10 Secrets You Need to Know Before Shopping Dollar Tree


You all know I love (like seriously, love) a trip to the Dollar Tree.


I love meandering their aisles, snagging their inexpensive holiday craft supplies is one of my favorite penny pinched tips, and getting my kids project boards for just a buck leaves me a wee bit giddy.

For real. 😉 


But, there are a few secrets that lots of folks don't know about the Dollar Tree, so I'm here to tell you my favorite hints.



Here we go.


1. The Dollar Tree accepts manufacturer coupons.

The Dollar Tree really does accept manufacturer coupons, in fact every so often they even offer one of their own store coupons. Go HERE to see their coupon policy and HERE to get your huge printable list of Dollar Tree items all less than $1 after coupons, updated every single week.

2. You can use rebates at the Dollar Tree.

Several mobile app rebates are available to use at the Dollar Tree, which can help you save a bundle if you remember to use them! Here are the rebate apps you can currently take advantage of at the Dollar Tree:

3. Some Dollar Tree stores carry the Sunday paper at a discounted cost.

Check your local store to see if they carry your local paper to save on extra coupons for the week. 

4. The Dollar Tree often carries expensive bread to fill your freezer with.

I've found Sara Lee and Healthy Life Bread at my store priced at $1 ~ watch your stores to see if they carry those brands too.


5. Sometimes the Dollar Tree does not have the best price.

The Dollar Tree can have great prices on some items, but you need to do the math to make sure you're really getting a deal. They often offer smaller sized containers which means you're really not saving anything.

The picture above shows what Walmart carries in their partyware area, and their prices may actually be a little lower than the Dollar Tree on some items. Be sure to do the math ahead of time to get the best deal!

6. The Dollar Tree carries some name brand items.

While the Dollar Tree carries quite a few off brands, if you look closely you will find some name brands as well. Watch for Zest Bar Soap, Crest Toothpaste, name brand candy bars and more when you're there. (Picking up $1 “movie” candy is one of my favorite Dollar Tree savings tricks!)


7. Dollar Tree stores vary a lot by location.

What one store has in town will not be the same as another Dollar Tree just down the street, so it may be worth shopping different Dollar Trees in the same town if you have a few nearby. Some stores seem to have a larger selection of glassware, storage containers and home decor, so keep an eye out for the store that offers a larger selection.

the ChristmasEdition

8. The Dollar Tree carries a huge assortment of seasonal items.

The Dollar Tree carries a ton of Holiday items, including St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas decor. Before paying full price somewhere else for seasonal decor, see what they have in store.

9. The Dollar Tree has been around since the 1950's when it started as a 5&10. (Who knew?)

Check out the history of the Dollar Tree over HERE ~ I was surprised to see that it was branded with K&K Toys in malls back in the 80's?  I do remember seeing them in malls as a kid but didn't know they were part of the same line (way back then I loved heading to the Dollar Tree!)


10. The Dollar Tree carries pregnancy tests.

Great way to get these on a budget if you need them! You can also find several more items  you need to pick up at the Dollar Tree over HERE.



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  1. I’ve noticed every since people announced that they carry pregnancy tests that they are sold out EVERYWHERE. However you can buy ovulation kits there too- they don’t sell out as fast.

  2. My recent adventure this month using coupons for the first time on cough medicine did not turn out rosie. I luckily had a copy of the coupon policy stating there rules and after a 20 minute wait for the store manager “checking” to see if what I had shown her was legit she gave me the discount but then was very rude along with the manager ringing my items up. so be sure to carry a copy of their policy because they may be stinky about giving you the items for free or nearly free.

  3. I shop at dollar tree for my business I order quality of item to help me with my craft that I have in my line of business

  4. Gale Digilormo says

    I also like Dollar Tree for its card selection, party supplies, and especially its seasonal supplies.
    But the store nearest me stays disarrayed. Nothing on the shelves or hanging. Boxes full of he merchandise in the walkway. I’ve complained to no avail. Wishing for a better tomorrow
    Dollar Tree, Merry Christmas!

  5. I don’t buy a whole lot at Dollar Tree, because, as you said, often times the low quantities aren’t really a savings. I do, however, go there to buy gift bags, Christmas stockings (I got Disney ones for my grandkids, which I did consider a savings since they were Disney), greeting cards and sometimes cleaning supplies. I will say, though, their toys are very cheaply made and don’t last long, but I’m sure most expect that. I also bought bubbles for the grandkids there, and their bubbles aren’t very good either. I have a recipe for DIY bubbles that I found online that I’m pretty sure is much better than the ones I bought at the Dollar Tree. Honestly, the Dollar Tree is a good place for some things, but, again, as you said, you have to watch the quantity, and you also have to be careful of the quality of some products.

  6. Question if it rings up a penny do they have to sell it to you

  7. If you buy containers with lids,make sure lid fits and stays on

  8. The Dollar Store in Delta Park, Portland, Oregon, is never without boxes in the isle. It’s a mess. I ended up shopping in Vancouver, Washington, and use my driver’s license as prove of tax exempt status.

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