Coupon Basics Part Five – Couponing at Kroger

I started this Coupon Basic series and got four posts started, only to completely stop on Kroger (can you tell I’m a little addicted to Publix?)  Well Kroger really does offer some wonderful deals, you just have to be willing to do a little more planning in advance.  Here’s some very basic info on couponing at Kroger . . .

You need to have a Kroger card to get the best deals at Kroger. In order to get Kroger’s deals, you almost have to have a Kroger Card (I’m sure you guys knew that one!)  If you already have a Kroger card, be sure to register it online so that you can have additional deals mailed to you at home and to your inbox.


Kroger doubles all manufacturer coupons, up to $.50. As far as I know every Kroger and all of their affiliates double coupons all the time, up to $.50.  Kroger does not accept competitor coupons.


Kroger allows you to stack internet coupons and manufacturer coupons. Kroger has lots of way to load coupons to your Kroger card, all you have to do is take few minutes to sign up!  Add Kroger e-coupons to your card through Cellfire, Kroger E-coupons, Shortcuts, and P&G SaverI have had a few folks comment on having problems stacking these coupons, however as long as I have bought exactly the item listed (correct item/size), these have worked for me without any problem. I will say that they are a pain to keep up with, so you may want to print out a list of coupons you’ve loaded to make your life a little easier (of if you have an i-phone or blackberry you could even load them in the store!)  Kroger e-coupons do not double, and are limited to one per card, so if you add one to your card you will only save on one of the items that you purchase. UPDATE:  Kroger no longer allows you to stack internet coupons and manufacturer coupons, so be sure to pick the coupon with the highest value, usually the manufacturer coupons, especially since your e-coupons won’t double.


Kroger frequently offers “Buy . . .  Save . . . ” deals. This is one you really have to plan for.  Usually at least a few times a month, Kroger offers deals on specific products such as “Buy 8 items, Save $4”.  These can make for some amazing savings, but it’s very important that you plan your trip wisely so that you get exactly eight of each deal (otherwise the price on the deal is usually too high!)  One tip I’ve heard is to take your reusable grocery sacks and place eight items in each one so that you’re not constantly counting (or you can be like me and keep counting 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 as you run through Kroger!)


Kroger offers loads of Catalina deals. This one is another way to snag fabulous deals at Kroger, but you really have to make sure you purchase the right products!  Recently I was in Kroger and bought the wrong size cereal (actually the bigger box), and the catalina didn’t print because it was the wrong size box.  Because there was a sign for the catalina in the store,  the customer service person was very sweet and honored the deal, but it was a pain to wait in line for a catalina that didn’t print!

What other tips do you have on shopping Kroger?  I’ve found Kroger’s prices in general to be a little lower on their everyday deals, but the Publix BOGO’s and acceptance of competitor coupons always leads me back to Publix 🙂  I do quite frequently stock up on meat and produce at Kroger, so like I said, there are definitely deals to be had!

If you’re a new couponer and would like to read more check out Couponing at Publix, Basic Coupon Lingo , How to Organize Your Coupons, my Super Cute Coupon Organizer, and How to Get a Stash of Coupons.

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  1. I also stock up on produce and meat at kroger. I would say for ultimate savings watch the add for mega meat madness that they do. I’m not sure how often but it’s a great way to stockpile meat super affordably. Also, if you can shop tuesday or wednesday usually there is a good selection of manager’s special they’ve marked down after the weekend.

  2. That’s a great tip about meat madness – that’s when I usually hit it too. And the manager in-store deals are great – a few weeks ago I bought 8 lbs. of perdue chicken breast for $1.49 a pound because they were clearancing it out! Thanks for the tip Bridget!

  3. I try to watch for the 10 for 10 dollar sales. Since they double all manufacturer coupons, it isn’t hard to get almost everything for free. I have gotten a lot of rice like that.

  4. I have had issues with the catalinas printing before. And there seemed to be no one at the customer service desk. =( So I have been shy to go back to Kroger.

  5. Kroger always accepts Target or Publix coupons for me!

  6. Hi there!
    I’m new to the whole couponing thing and have a question about stacking.
    Many of the printable manufacturer coupons I found say on there do not double. Would Kroger still accept that coupon plus an internet coupon?
    (Love the website!)

    • Hey Kelsey! I’ve heard Kroger’s policies are changing some, however at this point the changes haven’t officially made it down to the cashiers. So, you should have no problem using a manufacturer coupon AND e-coupon, and I have never had them “suppress” a coupon that says “Do Not Double”. (Kroger’s computers are set up to automatically double any coupon up to $.50, so the only way for it not to double would be if the cashier specifically looked at the coupon and manually suppressed it. Kroger has never done that for me, and the way that I understand this is that coupon doubling is the store’s choice, not really the manufacturer’s, so they can choose to allow it or not.) Does that make sense at all?

      Thanks for the question! 🙂 (You made my brain think over those policies a little . . .)

  7. i love the buy 10 get $5 off sales. bought 200 bottles of gatorade this way! I made 4 trips and cleaned off the shelves. I have a high school senior and 7th grader who wrestle/ run track & goes through the stuff. should have enough to last till April! one receipt was 7 feet long. I use the back of my coupon envelope to tally my 10 or 8 items and a basket underneath the cart for anything that is not a 10 for 5.

    • Great finds Janella! Those Mega Sales are great -especially when their are e-coupons for the items too. Great job stocking up!

  8. Alicia McCue says:

    in not sure about everywhere else but here in indiana Krogers no longer doubles coupons.

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