Dollar Tree Teacher Gift Ideas

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It's the end of the school year and you moms with school-aged kiddos know what that means . . . time to come up with simple teacher gift ideas! With three children at two different schools, the number of teachers that we give to can really add up, so I love finding Dollar Tree Teacher gift ideas to let them know we do so appreciate them. (I usually add a gift card also for their primary teachers, but my kids love having a small gift to give!)


So, here are three simple {penny-pinched} ideas that we're using this year, and would also be great gifts as a thank you to other folks who help with your children. (And, if you happen to be running a VBS this year at your church, these might make nice simple thank you's for your VBS workers too!)


Cute Watering Can

Here's what I used:

  • $1 pots and tins found from the Dollar Tree = $1
  • Ribbon 50% off at Hobby Lobby = $2 (was enough for 6 tins)
  • Yellow confetti from the Dollar Tree = $1 (was enough for 6 tins)
  • Candy clearanced at Target from Easter = $2 (enough for 6 tins)
  • $1.83 for each
{I also used my Cricut with vellum to add the initials, but they would be cute even without them, or you can pickup stickers at Hobby Lobby if you don't have a Cricut!}


Lemonade Fun

Here's what I used:

  • Lemonade Glass from the Dollar Tree = $1
  • Lemonade Mixes at the Dollar Tree = $1 (would be enough for 2 glasses)
  • Yellow confetti from the Dollar Tree = $1 (would be enough for 8 glasses) 
  • Ribbon at Hobby Lobby 50% off = $1 (would be enough for 8 glasses)
  • Total = $1.75 each



You can also just wrap up a loaf of homemade bread (like this Blueberry Banana Bread that I made earlier this week), and attach some ribbon with a thank you note or gift card.


***NOTE: it's difficult sharing with you specifics of what I spend on projects like this, especially if by any chance my own kid's teachers read this stuff (I don't think they do . . . . ) I hope that it inspires you to to find frugal ways to thank others, without sacrificing your famiy's budget.  And, in a world where we're often encouraged to spend too much on things we may or may not be able to afford, I want you to live abundantly on just what you have right now.  (If you know me in real life, I'm really not the cheapest girl on the planet ~ I just think you can do beautiful things even on a budget, and hope it motivates you too!)***



Check out a few more Dollar Tree teacher gift ideas over HERE.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to thank a teacher or someone else who's worked with your child this year? I'd love to hear them! And if you're ever over on Pinterest, I'd love for you to join me there too . . . I love that place!


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  1. If I was a mom watching you hand out those gifts I would wonder how in the world does she spend that much with as many teachers as we have to give to. I have always struggled with teachers gifts. Like you said when you have several kids and each class has a teacher and an assistant a simple $5.00 gift gets really expensive really fast. If I was a teacher I would be blown away by these gifts even if they only cost 50¢. It isn't the cost it is the thought.

  2. I love this! I saw this gift idea on Pinterest today for Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub! All you need are some jars, sugar, & lemon scented dishwashing liquid, (& lemon zest if wanted), mix it all together & done! Best part is all I need are the jars & some ribbon to decorate!

  3. Those are absolutely DARLING! I also struggle with finding inexpensive, thoughtful gifts. Last year I made bookmarkers out of ribbon, with some beads on the end. (Shhhhh. . . I even kept a few for myself! 😉 )

  4. You all are so sweet and encouraging ~ thank you! 🙂

  5. our goodwill has those hinged mason jar type jars that have the rubber seal. I thought something like that would make an inexpensive but nice graduation gift for girls.

  6. I am a teacher, and regardless of the gift, the fact that parents took the time to remember us is huge. Parents are the thing I HATE about my job because so many of them are difficult and don’t seem to grasp that we are trying to HELP their children by disciplining them, holding them accountable, and having high expectations. To see something like this, regardless of the size or expense, speaks volumes to us, especially at this time of year when we are ready to pull our hair out strand by strand!

    • That’s so good to hear Randi from a teacher! I cannot imagine what you all do each day (just helping at kindergarten lunch does me in….) so I really am so grateful for all the work that goes into teaching. And, I want teachers who have high expectations of my kids ~ so I hate that parents complain about that! Thanks for your encouragement 😉

    • All of your ideas are adorable! I am a teacher at my children’s school. As a teacher receiving these gifts I would be grateful for the gratitude–and if I were your children’s teachers and read your blog I would be impressed by your thriftiness, but more grateful that you care. So many parents don’t try to show appreciation. And many who do think spending money shows gratitude, but it’s the functionality of the gift they give that makes it precious. As a mom, I would be impressed with your adorable gifts, also…and probably be wishing I had thought of that!

    • I agree with you 100%. I too am teacher and any time I am given a teacher appreciation gift it lifts my spirits. Teachers work so incredibly hard and are very often taken for granted.

  7. Yes

  8. Susan Jacobs says

    I am a PreK teacher and would love to receive such warm gifts from my students. They are adorable

  9. Amie Arnold Fleming says

    This is one of my favorite ideas!

  10. As a retired teacher, I can wholeheartedly say how much more special a gift like this is than something that was just picked up off of a store shelf. Of course we appreciate any token of thanks, but the time and thought put into a “handmade” gift absolutely surpasses the dollar amount spent.

  11. My son is a junior this year. I am gifting each of the teachers that taught him in high school upon his graduation. He has eight teachers a year! Plus I am gifting the administration and front office. Following your Dollar store crafts has been a huge blessing to me. I am going to use a few of your ideas and run with them! I will be sure to post them for you when I am done. I will be making about 40 gifts. Whew!! Thank you for this wonderful thread and all of the great ideas. 🙂

  12. I used to work as a Twos Teacher in child care. I LOVE your gift ideas, they are practical and personal without being too personal. I’ve received everything from hand-made cards by the kids attached to a simple mug to gift cards and specialty soaps or those bath flowers. Unfortunately, I could never use the bath stuff or body spritzers because of the perfumes in them, but just getting anything or a simple thanks meant so much.
    My daughter is in Pre-K this year and we have a son who is about to turn 1 so I work as a P/T nanny now to meet schedule needs. She has 4 teachers in just her class not counting “special classes” like music or library and whatnot… my head is still spinning from Christmas & Valentine’s, let alone getting ready to do Teacher Appreciation. I just hope I can really show them how much their patience and kindness has meant in dealing with everything this year…… But I’m pretty sure these ideas are a good place to start!


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