Ultimate College Packing List (Handy Printable!)

While I still can't quite believe it, four of our PPP team members (myself, Cheree, Staci and Jamie) have had kiddos head off to college – and collectively we had either 1) oodles of experience already or 2) had read just about every college dorm packing list out there. 🙂

If you missed my FB Live you can watch it HERE.

If you're in the same boat and about to send your little chick out of the nest for the first time – here's a great big check-list of everything you might need to pack for college freshman year!

You can download your very own FREE COLLEGE PACKING CHECKLIST HERE to make sure you have everything you need for college!!

*Keep in mind this list isn't one-size-fits-all.*  You'll want to adapt it to your child's needs, check to see if the roommate is bringing any of the bigger items, and work within your budget. 🙂

Ultimate Printable College Packing List

Bed & Bath:

Room Decor:

Food Prep:



Desk Supplies:


Important Documents/ID's/Money:

Don't forget to download your FREE COLLEGE PACKING LIST HERE to make sure you have everything you need for college!!

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Dorm shopping can get EXPENSIVE – so head over here to check out some prices to shoot for on 12 necessities that are common on college dorm lists. These are rock bottom prices – so look for sales, shop with coupon codes and try to stay in this ballpark!

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