PPP Ultimate Coupon Challenge Day 4: Dollar Tree & Aldi!



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I almost gave up couponing forever yesterday. 


Then I remembered that just this week I've snagged free eggs, free toothpaste, free yogurt at Walmart, free chocolate, free crackers, $1.99 Tide and lots more at Kroger, and that maybe trying Dollar Tree as a place to coupon shop was just a mistake.


Seriously. It was.


I love the Dollar Tree for crafty stuff.


I love the Dollar Tree for certain school supplies.


But I just don't love the Dollar Tree for awesome prices on groceries.




I ran across the street though where there was an Aldi, and good gravy, I stocked up for $49.18. 




Here's what I bought . . .


Ny favorite deals were the grapes for $1.29 for TWO pounds, the $1.39 3-pack pack of peppers, and spaghetti sauce for just 99¢.


I also loved the 25¢ tomato sauce, 45¢ can of Aldi “Ro-tel” and I loved that I was able to get so many bargains at such a great price.


So, for today, you and I get a break. 🙂




There are four strategies though that I would love for you to take away from our coupon challenge this week:


  1. Before you shop, see what free coupons are available to print HERE, and download the Ibotta App
  2. Shop one local store in your area for “loss leaders” (hugely discounted deals that they offer you to get you in the door” as well as for great meat prices (I feel like Aldi meat is priced high, so I personally wait for sales at Kroger or Fresh Thyme on meat.) Some examples of my favorite stores for these kind of deals are Kroger, Publix, Fresh Thyme, Sprouts, Meijer, Giant Eagle, etc.
  3. Shop Amazon for toilet paper, paper towels, and toiletries.
  4. Shop Aldi for everything else. 🙂



(Note: if you’d like these all printed out for you, go HERE to sign up for emails and I’ll send the list out in the email update tonight + you’ll get my Ultimate Coupon Cheat Sheet to teach you exactly how to save, every time you shop!)




I have loved seeing pictures of what people have snagged this week over on the PPP Facebook page, and will be picking winners tomorrow who've won gift cards this week (these really have made my day!)

And it's not too late for you to join us too ~ I’ll be giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card each day to one person who uses these deals to shop the stores and posts a picture of their coupon haul to the PPP Facebook page. (My bet is a bunch of folks won’t actually go through to do the work, so your odds are pretty good on this giveaway!)


The Ultimate Coupon Cheat Sheet


Take just a minute to let me know how today’s challenge goes for you ~ leave a comment to share. (I love hearing from you!) 


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  1. I did the challenge this week and like you I about gave up! I got a lot of good deals and encountered a rude supervisor at Target, who said, ‘this is taking quite a bit of time’. Lady! I don’t think so. I was there for 3 minutes…she ain’t seen Nothin’ yet! (she was young…maybe overwhelmed with her supervisor position…or new…relatively inexperienced in customer service…OBVIOUSLY…Pshhhh!) But I survived and feel like I’m getting the knack of it…I am enjoying all of my random products and can’t wait to get some great deals on some shaving gel. I will be absolutely spoiled after using bar soap for a few years! It was hard work, but I’m a trooper!

    • It is hard work Jessica, but once you get in the swing of it and figure out which deals really are for you it gets so much easier! I’m so proud of you for trying it, and I LOVE that you’re stocking upon shave gel. Thank you so much for taking the time to share! 🙂

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