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Me with one of my favorites – teaching me more about value than anything else!


I read a fantastic article this morning, and goodness, it so hit home for me today. As a busy mom who simply doesn’t have time to keep up with the newest trends, who couldn’t care less that her minivan has 160,000 miles on it (it runs great ~ at 185,000 miles now!), and who’s never owned expensive jewelry other than my wedding ring, it just felt good to have those words written out for me.


Here was my favorite quote from the article . .


“Too often, people pay a premium just for the privilege of become a walking billboard. I am no longer impressed by the logo on your shirt, your purse, or the face of your watch. Instead, I admire those who are confident in timeless fashion and seek to make an impression by their character and their countenance.”


I’ve struggled my whole life with feelings of inadequacy (and am betting I’m not alone.) I’ve looked at skinnier girls, dressier-upped girls, oh-so-put-together girls and from my very earliest memories have never felt I’ve even come close to measuring up.


And as I’ve gotten older, it’s gone beyond how I look some days to what I have. Folks, we live in an absolutely perfect home. Ridiculously nice, really. But a few weeks ago when visiting a new house in our neighborhood I noticed the home’s perfect mudroom and excessively large pantry.


It was beautiful.


I came home, and all of a sudden the my own mudroom and pantry just felt a little puny. 






Wherever you are in your finances, wherever you are in your life, don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of believing more stuff equals more value. 


It doesn’t. 


And honestly? No matter what you have, someone will always have more, so you’ll never win the if only war.

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Instead, exemplify by your character and countenance your true value, whether you’re checking out at the grocery store or playing with your babies at home. Your value has absolutely nothing to do with your stuff ~ don’t allow this world to trick you into believing anything else.


Take a minute to read this post today. 


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  1. You know once upon a time. I had everything you listed here. NOT HAPPY. My husband and I were on our way to divorce. We had tried for 10 years to have children with no luck. My hubby lost his job and everything was gone. What we had to do was keep a float. We sold everything we could. I even pawned my wedding ring to live. Its funny nothing matters when you are left with nothing. We decided that we needed to size down. He became a truck driver he was the owner of an office building what a change for him. I became pregenet with our first. God was there for us and our belief grew in Him. Then we were having kids 17-18 months apart. Praise God. We decided to put all cares in Him not in the stuff we had. Every day is a blessing and should be lived as such. Stuff doesn’t make or break you. God supplies everything and we must live in a PRAISE mode every day. When you wake in the AM before you get out of bed start by praising him. Soon you wont care about what the Jones have. You have something better you have HIM.

    • LOVE that reminder Sara – thank you!!!! You’re so right, and it sounds like you’ve learned so much during difficult times. What a wonderful testimony you have!

  2. Laurie,
    I read this, understand those feelings, and then I laugh because I think about how Rebecca referred to you as “That cute little thing in the khaki vest” before she knew you that year at VBS. Then I think about all the cuteness that you shared with me all those years at Heritage and how you brightened a many dark day for me in the office but beyond all that is how cute your spirit is! To be in your present is to know a spiritual calming force – even when coupons are falling out of your binder. hehe! It is so much more than what it appears to the eye. We are in James 2 on Sunday night and talking about judging and first impressions. One thing I say over and over to my daughters is “everyone is hurting. If you think they aren’t, you just haven’t known them long enough”. Love the post! As women, we can’t be reminded of this enough!

    • Thank you so much sweet friend – you know exactly how much of a mess I am each day! 🙂 And you’re so right – we are all hurting and I think struggle with inadequacy from time to time (at least I think most folks do), just knowing that we’re not alone is so valuable. Goodness what I would give to sit and chat with you up there at Heritage for an hour again someday soon! 🙂

  3. I so needed this article today. My home was built in 1986 so to say that the floors might be dated is an understatement. I struggle with feelings of jealousy when I walk into co-worker’s homes who have the latest/greatest in their homes. But it all comes down to this………..I don’t have a house payment. They have only just begun to pay on their homes. My home is warm, my pantry is full, my heart is full. I drove my last vehicle until she literally laid down and died with 225,000 miles on her. It was going to cost more to fix her than she was worth hence the newer vehicle I am now driving which was purchased used. At 49 years of age I struggle daily with feelings of inadequacy and no self confidence. But I am His and He is mine. The Lord loves me just as I am.

  4. I think most do share those feelings of inadequacy. It seems that more & more women are opening up about their own insecurities & making it safe for others to do as well. I love it! We are not alone in feeling this way. It IS OK to be emotional & want reassurance that it is OK to be emotional. We are relational beings & we need love.
    Be blessed in the knowledge & grace of our wonderful Father who made us & makes us ready for that perfect day of Jesus

  5. Cindy Watts says:

    Yes, these are true struggles!! Honestly, Facebook does not help the issue while people tend to post only the ” best highlights” of their life. So we are misled thinking everyone else has a great life and we do not!! Rachel Cruze ( Dave Ramsey’s daughter)has written a great called ” Love your life, not theirs”. It’s a must read if the struggle for you is real!!

    • Thank you so much for sharing Cindy – you’re so right that we so often see the highlights and don’t know the real truth! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  6. Nice piece.
    The Gospel and holy scriptures have pointed out this same thing for thousands of years- our human nature stays the same, so thousands of years ago humans struggled with these issues, and thousands of years in the future, we still will. However our hope is in the Lord- by the grace of God, we are able to focus on Him, love each other, and have our hearts touched to know what’s really important! He loves us!

  7. You have way too much “stuff” on your page to be able to find your post in between it all! And I think it might have been good.

    • Thanks for letting me know Linda – we’re working on updating the site and hopefully will get that fixed soon (it does feel like too much to me too – but changing things isn’t as easy as it seems)! Thank you for the feedback.

  8. Amen! Thank you for keeping it real! Love this blog

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