14 Secrets You Need to Know Before Shopping Kohl’s



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Love shopping Kohl's? You're not alone! But there are a few things you can do to make shopping at Kohl's even a little more fun and help you pinch a few more pennies. Here's what you need to know before you head out the door . . .


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A few things I found at Kohl's for our patio last summer. 

1. Maybe (really, maybe) take advantage of the Kohl's Credit Card.

Y'all know I am highly against credit cards, however Kohl's cards offer some incredible perks. Kohl's cardholders frequently get coupon codes for free shipping as well as 30% off codes, which is just higher than the rest of us.


That being said, unless you absolutely-positively-will-never-ever-never-never-never pay that credit card off at the end of the billing cycle, you absolutely-positively-never-ever-never-never should get one. In our family we just don't do store credit cards, but I'm content with my savings without a Kohl's card and it makes my husband less stressed. (He just doesn't like extra bills in the mail, and the value of that is worth missing a deal or two for our family!)

If you do have a Kohl's card, they give you the option to pay it off immediately while you're in the store, so you can take advantage of the Kohl's card savings and never worry about a balance. Love that!


2. If you can, shop when they're offering Kohl's Cash. Here's what you need to know:
  • Kohl's offers Kohl's Cash at least a few times each month.
  • To get Kohl's Cash, you need to spend $48 (not $50!) before tax and after all coupons and discounts to earn Kohl's cash. 
  • If you earn Kohl's Cash online or at a store kiosk, you'll receive your Kohl's cash via email. If you earn it while shopping in store the Kohl's cash will print with your receipt.
  • You can earn  multiple amounts of Kohls cash at at time – for example, spend $100 get $20 in Kohl's cash, $150, get $30 in Kohl's cash, etc.
  • If there's a rebate on an item,  you'll still earn Kohl's cash as long as you spend $48.
  • Kohl's Cash special promotion dates are based on Central Time.
  • Kohl's Cash can be used on most items in the store, with no minimum purchase required. A few items you can't purchase using Kohl's cash include Kohl's Cares merchandise or Kohl's gift cards.
  • To use Kohl's cash online, enter the Kohl's cash number and Pin number found on your Kohl's cash.

3. Never (ever) buy anything at Kohl's without a sale.

Kohl's just about always offers a sale on every single item in the store, so I don't think it would (ever?) be worth paying full price for anything when you're there as they tend to overprice items and then offer sales regularly. 

4. Never (ever) shop Kohl's without a coupon code. Here are a few places to find Kohl's codes:
  • Visit Kohl's “Today's Deals” page for extra codes, every day.
  • Go HERE to sign up for Kohl's emails, and you'll automatically get 15% off your next purchase.
  • Sign up for Kohl's text message alerts and save an extra 15% off your next purchase when you text SAVE07 go 56457.
  • If you're a Kohl's cardholder and forget your coupons at checkout, ask your cashier to give you a Kohl's scratch off coupon – you'll automatically save up to 30% off!

5. Kohl's allows up to 4 coupon codes per online order.

When shopping online, you can use up to four coupon codes per order. However, if you're shopping from a phone or mobile device you'll only be allowed to use two codes, so shop on a computer to use multiple codes.  You can only use one percentage off your entire order coupon on each order.

6. Kohl's Black Friday Sales start early (and your best deals may be online.)

Kohl's has had some crazy Black Friday deals every year since I started blogging back in 2009, and they start well before Black Friday. Last year Kohl's crazy deals started on November 23rd and really got into gear November 24th, which was the Monday before Thanksgiving. 

Every year Kohl's has offered a few similar items for next to nothing after Kohl's codes, coupons and rebates. Typically this is a great time to grab an inexpensive crockpot, skillet, and waffle iron (and the skillet I bought three years ago for a few dollars is the one we use just about every week!)

7. Shop the clearance racks.

Kohl's clearance racks offer incredible prices, and you can stack those savings with additional codes. For an example of what that would like like, head on over HERE.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.05.09 PM

8. Sign up for Kohl's rewards program.

Sign up for Kohl's Yes2You Rewards and get a $5 Reward for every 100 points ($100) you spend. They also offer special savings including up to triple points savings from time to time, so be sure to watch for those specials. Learn more and sign up over HERE.

19. Take advantage of the Kohl's Cares specials in the front of the store.

Kohl's Cares program gives 100% of the net profit to charities for kids, an doffers some great prices on things you would normally pay more for. Watch for cute stuffed animals and books all for $5 when you walk in the store, or order them online. You can't use additional promotion codes on these items.

10. Watch for Kohl's rebates.

Kohl's offer rebates on select items that you order online and purchase in-store. See the current complete list of Kohl's rebate items over HERE.

11. Use the in-store kiosk to get free shipping on online purchases.

If you can't find an item in stock at your local Kohl's (or if the online price is better than the in-store price), shop Kohl's using the Kohl's kiosk. You'll get free shipping on every order, no minimum purchase.

12. Weekend sales tend to be best at Kohl's, typically starting each Friday.

Kohl's typically starts a new sale on Friday, and many sales and coupon codes only run throughout the weekend. This isn't always true, but it's worth waiting until Friday to check the price on an item to make sure you're getting the best Kohl's deal.


13. Kohl's honors competitor prices.

Kohl's will accept competitor prices of brick and mortar stores (i.e. Walmart and Target) when you bring in the store sales ad. They do not price match online stores or Kohls.com. (If you find an item cheaper though online than you do in store at Kohl's, use the Kohl's kiosk to get those prices!)

Learn more about price matching at Kohl's. 


14. Don't forget about Kohl's Price Adjustment Policy.

If you purchase an item at Kohl's and it goes on sale within 14 days of purchase, you'll be refunded the difference if you hang onto your receipt. There are a few limitations to this policy ~ for example these items can not be part of a Buy One Get One Free sale. See the complete Kohl's price adjustment policy HERE. 


black friday prices

Are there any Kohl's secrets that I've missed here? Leave a comment to share – I love hearing from you!

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  1. I have found when they are offering Kohl’s cash that if you go a one day and spend x amount and then another day during the same period and spend x amount, you can take your receipts to customer service to get the appropriate amount of Kohl’s cash that they would give if the transactions were done together.

  2. I shop at Kohls often because it is the only department store not located an hour away, so I knew these things you’ve listed, but here is a new one I just learned: while shopping, connect to Kohl’s WIFI for a free coupon (% off, sometimes $5 off $25 or $10 off $30) to use in-store. (I tried this and it works!) I have also read that when you open the Kohl’s app while connected to WIFI you get 10 free Yes2You points (I haven’t tried this one yet).

  3. An employee told me that if your Kohls cash is expiring and you don’t need anything in that time frame, just buy anything. When you return it, you will be given a credit that never expires. Therefore, essentially extending the life of your Kohls cash. I haven’t tried it but I guess it works since an employees told me.

    • What you said was true at the time but an FYI the policy has changed. If you buy something using kohls cash and you return it you’ll get a new blue kohls cash that’s good for 30 days from the date it’s issued.

  4. Just a word of caution…I had a busy month with family issues and forgot to pay my charge card bill on the due date, which was the 14th. I paid on-line through my bank on the 15th, that is when Kohl’s received my payment. Just got a bill in the mail today I am being charged a Late Fee of $25.00. I was astounded there was not even a 24 hour grace period and wrote to tell them so. All I received back from them was the policies of their store…what a joke this company is. I get a grace period from my cable, electric, and mobile phone bill. I am so tempted to just cancel my card…just be aware of your DUE date!

  5. Lee Ann Huebner says

    When you use their credit card if you pay the special amount shown under” Pay this amount ” you can avoid paying any interest. It is more than standard monthly payment but a reasonable amonut. I carry a balance on my card but never pay any interest. Amazing

  6. Just call the customer service number and they will refund the late fee. I’ve done it a few times.

  7. Another Kohl’s Cash tip – If you spend less than the amount needed for Kohl’s cash and then go buy something else to spend $50 or the next increment of $50, they will add up your receipts and give you the Kohl’s cash.

  8. Kohl’s is very deceitful. They do not tell the customers that often times the full purchase price is NOT given when using a gift receipt. I know this from a recent personal experience. Only one week had passed between the purchase and the return. No Kohl’s cash was used. Kohl’s will make a killing from Black Friday/Christmas. The person returning the gift with a gift receipt after Christmas (or really anytime) will be clueless! Shame on you Kohl’s. Don’t count on your clerk knowing anything. Ours was clueless. But Corporate confirmed it. Don’t give gift receipts!

    • That just happened to me and my son. We bought him a jacket and got a gift receipt. He wanted to return it with the gift receipt and they would give him $23. We had them look it up on my account and I would get $30. That does not make sense. A receipt, even a gift receipt, should get a full refund.

  9. I used to be an employee there. They also have a “yes we can” policy. Which they don’t tell you about. Anyways when you ask a question there sapossed to say “yes we can”. So if you ever have a coupon at home and forget it. Just tell the cashier they should honor it, if not ask a manager and ask about the yes we can policy. 🙂

  10. I spent about 150.00 online so I could get kohls cash…they said they emailed to me but I never recd it. So that’s about 30.00. Then spent more and yet again no kohls cash….

  11. As a former Kohl’s employee let me share some additional tips with you:

    – Whenever there is a “peel-off” sale (15/20/30) if you have a 15% toss it in the trash. When you get to the register, tell them you have a 30% off at home. Kohl’s employees have a “yes we can” policy to honor, and we will let you use a 30% that you “forgot” at home. If your store is strict and doesn’t allow this, they will offer you a scratch off card at the store. Ask to choose your scratch card from the pile (fan them out on the counter). The cards that are slightly yellower, or where the scratch part is larger, or are slightly different in any way, those are the 30% off cards!

    – When you see a white price sticker on a tag, don’t buy that item! White stickers mean mark-ups, which are done during a sale to make up for all the items that are actually on sale. Wait until this item gets marked to its original price, or is on sale.

    – Most stores will accept expired Kohl’s cash and dollar-off coupons. This is not true for all stores, and some may only accept one at a time, but it is worth a try to bring in your expired coupons! You can always call the store ahead of time and ask for a supervisor’s permission. Usually they want to make the customer happy no matter what!

    – Our sales that end at a certain time (such as early-bird sales) will still be active in our registers for a half hour after the sale ends, so please don’t worry about rushing to the register by 2pm when the prices will ring in on sale until 2:30 🙂

    – We have goals for credit cards and emails that we need to meet on each shift, so expect your cashier to ask you to sign up for a credit card. We hate this as much as you, so please be courteous and bear with us. In all honesty, I really do recommend a credit card if you are a frequent shopper, or even just for the $10 a year you will get on your birthday. Bring a check book with you and pay your balance right there at the register after your cashier has rang up your purchase. It only takes about 30 more seconds, you won’t pay interest and you still get all the benefits of the sales. If you decide against a card or are declined, please still sign up for emails. Even if you write down a fake email, your cashier will thank you for it!

    – To the people who abuse our store policies – we know who you are! If every time you make a purchase at the store you are arguing about the price of an item in order to get it for less, or if you come in with birthday coupons once a week, we will remember and be less likely to offer you “yes we can” service.

  12. Good tips! I love shopping at Kohls.

  13. I love Kohls! One of my favorite policies is that you don’t have to bring a receipt when returning something as long as you have put it on your Kohls charge card. They just scan your card to look it up. Also, there’s no crazy time limit on returns. I once returned something with tags that I had had for a year! Great customer service!

  14. I have shopped at Kohls for years and observed one unfortunate experience.
    I purchased 2 pair of running pants 1 week before Christmas which I believe were on sale. I attempted to return them using it for stat I attempted to return them 2 weeks after Christmas using the gift receipts I was not able to get my entire refund from the original purchase price. So I politely told the lady we would go back home and try to find my original receipt since I didn’t think it was fair to accept approximately $12 less per pair as a suitable refund. Which now when I want to purchase gifts for people from Kohl’s I don’t give the gift receipt and inform them that if they want to do an exchange I will gladly do it for them using my original receipt. 🙂

  15. I really like Kohls but have had a couple of bad experiences. Years ago when I first started shopping at Kohls I bought a pair of jeans for my grandson using a 20% coupon. They didn’t fit so when I returned them, I said I just wanted to exchange them for the correct size. They said they would have to refund my money first, then I could go get them and rebuy them. Well when I bought them again they cost 20% more! I complained and said it wasn’t right since I was only exchanging them, but got nowhere.( by the way, I had my receipt and it was less than 2 weeks later)
    The second thing that happened was 2 yrs ago. I had placed a large order online early in November, which came to me in different packages at different times, so I was not really concerned when my jar candles didn’t arrive. I assumed I would get them soon. About 2 weeks before Christmas I realized I had never gotten my candles (nor had I heard anything from Kohls explaining the delay) When I called and they FINALLY traced my order they said “they were returned by UPS because they got broken during shipping” When I asked when they were ever going to send me some new ones they said they couldn’t because they were out of stock. I asked that since none of this was my fault and I had never even been notified, if they couldn’t replace them with a different brand that cost more. No all we can do is refund your money.I would have thought they could have offered me some Kohls cash or something to show they were sorry this had happened, but I got no apology, no nothing!

  16. It’s been my experience that Kohls, TJMaxx, Marshals and the like are all
    overrated and over charge. I regularly shop at Macy’s ( they out just about everything on sales after about 2 weeks ).
    Macy’s has coupons, and credit accounts
    either saves additional money. The experience I would like to relate is a $52
    outfit for my 2 year old. It went on sale
    A couple weeks later and after my coupon
    I paid $16, the following YEAR I saw the exact outfit at Kohls, Marshals and TJ for
    $26. $10 dollars more than it had been
    at its original store a year after its fashion height. One is usually better off shopping
    thd original stores regularly and waiting
    for a sale. I have experienced thd above
    experience multiple times and only enter
    ” cheap ” stores with friends.

  17. Great tips that I’ll start using today! Love a Kohls sale, it sometimes feels like almost free!

  18. If you use Scrip as a fundraiser for school, sports, church, etc. you can use Scrip giftcards to pay your Kohls credit card payment in the store.

  19. No % off on name brands, nfl, under armour, etc. Use your cash back coupons for these items. Also, don’t use these coupons on regular merchandise. These coupons are deducted from your purchase before your 30%, otherwise you are not receiving a full 30%. I usually split my purchases to get the full discount.

  20. You will not automatically get 30% off with the in store scratcher.


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