The Friday Fluff Up: Fruit Of The Spirit Jar

This Fruit of the Spirit Jar is probably one of my favorite Friday Fluff Up projects ever … so I thought I’d re-post in case you need a simple project to motivate your kiddos this summer.  My kiddos still remember their “fruits” even a few years after we started it, and I just refilled the jar this morning with Skittles. 😉


My friend Melody shared this idea for a “Fruit of the Spirit” jar this past summer, and it’s been a wonderful way to teach our children a small lesson each day.  Over the summer, my three children (ages 11, 8 & 4) worked on learning Galatians 5:22:


 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”


All three of them (even little Reagan) can recite it now from memory. (Reagan replaces the word “gentleness” with “gentlemen” every single time she says it.    She also tends to scream a wee bit on that last one . . .maybe because she hasn’t actually figured out exactly what self-control is yet . . .)


It (obviously!) was pretty simple to make.  I used an empty spaghetti sauce jar, picked up Mike & Ike’s at the Dollar Tree (I really liked the idea of using Runts since they’re shaped in fruit shapes, but they won and got Mike & Ike’s instead because they’re one of the kids favorites. . . ) and labeled the jar with the verse.





I try to keep my ears alert for moments when they model the fruit of the spirit.  If Jackson does something sweet for one of his sisters, I’ll ask which fruit he’s displaying and he picks a candy from the jar.  If Caroline manages to show patience when she really just wants to hurry, she’ll choose a treat.  And, well if Reagan does just about anything to help out (she’s not my natural helper . . .) she picks a candy as well.   I also ask them to share again what the fruits of the spirit are before they get their treat.



Do you have any simple ways to encourage your children to model good behavior (and just plain goodness) in your home?  I’d love to hear them, we’re always looking for a new idea or two around here!



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  1. I am working on a volunteer in preschool brunch for my church and wanted to use the fruit of the spirit and think this would make great “happys” for the volunteers. Thank you so much for this idea. It is an answer to prayer.

  2. Oh how I love this idea! Going to chat with my hubby tonight about this…if he is in then it will be in our home by Sunday! Thanks!

  3. Tammy Shelton says:

    Oh what a beautiful teaching tool. I LOVE this. Thank you for sharing this. It’s going to be happening in my home before the end of the weekend.

  4. I’m so glad you all liked it! It’s one of those things that’s just so easy and really has had an impact on the way my kiddos act – plus, it was a huge motivator for me to learn (and model) those fruits of the Spirit too. Thanks for your kind words – love the idea of “happys” for volunteers!

  5. Love this idea, we will be making one this weekend. I also sent the link to my daughter’s preschool teacher (Methodist Preschool). You are so cleaver… on another note, I LOVE the ruler idea as well and will be making that project this next week. We just moved and it brought me to tears to leave the “height wall” at our old home… and we will be moving in a year again… so this way I can take it with me. So glad I found your site.

    • It would be horrible to have to leave the “height wall” behind! I’ve got to do a better job of keeping measurements on my kids. . .

      So glad you liked this idea & glad you’re here! 🙂

  6. You are such a great mommy! This brought a sweet tear to my eyes this morning! I have an 11 year old who has been struggling with a few of these things (maybe sometimes a mommy, too). What a wonderful way to make us stop and think about the fruits of our spirit- candy or not!

    • It’s amazing how 11 year old boys struggle between sweetness and not-so-sweetness (at least at our house Tammy!) It really has been a good reminder to all of us – I need to remember these every day! 🙂

  7. Love this! I have been teaching my kids about self-control and what the Bible says about it, and this would be an awesome reminder! Thanks!

  8. Great idea! We will definately be making this! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  9. love this idea

  10. What a Great idea! Thanks

  11. Nancy Lovoy says:

    Cute Idea!!

  12. Bitsy Hatch says:

    Great idea!

  13. Just found this on Pinterest and I love it! Thank you!!

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