12 Secrets You Need To Know Before Shopping Kroger


Note: this is a HUGE MEGA SALE WEEK (running through 8/10/16) at Kroger. Hurry over HERE to see all the deals, and print the best coupons that match up with the sale over HERE. Love that!


Y'all know Publix is my favorite grocery store (goodness, I still miss those days!), but I've come to love Kroger after shopping there the last few years. There are a few tricks though that can really help you save while you're there, so here are things you need to know before you shop.

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1. You need a Kroger card to get the best deals at Kroger.

In order to get Kroger’s deals, you almost have to have a Kroger Card (I’m sure you guys knew that one!)  If you already have a Kroger card, be sure to register it online so that you can have additional deals mailed to you at home and to your inbox.

Tip – if you don't register online you'll miss getting Kroger coupons mailed to your home. Be sure to register your card, and if you haven't received mailed coupons recently be sure to update your account. 


2. Kroger no longer doubles manufacturer coupons. 

Sorry guys. 🙁 

(A few Kroger affiliate stores in select areas of the country do still double coupons – King Soopers in Colorado is still doubling if you happen to be out West, and I've heard a few stores )

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3. Kroger offers dozens of digital coupons on their website and app.

Before shopping Kroger, download their store coupons to your Kroger card either on their website or their mobile app (I personally love their mobile app.) Most of these coupons are available for one use only, however occasionally Kroger offers a special sale where you can use the digital coupon multiple times.

Be sure to watch for special multiple use coupons when you check in the app, you'll see them flagged differently than other coupons. These sales go on every six to eight weeks, so watch and see what offers they have for you!


Tip – if you have a paper coupon and an e-coupon the register will automatically deduct your digital coupon as soon as you scan your card, so make sure that the value of the digital coupon is higher than your paper coupon before loading it to your card. For example, if there's a $.50/1 Cottonelle digital coupon but you have a $1 off Cottonelle paper coupon, you'll want to make sure the Cottonelle e-coupon is NOT on your card so that you can use the higher value coupon. To delete the manufacturer coupon from your card, just take it off manually on your app while shopping. 


You can no longer stack coupons of any type at Kroger, so choose one which one is the higheset value to use when you shop.


4. The more you shop Kroger, the more high value store coupons you'll receive. 

Every time you shop Kroger using your Kroger card they're watching what you're purchasing. And, if the item you're buying is something they'd like you to buy more often, they'll send you out a nice little packet of free coupons (sometimes including coupons for free produce, a few dollars off meat, a free box of cereal, and more. Be sure to register your card on the Kroger website to receive those coupons mailed regularly to your home (I usually see them a few times each month.)

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5. Kroger offers at least one free item every single week. 

Every Friday Kroger offers a digital coupon for a completely free item. Load it to your card on Friday's only, then you'll have 2 weeks to get the item at the store.

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6. Kroger frequently offers Mega Sale Savings.


During Kroger Mega Sales you typically need to purchase a certain number of items to get a few dollars off your entire trip. (For example, Buy 10 items get $5 off your total purchase.) Kroger Mega Sales make for some amazing savings, but it’s very important that you plan your trip wisely so that you get exactly the correct number of items during the Mega Sale (otherwise the price on the deal is usually too high!)

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You can mix and match items in Kroger's Mega Sale, and you can typically purchase get five Mega Sale savings per trip. (So, if the offer is Buy 10 items get $5, you can buy 50 items and save $25.)

Tip: when shopping Kroger Mega Sales, take your reusable grocery sacks and place the Mega Sale number of items in each bag so that you’re not constantly counting to make sure you have the correct number of items. 

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7. Kroger offers “catalinas” at checkout on select specials each month. 

This is another way to snag fabulous deals at Kroger, but you really have to make sure you purchase the right products!  To take advantage of a catalina deal, you'll need to buy a certain number of the same items and a catalina (a coupon) will print at checkout for a certain amount of money off your next purchase. Watch for signs throughout Kroger offering catalina savings to take advantage of these deals.

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8. Kroger offers “10 for $10” sales, but you don't need to buy 10. 

Kroger regularly has sales including items on sale 10 for $10, but they're actually priced at $1 each. Don't feel like you need to purchase 10 items to get that $1 price!


9. Kroger accepts competitor pharmacy store coupons.

Occasionally pharmacies offer coupons when you transfer a prescription. If a local competing pharmacy in your area offers one of these coupons, use it at Kroger as a competitor coupon. 


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10. Save a bundle at Kroger using fuel points.

I love this! Kroger offers fuel perks on every purchase you make, which can add up to some serious savings on gas. To take advantage of this offer, just use your Kroger coupon every time you shop, and fill up for gas while you're there. Here are a few more ways to save on gas by using your Kroger card:

  • Every time you shop there's a place at the bottom of your receipt offering 50 free fuel points just for answering a few survey questions. This is an easy way to get a better price on gas every time you fill up!
  • Earn 2x fuel points every time you shop on gift card purchases. If you have a major home repair and are purchasing items from Home Depot or Lowe's, buy store gift cards at Kroger before heading to Lowe's or Home Depot and earn fuel points on your repair purchases. (Similarly, before shopping back to school purchase Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place cards and more to earn gas perks on those purchases as well.)
  • Fairly regularly Kroger offers 4x fuel points on gas purchases. To take advantage of this offer you'll need to load the e coupon to your card prior to shopping ~ such an easy way to save!

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11. Take advantage of gift card savings at Kroger. 

Kroger regularly offers retail gift cards at discounted prices by using coupons on their website. I just checked and currently (as of 1/19/15) the following gift card coupons are available:

  • 20% off Banana Republic Gift Cards
  • 20% off Gap Gift Cards
  • 20% off Gap Options Gift Cards (includes Old Navy)
  • $10 of your grocery purchase when you buy 2 Aeropostale gift cards
  • $10 of your grocery purchase when you buy 2 Steak & Shake gift cards
  • $10 of your grocery purchase when you buy 2 Bass Pro Shops gift cards

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12. Save even more by taking advantage of mobile rebate apps.

There are several rebate apps that you can use at Kroger to save even more when you shop, and what I love is that you can “double dip” on savings by purchasing one item and getting a rebate back through several rebate sites (if the offer is available at more than one store.) Here are the rebate sites I use when shopping Kroger:


You really can save a bundle at Kroger if you're willing to simply shop their sales ad, even without clipping coupons. Be sure to always check out the full Kroger ad before you shop, and plan your trip ahead of time to get the best savings at Kroger. 


READER TIPS ~ I loved these tips shared from a few readers over on Facebook!

  • Watch for meat markdowns and ask your store what day they mark down meat.
  • Watch for clearance items especially after the Holidays
  • Look for markdowns in the produce department

22 deals you can't miss at Kroger this week

If you love shopping Kroger, keep up with all the Kroger deals over HERE on Passionate Penny Pincher too. There are a ton of easy ways to save each week when shopping Kroger, and if you're willing to plan your trip by what's on sale you can really save big there each week!


What other tips do you have on saving big at Kroger each week? Leave a comment to share ~ I love hearing from you! 

See all the deals at Kroger this week, and check out the complete Kroger weekly ad to plan your trip before you go.








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  1. #11 do you have current deals for 2016 rather than 2015 or is it for 2016?

  2. Ok I think 1/19/15 was just a typo on your comment instead of saying 2016 for #11 🙂 hard to get used to the new year being 2016!

  3. It’s helpful to really do some price comparison. The largest “bulk” size items aren’t always the best deal, especially if there’s a sale on another size. Also, we assume certain items are higher priced (because they typically are), like the prepared fruits in the produce department, but it’s not always the case. I’ve been trying to eat healthier but a lot of the fruits aren’t very tasty right now. One of the fruits I LOVE that seems to always be tasty are grapes. I almost cried when I saw they were $3.99/lb. I knew I was going to buy them anyway but had the thought, “By golly, if I’m paying that much for them, you’re gonna make it easier for me,” so I went to see if the packaged ones (already off the stem) were the same price. I was thrilled to see they were $2.99/lb!! Sometimes it truly pays to look at all the options!

  4. Kroger also offers a senior discount. Once you register, 10% is automatically deducted whenever you buy any Kroger brand product. Nice little bonus!

  5. Krogers no longer take printed coupons in Bowling Green, KY. This is a bummer and prevents me from a lot of good deals. I always use their digital coupons but there are a lot of coupons that are not digital☹️☹️

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