stack with weekly specials. And the app just got better…. 


Family Dollar just rolled out a new in-app game called SmartSpins!

SmartSpins is Family Dollar's new in-app game that rewards you for shopping.  Every time you check out at Family Dollar, you'll earn a Spin on the SmartSpins wheel.  Prizes include high-value coupons that you wouldn't normally see – like $5 OFF your shopping trip!

I made quick stop at Family Dollar this week on my way to pick up the kids from school and had a great trip.  I was out of paper towels and bath tissue – and the Smart Coupons app had a $5 off $15 Digital Coupon for me to use.  It was super easy – and it earned me a spin in the game.  I won a $5 off $25 coupon – which I'll be able to use on my next trip!


How to Use the Family Dollar App + SmartSpins Game:

1 . Download the Family Dollar Smart Coupons App.

Current version must be downloaded.

2 . Create an account and link it to your phone number.

3 . Clip digital coupons in the App (you can also view them here

*You can clip them in-store but I'm always afraid I'll forget, so I clip them at home or while I'm sitting in the car!

4 . Shop your local Family Dollar

5 . At checkout enter your phone number on the pin pad.

(Or scan the barcode on the Smart Coupons app)  Any coupons you've clipped in the app will be deducted (woohoo!)  After you've checked out – you'll get a notification that you've earned a Spin.


6 . Spin to Win!

Open the Smart Coupons app to spin and win a 🏆Valuable Coupon!🏆  Every single spin wins 🙂



If you're not 100% sure if an item works with an Digital Coupon – use the handy barcode scanner in the app to check it.  It will save you time and frustration at checkout!


I'd love to hear if you've shopped Family Dollar lately using the SmartCoupons App – and what kinds of rewards you've won using the SmartSpins game!


Disclaimer: Deals and items in the post above are subject to availability and may vary 🙂


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