Unpacking Day


We’ve survived two nights in our new home, and goodness it’s just so much more than I expected. We found this house after looking at several existing homes (this one was about four months from completing construction when we bought it), and when we compared what we were getting we felt like this was just the perfect place for us.


Now that we’re here though, I almost feel guilty. The house is beautiful, and so much more than I could ever imagine. My husband and I have been working towards this for eighteen years and through four houses, but now that we’re here I’m just kind of standing back in shock. I never (ever ~ ever) dreamed we’d have a home like this, and am so thankful for it. (But also keep wondering if it’s too much?)


The thing that we loved about this home is there is plenty of room for our kids to come back to visit when they’re grown. As our kids have gotten older we’ve seen how our home quickly seemed to get taken up, so we’re thrilled to have a little more space. What’s funny though is that because I feel so empty after leaving Alabama, I think I’d give up this house in a heartbeat to be in our community.


My prayer is that one day this home becomes community too, and I know it’s entirely early for me to even start worrying about that ~ but six months of exhaustion has me a little overwhelmed to say the least. 😉




Okay, enough of me struggling through this ;), here’s a peek at a little more of our new home (completely in it’s disastrous state) and what the crazy move looked like yesterday in our house. (Y’all, it was rough ~ the movers destroyed my husband’s grandparent’s dining room table, a few other items, and even left half-eaten pieces of pizza on the truck on top of our furniture, which sat on the truck for a few days. Bleck.)



The jack-and-jill bath for my girls ~ I need to get better pictures so you can see that paint color, it’s Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and it is the PERFECT color!



They can’t put down sod in Ohio so we’re on a waiting list ~ I’m thinking I’ll be dealing with muddy feet all summer long . . . 


I’ve always dreamed of having a mudroom ~ but I think I’ll like it much more once it’s tidied up a bit!


And there’s the table ~ did I say ugh already?




The kitchen is still in sore need of unpacking . . .



And see that lovely empty space for all the items that I’ve found to donate? That’s where the new fridge (that was supposed to arrive yesterday) is going. Ummmm . . . except that my seven year old turned off the sound on my phone so when the truck called to deliver it they couldn’t find our home. Yup, no fridge ’til Tuesday. Ugh.


I’ve heard over and over that moving is one of the top five most stressful events in your life, and after this week I’m pretty sure that’s true. I know that compared to so many, we are ridiculously (crazy, crazy, crazy) blessed, so I have absolutely no business whining when we really are just spoiled. Off to take a shower, tidy up the rest of the kitchen, and happy-up my attitude.  I think I can, I think I can! 😉


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  1. Hey girl! I’ve moved a total of (hold on, counting on fingers and toes) 20 times that I remember! It is tough! Only one of those was with the pros (yeah, didn’t go so well, so I’ve done it myself every time since). Don’t underestimate all the various things being tossed your way. There’s nothing wrong with spending ten or fifteen minutes each day being totally miserable about stuff — but set a timer and when it dings, be done for the day. As for unpacking, I recommend starting by getting one room (like the living room) totally nice, then shove the boxes to the walls and do the next room. Bit by bit, it all gets done eventually. One day a week, don’t do ANY unpacking! Spend that day doing something fun with the kids — pool, movies, whatever. You have to have a Sabbath. I imagine you are a way better housekeeper than I am, so the mess might get on your nerves more than it would mine (we just moved the packed up Christmas tree and ornaments to the basement last week!) but TRY not to be hard on yourself (or kids or hubby) for the mess. Get paper plates and cups and make these next few weeks easy on yourself. Best of luck and the house is GORGEOUS — what I’ve seen of it. Big hug!

    • I love the idea of doing a “Sabbath” -thank you for the tip and encouragement Kellie! I just finished completely one room (even with a few decorations), so having a room that feels like home definitely helps. I appreciate your suggestions so much (and TWENTY moves???? WOW!)

  2. Give yourself and your family patience, TLC, grace. You have all summer to settle. Get to know your new area and find new friends…they’re every where!

    • Thank you Linda! I need to remember that – I think I’m just so anxious that we won’t make friends here, but I know it will happen ~ thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  3. As one who grew up on a sod farm here in Michigan, I have to ask “Why can’t you lay sod in Ohio?”.

  4. Jennifer B. says:

    Regarding the LONG delay in receiving your refrigerator . . .

    If this house has a basement or room you plan to use as a “man cave” or game room sort of thing, you might want to consider running out to buy one of those little dorm sized refrigerators. (Then, you’ll have it for use for drinks in that room later.) Just being able to store milk safely for the weekend (for cereal or for mixing up muffins or whatever) will help a lot if you are planning to eat at home for any meals (especially breakfast). Your son is not too young that it would possibly even still be functional for college for him (but thinking of him leaving for college NOW is NOT what you need to be doing). c:

  5. Barbara Willis says:

    Welcome to Ohio! We moved here almost 20 yrs ago from FL. I've grown to love it and can't imagine living anywhere else! Pace yourself and remember that saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day"! Lol!

  6. I LOVE that you're sharing your new home with us! Please keep posting pics as you go. Don't stress too much about unpacking – we have been in our house for 14 years, and there are still a few boxes I haven't unpacked yet!

  7. Amy Morris says:

    Just pace yourself. I have moved 14 times…8 times with 5 children. …things get done when they get done. I have always tried to unpack and organize one room at a time. I usually begin with the kitchen and then a bedroom at a time. There has to be a day of rest to relax and recharge. I usually set aside Sundays for that. After moving to a new town we would try a new church on Sunday morning and then find something fun to do after. Fun for me was a nice nap. ..but nobody else bought that…soooo we looked for something low key and hopefully relaxing but away from the house so the spectre of unpacked boxes didn’t cause stress. We live in Florida now but have SOOOOO many friends from Ohio here. They are some of the nicest people on the planet! No doubt you will make lifelong friends there! Chin up! God Bless!

  8. lashawn says:

    after living in a house for 15 years that had three floors to moving to a one floor condo. it has taken me almost 2 years to get my home together and btw i still have boxes tucked in a trailer that i have not went through. so take your time and don’t sweat the small stuff.

  9. Bink Dean says:

    As a former Army wife, I too have moved many times and what I had to tell myself over and over that my attitude set the families attitude. The kids would follow my lead well most of the time. good luck

  10. Deb Bingley Kelley says:

    I am going thru the move with you and know ALL of you feelings! Keep busy-but embrace the feelings because they will help shape your life. I LOVE your home but honestly cannot imagine a better home than ours in Bama. You are so fortunate in that-moving from Bama to NJ the cost was so different our new home is well….We miss our old home so much but do love things about this one. No major road- our own pool- I redid some of the kitchen to make it feel like home (granite and hardwoods)! But any house with my family becomes a HOME. Enjoy your new beautiful well earned home and the love and memories you will have there. I am thinking about you everyday through every box and all the tears and heart ache. You are facing a stressful situation with grace and dignity!! Go get em girl!!

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