Dollar Tree Centerpieces for Fall

These Dollar Tree centerpieces were sponsored by Dollar Tree – but all opinions are 100% my own (goodness, I really do just love the Dollar Tree!) 🙂 

Dollar Tree Centerpieces for Fall

dollar tree centerpieces for Fall





I just love the Dollar Tree. 🙂 


I love how easily you can make Dollar Tree Centerpieces.


Using tons of Dollar Tree candleholders.


All for just $1.


{Since at the Dollar Tree everything really is just a dollar.} 🙂 



With fall just around the corner (and it already feeling a bit like fall here in Ohio!), I made a trip to the Dollar Tree earlier this week and of course fell in love with a few of their deals.

I found all these fun Dollar Tree candles and Dollar Tree candle holders . . .


and with just a little hot glue and coffee beans turned them into these.


I used a simple grapevine wreath for just $1 and was able to add $1 berries and $1 burlap ribbon to make a cute wreath.



I used a simple Dollar Tree vase, some Dollar Tree candy corn, a votive and ribbon to make a simple little candle setting.


And I used a few of my all time favorite burlap pumpkins from the Dollar Tree and plopped them one right on top of the other  some fun little happy fall decor.



If you love fluffing for fall but don't want to bust your budget, seriously, check out the Dollar Tree before paying too much. 


The best thing about Dollar Tree DIY projects is that if you don't love them in a few years, you haven't spent a bundle to create the project. These are definitely some of my favorite projects each year, and it's so worth a trip to your local Dollar Tree to see what they have in store.


And, don't forget you can order online at the Dollar Tree too ~ they have $4.95 flat rate shipping, and so many items available online that you may never find in your store. Go HERE to take a peek, and if you have something that you just love to buy at the Dollar Tree, leave a comment to share with me too!


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  1. #1 you have my favorite necklace on again. #2 I’d use ground coffee beans leftover from coffee as filler can be frozen & reused then add whole beans for statement plus vanilla scented candles for a yummy smell, or pumpkin,hazelnut you get the concept. I love the dollar tree composition books , little Kleenex packages , movie candy and crafts plus I have 7 pair of their scissors never without them. Definitely going to copy the wreath larger version I own will require more fluff & stuff how about a winding vine of leaves with those berries dripping down . Thanks for sharing definitely pottery barn inspired.

    • Thank you so much for sharing Gaeyl (you know I wear that necklace all the time!) 🙂 I love the idea to use coffee grounds as well – I didn’t even think of that! And making a larger version of the wreath is a great idea – I’ve done that before with Dollar Tree stems and just love it. Thank you so much for sharing!

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