NEW Zaycon Ground Beef Code that works for EVERYONE! (Not JUST New Customers)

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Zaycon Ground Beef Review + NEW Code!


Before we get to the Zaycon ground beef review – I have an AWESOME new code to share!  Right now ALL Zaycon customers (new and old) can use code LUVTOSAVE to get a case of 80/20 Ground Beef for just $2.39/lb. 

OR if you prefer you can use code LUVTOSAVE to snag the super-lean 93/7 ground beef for just $2.99/lb!



My friend Staci JUST picked up her Zaycon ground beef order recently and I'm so excited to share her experience with you!


Staci here!  I picked up my order of Zaycon Ground Beef and I wanted to tell you how it went!

First of all, the way it was packaged was different from what I'm used to.  It came in 4 long tubes – each 10 lbs of meat.  Here is one of them just so you can see what size a 10 lb chub is 🙂


I laid it out on the counter on a cutting board and used kitchen scissors to open it up.   This is the baggy stand I use – it will make your life so much easier when portioning out meat for the freezer!

I weighed out 1 lb portions in my kitchen scale and put them into gallon freezer bags – pushing out as much air as possible.


I divided much of the beef into one pound bags and put them into the freezer for quick thawing.  

That pile of bags is 9 pounds of the 40 frozen plus the one I tossed into the Ninja.(See below)  I did 1 package of 2 pounds for meatloaf or burgers. I'll do more like that in the next 3 sets I am doing later today

Some of the rest I cooked up in my Ninja to use in a crockpot recipe (I LOOOVE this machine!  Isn't it amazing how you can go from saute mode to slow cooker mode in this?)

I can say from my experience that while cooking the first pound (I got the expensive 93/7) that it was true to that. VERY little to drain off (maybe 2 T).

I will be cooking up more tomorrow and will be doing some for burgers next week so I will really be able to give you an opinion on the taste then – but from my little tasting out of this cooked batch it was very good and not greasy at ALL.

The next big event I'm interested in is the Zaycon Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast.  I've heard so many good things and Jamie did a video here about how her chicken was – it looks like a great deal!

I'd love to hear how you liked the Zaycon Ground Beef – or if you've tried any of the other meats they offer!

Don't Forget!

When checking out on, use code ZAYCONNEW20 to get 20% OFF (for new customers only)

I’m ordering the ground turkey for our family and can’t wait to try it out!



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  1. Love Zaycon Beef!! And I love getting it FRESH in the 10 lb chubs. When they switched to the 2 pound frozen packs I did not like it being frozen and did not like it in 2 lb packs. I think it was a different distributor and the quality and taste was not there. I vacuum seal mostly 1 pound packs with some 2 pounds pack (which I use for chili). Can’t beat taste and price.

  2. Judy livingston says:

    I love the chicken. It is plump and very juice. I wish they would offer more coupons than just the ones for new customers.

  3. Tonna Hickenbottom says:

    I love the beef. I just ordered it for the first time ago a month ago it so and it is amazing! Best beef I have ever had!

  4. Julie Schmidt says:

    We love Zaycon. We buy all of our meat from them. 93/7 hamburger, shrimp, bacon, bacon wrapped pork filets, pork chops, pork tenderloins, chicken breast, turkey breasts, breakfast sausage and especially the roasts.

  5. I recently quit buying Zaycon’s Ground Beef because I found way too much gristle! Yes the price is good but not worth pulling a chewy piece of gristle out your mouth with almost every bite.

  6. Dee- did you get the lean? I hate gristle too!!

  7. Just tried to use it and it says it expired on 4/30

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