Do You Shop The Dollar Tree?


Last week I was looking for some simple baskets to organize the drawers in our bathroom, and noticed that Target had a single plastic organizing bin priced at $5.99.  WHAT?  Yes, they were cute; and yes, I really wanted them, but there was no way I could justify spending that on a tiny bin.  My daughter of course also noticed the super cute sunglasses that Target sold, but at a whopping $5.99 per pair there was no way I was picking them up. (She loses those things every time we walk out the door. . . it would be like throwing $5.99 in the trash can!)


So, I headed next door to my trusty Dollar Tree (I love that place!) and found exactly what I needed for waaaayyyyy less money.  Here are a few fun things they had at the Dollar Tree. . .



How cute are those?

And here’s what I ended up grabbing for just $5 (less than I would have spent for a single bin at Target!)


Here are a few other items I’ve found worth stopping by the Dollar Tree for:

  • paper products and helium balloons for birthday parties
  • coloring books and workbooks for my children
  • flash cards for my kids
  • treats for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes
  • gift bags
  • wrapping paper
  • cards


Have you found deals at your local dollar store?  It really is a great way to save on items that can be so expensive elsewhere, and a fun place to take your children with a dollar or two to spend.  I’d love to hear where else you shop that helps you pinch those pennies a little further!




By the way, did you know Target even sells Hello Kitty Duck Tape?  I have no idea who buys that stuff, but thought it was a hoot!


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  1. Yes, the duck tape would be purchased by moms with teenagers like me! It is all the rage by the way…They decorate everything with it. They even have contests put on by duct tape to design various things including prom dresses. It is rather amazing.

  2. CAtherine says:

    Our Dollar Tree sells bread. We go through about 2 loaves a week so I figure we are saving at least $12 per month buying bread there. Grreting cards are also 50 cents there…what a great deal!

  3. My daughter and her friends who are middle schoolers love to make bracelets with the duck tape they look pretty cute .

    • I had no idea girls used that stuff to make bracelets with – how cute Staci and Tina! (But that could get expensive!!!) 🙂

      • That is what I put in her stocking and there was actually a coupon for the new packing tape kind at Christmas time. Plus that is what she uses some of her babysitting money on. See what you help support 🙂

  4. Laurie ,have you ever checked out tjmax for wrapping paper its usually more than a dollar but really nice quality and a decent price .

  5. Brittany says:

    I actually use duct tape to make adult hula hoops with.

  6. Jennifer B. says:

    The Dollar Tree really has some great bargains (although not everything there is!). We buy doggie poo (is there a nice way to say that??) disposal bags there for WAY less than other places. Just this weekend, I made a special trip to buy sand paper. My son is creating a dessert diorama and I couldn’t imagine paying a lot of money for something that will be thrown away. I got 12 sheets (9×11 inches each) in one pack for, yep, $1. I’ve also found decent placemats for $1 each, comparable to $4-5 ones from places like Target or Walmart. Another bargain there is the plastic serving trays and bowls. At $1, I don’t mind if it doesn’t make it back to me after a potluck and they are very similar to those in party supply stores — just much less expensive. They sell spices and toothbrushes (for when you don’t have free offers/coupons) too. Seriously, you need to walk all the aisles at your Dollar Tree just to see the huge assortment of items they carry. Know what you pay regularly so you can spot these super deals!

    As for other stores for saving money, we are blessed to be a now-retired military family near a military base and the commissary is great for pinching pennies and using coupons. (That’s the one downside to the Dollar Tree — no coupons accepted.)

    I also like to scope out Big Lots for pet supplies, spices, garden and outdoor (like grill accessories) items, and kitchen towels. They also have some decent off brand health and beauty items. My mom just told me about their Pure-Aid Hot Pain Relief Patches (like Therma-Care), four large size for $2. They work great!

    • Whoa! Is that new about Dollar Tree not accepting coupons? They’ve always taken mine in the past, but I haven’t been there lately & bought anything I had coupons for.

      • As far as I know our stores have never taken coupons 🙁 But, their overall prices are pretty good, so there are some things (especially housewares), that totally make it worth the trip… I can’t imagine getting to shop there with coupons!

        And Jennifer – I could spend hours walking the aisles at the Dollar Tree to see all the bargains they have! 🙂

      • Jennifer B. says:

        This is specifically the Dollar Tree, not Dollar General, that doesn’t accept coupons. As far as I know, Dollar General does accept coupons.

  7. Yes I love the Dollar Store. I buy a lot of our cleaning supplies their! Great prices, I can’t live without them!

  8. Duct tape is great! My teen boys use it – not the “Hello Kitty” tho – but there are a variety of colors now!

  9. I buy my shampoo, conditioner and my son’s shampoo there. It’s White Rain & Breck and you can’t beat $1! I just don’t have time during the school year ( I teach) to find it with coupons for less.

  10. Puzzles! My son is a puzzle fanatic and they can be surprisingly expensive at Target or Walmart.

  11. Dollar Tree doesn’t just sell sandwich bread. They also sell wheat Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns. I love that I can go healthier on those things while saving a decent amount of money.

  12. I LOVE Dollar Tree! It is the ONLY place I can take my kids shopping with me and say they can each pick out one thing without hearing “Can I buy this? Do I have enough allowance for this?” Everyone gets one thing and I don’t have to price check it! I have a few items I grab each time I stop including Nature’s Own bread (store manager told me the two days of week my store receives it), nuts and trail mix, Plackers night guard (crazy expensive every where else), wrapping paper, cards, kitchen gadgets and craft supplies. I love the cute baskets too! I buy those for teacher gift baskets for Christmas and Teacher Appreciation. I fill them with mints, blank note cards packs, some stationary products (all from Dollar Tree) and some nice hand lotion/ lip balm from drugstore deals. They even sell the clear plastic to wrap around the baskets!

  13. belinda gregory says:

    The Dollar Tree here does not take coupons.. BUT, there are a few test areas where they do take coupons! wish my area did. It would make their great deals even better!!

    • I would sooooo love if they took coupons – and didn’t know that any areas did, that would be great Belinda! I keep thinking that the manufacturers would still reimburse the coupon, so I’m not sure why they don’t consider it….


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