12 Popular College Dorm List Items | *BEST PRICE* List!

College Dorm List Best Prices!

I got a brochure a few days ago from my son's college with certain college dorm list essentials at “great prices” with free shipping.  It was TOTALLY tempting to just buy their “premium all-inclusive dorm room package” and call it a day…..

But here's the thing…

The $300 “all-inclusive” package they were offering was really NOT all you need for a dorm room (not even CLOSE guys).  And besides that – you could get MUCH better deals on what they were offering just by shopping around.  It got me thinking about what ARE the best prices for some of these dorm essentials?

Here are 12 popular college dorm list items at their BEST prices!

1 . Twin Comforter – $20

Macy's often has 3-pc Comforter Sets for $17.99, and Walmart consistently has a few options as low as $12.  Even Amazon is super reasonable on these!

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2 . XL Twin Sheet Set – $10 – $12

Try Kohl's for LC Conrad Sheets or Big One Easy Care – one or the other goes on sale almost every other week.  Walmart also has several cute prints for under $10.

You might not be getting 1800 threadcount sheets, but since these won't be the kind of sheets your kid will use as an adult (unless he's sleeping in a Twin XL bed) – there's no use in investing big money in them now.

3 . Desk Lamp – $6

So of course you can pay upwards of $50 for a desk lamp that comes with a place for your paper clips and a phone usb charger and clips to your bunk bed – BUT you really only need to spend about $5.87 at Walmart for a lamp. 🙂

4 . Shower Caddy – $1

You can pick up a plastic shower tote for $1 at the Dollar Tree, or closer to $3 at the other Dollar Stores.  If you want a fancier easy-dry hanging tote – Amazon has some for around $7!

5 . Reading Pillow – $15

Target has a a few different plush backrest pillows for $14.99 – everyday price!

6 . Microwave – $50

Keep an eye out for sales right around dorm time at Walmart and Target.  Also ask around – there may be lots of folks with a small microwave they're getting rid of as they upgrade!

7 . Bed Pillows – $3

8. Bath Towels –  $3

Kohl's regularly has their Big One pillows and their Big One Bath Towels on sale for about $3 (after coupon code).  And of course – you can always pick up very inexpensive hand towels and washcloths in a multipack at Dollar General.


9 . Memory Foam Mattress Topper – $23

Skip the Egg Crate and get a great layer of comfort and support for your kids' bed with a memory foam/gel mattress topper.  This 2″ Lucid topper is a surprising steal at $23

10 . Mattress Pad – $12

For a decent mattress pad, you don't need to spend more than $12 at Kohl's.  Amazon Basics has an inexpensive option as well.

11 . Mini Fridge – $60

For a smaller mini fridge (1.7 c ft as opposed to 3.2 cu ft.) you shouldn't expect to pay more than $60 at Walmart or $65, like this one at Target.  For the bigger 3.2 cu ft size – prepare to pay about $100

12 . 4×6 Area Rug – $35

Get a rug somewhere between 3×5 and 4×6 for about $35 – or at Walmart get a 5×7 rug for around $35.

I'd love to hear what you think – as well as some of your tips for getting other popular dorm room items on the cheap!  Please leave a comment and share your tips below 🙂

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