Packing Day

UPDATE: this was 3 years ago today (as of May 2017), and goodness, we've learned so much! While there really are things we love about Ohio, I've realized in my heart I'm probably more of a Southern girl than I thought (I grew up in Florida ~ old habits die hard!), and I enjoy smaller towns a little more than I realized before. Columbus is slowly starting to become home though ~ it's just been more of a culture shock than our family expected. But, we still feel God's hand at work even on the hard days!

Today the movers have come to pack us for Ohio. UghAs you can imagine, this is a bittersweet time for our family as we're excited about the plans ahead of us but oh-so-sad to leave a home here in Alabama that we've absolutely loved.


What I haven't shared with you all yet (but you may have figured out?), is that my husband has been in Ohio since Thanksgiving working at his new job. Because I didn't really want to share that I was here by myself with a bunch of (rowdy) kids 😉 I kept that part a secret. I've felt a little bit like a liar (story-teller? my kid's “nicer” term for it . . .), as I've shared menu plans we haven't eaten, and recipe tips when we've really had little more than cereal for dinner most nights.  (I hope you understand?)

Last October, when I was driving home from our local apple orchard (I'd been checking to see how the apple prices compared to those at our local grocery store), I got a phone call from my husband which I was pretty unprepared for. His company decided to shut down their office in Alabama, and while they offered him a position in another location, there was nothing for him here.


We were devastated.  


We looked at our options.  He considered moving to another city with the company, and was offered a few jobs here locally with other firms as well as a position in Columbus, Ohio. (Folks, I didn't even know where Columbus, Ohio was. Of course, when we moved to Alabama nine years ago I wasn't quite sure where Alabama was either ~ clearly geography is not my strong suit!)  After a lot of praying, he decided to take the position in Columbus, and left to start work there the weekend after Thanksgiving.

It's been a long six months.



A funny thing happened though. That very same day that I was at the apple orchard, I had a tiny unexpected boost to my traffic here on Passionate Penny Pincher. That unexpected boost grew a little, then a little more, and six months later I think I'd call it more than just a boost. (Translate: we went from 14,000 FB fans to over 108,000 FB fans in six months, and our traffic has more than quadrupled.  At least for me, it's been a bit of a big boost that I never expected!)


Y'all, I've been typing away on this computer for over four years hoping that my little blog might be a wee bit more worth my hours each day, but it ever so slowly grew until the exact day that I needed some extra peace. I can't believe that was merely a coincidence, and am more thankful for it than I can express. I can't tell you that blogging will ever make you rich (however it is way more work than I ever imagined), but it's almost like God waited to let this prosper until the season when we needed extra peace financially the most. (If you're curious how to start a blog, I'd encourage you to read this and this ~ I've learned everything I know from Google and those two resources!) 😉


So in December my husband left for Ohio while I stayed here with three children, a home to sell, and a small business that decided just then to start growing.

Jump ahead six months. 


I've learned a lot about myself. I'm a fantastic light-bulb-changer, terrible freak in the middle of the night when I hear a noise, and am capable of unhooking the kitchen sink all by myself.  I can grease a garage door without any help (thanks to the help of my favorite cooking spray), figure out what's wrong with a car and even talk somewhat sensibly to a mechanic, and I learned just yesterday how to navigate a lumberyard to replace a window on my to-do list.


I've learned that single-parenting is hard (HARD), Skype is awesome, and more than anything else there's just nothing so precious as being truly valued by another human being.  (I really don't consider my husband and myself very sappy folks in the least,  but goodness when he's been home these last few months it's been wonderful to just be cared for by someone!)


I'm tired. (Ummmm, exhausted.) Today and tomorrow the movers are here packing, Monday they load the trucks, Tuesday we close on the house, attend a bunch of end-of-school-year parties, and then drive eight hours to Columbus.  We'll close up there on Wednesday, cross our fingers that our new home is ready for us, and hopefully all our stuff will join us near the end of next week.



 To say I'm anxious about all of this is an understatement. I have no idea what the future holds, if anyone will like me or my kids in Ohio (isn't it silly that I'm already worrying about that?), or if I'll be able to survive the winter way up there. I don't know where we'll go to church, which store I'll pick to use coupons at, 😉 or how my kids will ever forgive us as they're pretty frustrated about the whole situation right now. (Goodness, that just hurts my heart the most!)


 I do know though that God has amazingly and consistently had His hand on our lives, and these last six months are just more crazy proof of that for me. (I kid you not folks, I completely felt God holding me so close this week when I needed Him most. Grace,  I tell you!)

(I sobbed as I took down this picture this morning that's on our stairwell – my kids were just babies when it was taken!)


So, if things are slower here this next few weeks, know that my hope is to be right back at it once we've settled in. (Thanks to the help of Shannon and a few other friends hopefully things will move right along!)  If you could say a prayer especially for my kids this next week I'd sure appreciate it (this is so hard on them!), and pray that we manage the next week or two safely too.


And if you're in a spot where you feel as if you're working at something that just isn't turning out the way you'd hoped, remember that you really never know what might be right around the corner.  Know that there's a plan out there just for you, so just hang on and be blessed.



“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11




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  1. Jennifer B. says

    Prayers for you all! It is always hard to move, but (speaking from experience as the spouse of a military member and the mom of two) sometimes the moves turn out to be to places even better than ever before, with even better friends. Attitude helps a lot, and you’ve certainly got that going for you. With today’s technology, your kids will still be able to stay in touch with their current friends as well. Having the family all back together again will also help.

    I imagine I am not alone in saying we will be looking forward to reading future posts about how great things have gone (even with the inevitable bumps along the way).

    All the best to each of you!

    • ^^^^What she said!

      P.S…..WOW is all I can say on the traffic! Congrats!

    • Thank you Jennifer! I’ve got to work on the attitude part – I know that the way that I behave will so impact my kids and that means so much. Technology though is SUCH a blessing because it really will at least help them see the folks they care about so much! Thanks for your encouragement 🙂

  2. Alayna Thomas Mande says

    Good luck!!!!!

  3. I understand! We just moved to a new state last summer. The kids and I are still adjusting as we transition from city to small town. Emails and skype are a big help. Praying for you.

  4. Deb Burchfield Smith says

    Wishing you only the best!

  5. Praying for your family, and I hope that this move will exceed everyone's expectations!! Thanks for all you share with us.

  6. This has helped me very much today. I needed this especially the verse as I am trying to wait for God to work things out in a difficult situation. Thank you for blogging.

  7. Saundra Goldrick says

    Ok so Columbus Ohio is where I grew up!! You will handle the winters and I can tell you that Krogers is ok and giant eagle is great with fuel perks and food perks!! Please feel free to message me

  8. Good luck and prayers are sent ur way

  9. Hi Laurie! I follow you on Facebook. You have a great blog. I’m kind if excited that you are moving to Columbus. I’m 5 mins south of Cincinnati which is only 2 hours away from Columbus. Not that we will ever meet in person, but who knows it’s a small world and Cincinnati does have some attractions. I can imagine the bittersweet, leaving a home that has been your for 9 years, but getting to be your husband again has got to make it 110 times sweeter! Anyhow I wanted to know if you blog about beauty products. I would live for you to try some of my products (for free) and blog about your experience, opinion and results of them. Let me know if interested! Good luck and well wishes to you and the kids on your move.

    • Thanks so so much for your kind words Tara – we’d lived in Kentucky for 10 years before moving here so I know right where you are in Cincinnati- such a neat town too!

  10. Theresa Kilgore says

    This was quite beautiful to read. Thank you! Best of luck to you and your family but you don't need luck, as you said God is with you. I'm sending my prayers for all of you. Have a safe move and enjoy getting to know your new home.

  11. Welcome to Ohio!! Head to SW Ohio ..@ 45 min to WPAFB and see the Air Force Museum and Air Show!!

  12. Anna Maria Santos says

    Good Luck! Prayer sent .

  13. Hello Laurie! I hope you and your family have safe travels to the “Buckeye State”! Most of my family lives in or near Columbus, OH. I live in Wheeling, WV which is about 2 1/2 hours east of Columbus…If you ever decide to take a trip to Pittsburgh, you’ll be driving through my city on I-70. I just wanted to thank you for all the tips and ideas you post on your website/Facebook. You have totally changed the way I shop…for the better! =) Thoughts and prayers with you and your family during this transitional time.

    <3- Jamie

    • Thank you so much for sharing Jamie – I know right where Wheeling is (my brother-in-law is from there and we’ve visited the college there!) I appreciate your thoughts and prayers so much 🙂

  14. Allyson Seel-Sorenson says

    I am beyond thrilled for you and for the blessings your family has received!! Wishing you all the absolute best of luck!

  15. I am going to miss seeing you and the kids around the neighborhood. I pray your move will be smooth and you will find a church to settle into and the kids will make new friends very easily. Best of luck to you in Ohio!

  16. Linda Mickler Bolt says

    Oh, moving is hard, especially when you didn't exactly choose it. We moved 6 months ago, and there have been challenges, and exciting things, too. Weird fact: I know a family who recently made the opposite move-moved from Columbus TO Alabama. I hope your kids will adjust smoothly. Hope all goes well.

  17. Congratulations! I moved from AL to a community outside of Cleveland, OH. I can honestly say OH was my favorite place to live. It is so beautiful and there is a lot to do. We live in Arkansas now but I would move back in a heartbeat. I have friends in Columbus area and will tell her about you. The best advice I got about moving to OH is to get a down coat. Get everyone in your family snow suits and sleds because playing in the snow is the best fun! Something you don't get to do in AL very often. I was always able to get most of ours at yard sales and thrift stores. I will be praying for you all! P.S. The Great Wolf Lodge is a good place to take the kids anytime of the year.

  18. Cynthia Moegling says

    Laurie, You are going to LOVE Columbus ! There is so much to see & do. Also you are close to the Hocking Hills Area that has loads of caves and parks and just plain outdoor fun!
    I also understand the job change issue as that is how I was blessed to experience that area of Ohio. My husband worked in Nelsonville ( a very small town about 45 minutes east of Columbus) for 4 years. We did the separation thing also for several months and I was like you not telling too many folks that I was home alone with 2 teenage daughters.
    Blessings to you all on your New Adventures !

  19. Well I’ve been following you on Facebook for a while now and I’m a big fan, and I live in Pickerington, OH which is a suburb on the east side of Columbus. I’m sure your kids will make new friends quickly, and you will all fit in just fine. I love the winters & change of seasons but I’m sure they will take some getting used to. Driving in snow is not very fun but as long as you aren’t in the country the plows keep up pretty well. I’m sure you will find the right church for you, just keep trying different ones until you find the right fit. I’m a stay at home mom on a pretty tight budget, I’m no expert on saving money but I try. You are welcome to email me if you have any questions specifically about the Columbus area and I’d be happy to help you out any way I can. 🙂 I have lived here all my life.
    I love to shop at Meijer, I feel like they often have the best prices even over sales at Kroger or Giant Eagle and they have an online perks system that is nice.
    There are also some nice (newer) Aldi’s around, depending on what area you are moving to. Good luck with your move & welcome to Ohio!

  20. Carol Weirich Gonci says

    I'm originally from Toledo, Ohio, but Oh how I love Columbus. You will also fall in love with it. Your kids can plan on going to Ohio State, home of the great Buckeyes. Good luck on your drive, and have a great time in this new chapter in your life.

  21. Molly Seitz says

    I was born and raised in northeast Ohio, and I love it here, even with all the snow. My husband moved from Oregon 16 years ago, and he loves it too. I hope you like it here as much as I do, and it'll be so nice to be in the same place as your hubby. Good luck!

  22. Okay, I’m not a weirdo… I promise… Just a pastor’s wife and regular ol’ homeschool mom who is reaching out. I live in Kentucky, right off I-65 close to Bowling Green. (Since you said you’re geography-challenged, that’s right above the TN state line.) If I can help you with where to stop and eat, take a potty break in a decent bathroom, find a place for kids to play and work off some energy, etc please let me know. Feel free to email me (I’m pretty sure my email shows up for you) or message me on Facebook. I’ve prayed for you and your littles, and I hope this trip is totally and completely uneventful. 🙂

    • Valerie – thank you so much for your sweet offer! Believe it or not I know right where Bowling Green is (we lived in Louisville for 10 years and have passed the Corvette Museum several times going through town.) If it gets crazy next Tuesday, you might just see a bunch of blonde Alabamians coming your way! 🙂

  23. Jennifer G. says

    Good luck to you and your family!

  24. Congratulations! Columbus is an awesome city – hope you like football… You may have heard about a little old school called The Ohio State University. You are going to have a great time – until winter. Haha-It will be fun!

  25. Jessica McMillian Eversole says

    We live just North of Columbus and we love it here! Welcome!

  26. Praying for you and your precious family. You will make it. I promise. Who would have ever thought that Jennifer would spend a year in Africa doing research and Jason moving to Indiana to be a children’s church leader. Most of all, Mike and I are living in panama, Central America. We have been blessed by both of our children marrying and starting to have their own families. Time has flown by. My advice. To cherish every moment. Your precious ones grow up too fast. Love you guys

    • I have been AMAZED seeing your pictures from Panama – I just cannot even imagine Judy! Thanks for the reminder to just love every moment – I’ve got to do more of that and less of the worrying-grouchy-momma that they’ve seen these last few months. You all are so sweet and I’m just amazed at all you do!

  27. Liz Tidwell says

    I am an Air Force brat and have moved all my life…until settlinghere in Alabama when my dad retired. Moving can make you anxious but can also be exciting. New adventures, new ffriends, new house, new school. Thank goodness for Facebook and Instagram to help you stay in touch with old friends. I pray safe travels for your family and many new adventures. I know you are excited to be reunited with your husband as well. Best of luck to you!

  28. Heather McDaniel says

    Thank you so much for sharing!!! You are all in my prayers as this new adventure starts, and I just know it's going to be awesome! And thank you for the words I needed to hear today. You are a blessing in more ways than you know! =)

  29. Christen says

    Columbus Ohio is a wonderful place! While I live a few hours north of Columbus, it’s one of my favorite places to visit! The shopping is great! You have to check out the Columbus Zoo and bring your bathing suits cause they have a water park there! The kids will love Cosi and Buckeye games are a must! But to save some money I’d try to find winter coats, hats, gloves and all that good winter stuff and stock up because eventually the snow is going to show up and it’s going to be a shocking change! They have so much to do in the area.. the mall alone is worth living there 🙂 Enjoy the new chapter of your life!

    • So thankful for how you have impacted my family, and hope that this transition goes smoothly. I second the need for trips to the Columbus Zoo, Cosi, and Hocking Hills, along with shopping at Meijer. (I have always been a teeny bit jealous of the Publix posts!) We are between Cincinnati and Dayton, and my best advice is not to forget a good snow shovel and salt! Don’t forget to apply for the Lowe’s 10% coupon for any new house projects.

      Lots of prayers!

  30. Jenn Brown Weiner says

    God leads us to where we are suppose to be even if it's difficult! That's how we ended up in California. I was given the south sign in your pic when we left and I love it!!!! Good luck!

  31. Rachel Wyatt Corbin says

    We will be very happy to have you in ohio. Hope you continue to do this.

  32. Praying for you and your children as you embark on this exciting adventure. Being together as a family will make it all so much easier – i.e., not having to do it alone. I pray the summer is a smooth transition and God continues to hold you close and prepare the way : )

  33. Praying so hard over your heart!!! And your entire family. May Gods grace keep you and may His strength be our own!!!! God is guiding so sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

  34. Janeen Alberts Zumerling says

    I live near Cleveland too and I second Susan's suggestion for the down coats;). Welcome to Ohio! I hope our state blesses you and your family. Columbus is a wonderful city. I have a feeling you will like it there!

  35. Columbus is an awesome place to live. So much to do & very friendly people. I live two hours north of Columbus but do a lot of work there. I absolutely love it. Upper Arlington & Dublin are two of my favorite areas. The zoo is great for the kids plus many other places. Get out & explore!

  36. Jennifer says

    Good luck with the move! Praying for a smooth transition for you all! Must be so comforting and sweet to be with your husband again 🙂

  37. Lisa James Bellinger says

    I have to say, you have a BEAUTIFUL family! I will be praying for you all. Just know God has big plans for you and your family!!! I know children hate the move, but I know they will adapt just fine. 🙂 God bless you all and I can't wait till you are back! Much love. You have been a blessing to me =~}

  38. Welcome to Columbus! We're so glad to have you 🙂

    One word for shopping: Meijer!

  39. I know you will be fine with all these new changes, because you are a Family of Faith. I am going through some personal things and your words have touched me sooooooo much thank you for sharing and posting beautiful words of the Lord! Good luck and I will be praying for you and your family.

  40. I grew up in Ohio and now I live in Alabama. The only bad part is the winters 🙂 You all will adjust and be ok and the best part is your family will be together again.

  41. God never gives us more than we can handle! The move will turn out well and the kiddos will make new friends in OH. If you stop in Louisville, give us locals a shout!

  42. Kristy Ingalls says

    We are going to miss seeing your precious family around town!! Hope the move is easy and you get settled into your new home quickly!! Praying for your kids and your family!!

  43. Ohio is wonderful – snow and all! I live an hour west of Columbus in a rural town. We love how there is always something to do in the many suburbs of the city. The Columbus Zoo is worth a family pass (even adding the waterpark), the Ohio Historical Society is pretty neat, and COSI is fun for a science filled splurge. A lot of shopping options with better selections than our smaller stores. Kroger and Meijer have been my best bets for deals. I follow a few blogs for each store with deal scenarios and coupons. Prayers for your family on this exciting new phase of life! O-H!

  44. You will do great in Ohio! I have lived here all my life and am raising 4 kiddos in this great State. Like mentioned above, Columbus Zoo is terrific. It’s where Jack Hannah is based out of after all. There is COSI (kids science center which is WOW!). Columbus is where my husband and I met, and biked, and hiked, and fell in love. I know it will be tough leaving the south, but we are a bunch of friendly folks up here too. We live here in Dayton (between Cinci and Columbus since you are geographically challenged). You have a following up here too, as I am probably one of those that found you during your crisis. If you need any suggestions, just email and I will help you out as much as possible. Learn to love the outdoors, and you will love Ohio. 🙂 Be safe on your trip. Sending prayers.

  45. So beautifully wrote. Praying for a smooth transition for you and your precious family

  46. I will pray for God's will for you and your family. My neice's husband grew up in Columbus. I've heard good things about the town!!!! God bless !!!

  47. James Julie Isom says

    My Brother and SIL just moved to Columbus, Ohio. They love it there. Just think of the Adventure you are starting. This is coming from an AF Wife.

  48. Daniel MacPherson says

    I will save three seats for you at Harvest waiting your return.

  49. Omg! I just went they the same thing and moved across country for my husbands job from Las Vegas to Detroit Mi is a huge change for me n my 4 kids but u do what u have to I guess and it takes time, lots if time, it's been 9 months now n still doesn't feel like home but I'm not giving up yet, happen to find ur blog on FB from a friend who liked ur page n I can't tell u how much I love it!! You are brilliant I use it daily! Just used the childrens place discount 2x and using the target tomorrow! Good luck to u!

  50. Ny husband & I spent our college years at Ohio State and thoroughly loved Columbus. Just dropped in to recommend if you would like to visit a Pentecostal/Apostalic

  51. I was an Air Force Brat growing up, then married a military man…. Moving can be a big pain… but it can also be so very exciting!! I can tell you Packing was always a bit sad because Mom used it as an excuse to downsize and clear the clutter… LOL but for me I loved unpacking. It was almost like Christmas! LOL
    I am sooo envious of you being in Columbus… You have Got to go to your kids will absolutely love it there… they are the home to decadent Jumbo Cream Puffs! and if you have ever watched Man VS Food you may have seen when Adam visited…. . Blessings and safe travels to you and your family!!

  52. mary Ellen says

    Oh,I hate that you are leaving Alabama!I loved knowing you were just north of Bham where we are.Keep sending those pictures of your beautiful children.Just think of the move as a big adventure and good luck with everything!

  53. Congratulations! I will be praying for you!

  54. Ramona R. says

    Hello Mrs. Hise
    I finally found your website.. Lol It was really nice meeting you today. I wish I could be on the other end for delivering your things as well.

    • Wow – I can’t believe you actually took time to find it Ramona!!!! 🙂 That might be my favorite blessing of today. Thank you so much and I sure wish you would be there at the other end too. (I was just telling my neighbor how impressed I was with you all today!)

  55. Alexis Kelly says

    Good luck! It will all work out as it should!!

  56. Vicki M. says

    I have lived in the same city my entire 54 years. There has never been a home I have moved away from that I didn’t shed tears. Walking through and seeing those empty rooms, hearing that hollow, echo sound, bare walls where my pictures and many memories have hung. I have yet to pull a door closed, knowing it was for the last time that it didn’t bring tears to my eyes and tug at my heart. Our memories are not formed within the confines of walls, but in our minds and in our hearts. That is much easier said than lived. I still have a key to every home I’ve ever lived in, I’ve never tried to see if any of them still work-lol. Someday I am going to make time to create a collage of those keys, photos from each home and what ever other little keepsakes I have around of those addresses. Until then, they are all still floating around in my brain until a memory, a song, a scent , a type of flower or a possession unlocks them. Enjoy your new town, address, friends and especially your reunion with your husband. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  57. You have your family and soon you will all be together again to begin this new adventure in your life. And remember that God is with you wherever you go. It’s okay to be sad, afraid and concerned, that means you are HUMAN.. good luck and we will be here waiting for your blogs when you get settled in. God bless you and your family.

  58. Good luck to you and your family and so glad you will all be back together in one place soon! You are not alone because God is on this journey with you and your family. God bless all of you and safe travels.

  59. Cathy Bryant Dieckmann says

    Best wishes for a safe move for you and your family! Change is hard. Philippians 4:6
    New International Version (NIV)
    6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

  60. Adriana Valencia Rivera says

    As an army wife I completely understand what you're going thru. Blessings you you and your family on your new journey!

  61. I ❤ my Grove City, Oh (south of Columbus). I know you said your husbands work is in Canal Winchester. Where did you decide home would be?☺

    • We’ve bought a house in Delaware (really on the Delaware/Powell line.) It’s a bit of a drive, but he fell in love with the neighborhood and area so he says it’s worth it for him. We’re excited about the neighborhood – just anxious about getting from here to their now I think! 🙂

  62. Veronica W says

    I started following you about a year ago because of a friend’s post. My family has celebrated with you through holidays via recipes and coupon tips. My son even got a favorite Christmas present because of a money saving tip from you. While I join others to send prayers and good wishes your way, know that we look forward to many future adventures with your family. God Bless you and your babies!

    • That means so much to me Veronica – I love that PPP has helped, and goodness all the prayers and good wishes from everyone are appreciated more than you can ever know! Really, I’m just crazy blessed 😉

  63. Tara Muncy-White says

    Ohio is great, lived here most of my life. You will find a ton of fun things to do with your kids.

  64. Leanna Rhodehamel Seyler says

    Columbus is a great ohio city. Your kids will love the seasons and snow. I went to OSU and now live an hour south. The one thing to remember it's called pop not soda :).

  65. Denise Zolnak McBride says

    Good luck on the move. Your family is in my prayers.

  66. Praying for you friend! I’m hoping we’ll get a chance to hang out again now that you’ll be (somewhat) closer. When we moved to MI, my kids were so sad to leave their friends, but God had wonderful friends prepared for us to meet as soon as we arrived. You know He’s got a good plan in store. I’ll be praying for a smooth transition and especially for your kiddos to see how awesomely God works. (((hugs)))

    • Thanks Ginny – that’s so encouraging to hear and I really do know you’re right! I’ve got to remember the part that God’s preparing those places for us (what a wonderful reminder.) 🙂

  67. Congrats on your new journey.

  68. Bill Jodi Rhoads Rabquer says

    We moved 4 years ago from the home I brought my babies to from the hospital and it was hard! So many memories, so many ties, so many questions about the future and is this the right thing to do (if not God please shut the door? God were you trying to shut the door and I got in the way???). I can assure you though that it has been the best decision we could have made for our family and guess what, God really was in it all the way and could've pushed me out of the way too. You'll do great, your kids will adjust, your family will have a new realization on how precious it is to all be in one place, and God will direct you in all the details. I'm in Ohio too but unfortunately 3 hours north. Nevertheless welcome to Ohio!!!

    • 3 hours north? It’s got to be freezing up there! 🙂 Thanks for your words of encouragement ~ that means so much to me. (Sometimes I just wish God would give us a video of the future so we could see how things were all going to work out!)

  69. I have family at Dayton Oh which is about 1 1/2 hrs west of Columbus so I have been going to OH all my life( actually have lived there myself a few years). The winters will be an adjustment but just get warmer clothes 🙂 There has been mentioned several places to visit I noticed as I was reading through comments & I agree awesome places to go, not sure if it was mentioned but the Cinci zoo is a great zoo. One thing to always remember no matter where God leads you if you are in his will its going to be an awesome experience!!!!!!!!!!!! May the Lord bless you & your family in this new chapter of your lives.

  70. Thanks for sharing your testimony of God's amazing grace as He's carried you thru this time. You've been faithful in spite of the hardships & in doing so gave Him something to bless! "Do not be afraid of tomorrow! God's already there!" He goes before us & prepares the way!

  71. Thanks for sharing your testimony of God's amazing grace as He's carried you thru this time. You've been faithful in spite of the hardships & in doing so gave Him something to bless! "Do not be afraid of tomorrow! God's already there!" He goes before us & prepares the way!

  72. Oh, Laurie, you made me cry this morning and that's not easy to do….prayers for your family in this season of change.

    • Thank you Kathy! I don’t cry all that often either, so I appreciate that feeling so much and am so thankful for your prayers during this!

  73. Terri Michalowicz says

    Face it, you're amazing and have a wonderful support system within your family. We, of the north, welcome you and yours. Columbus is filled with friendly and loving people, and their are lucky to have you join them. It's all good! Much happiness in your new home!

  74. Great job with all that! As a former military child and spouse, moving by yourself (aka no husband around to do it all) you find out just how strong you are and what you are made of and capable of. I was born into the military and divorced out of it at 35 years old. If I had waited for a man to be around, my blinds would never have been hung, homes painted, pictures hung, leaky faucets fixed, and tears dried. Kids are resilient – while they may hate you or be mad at having to leave their friends that they’ve grown up with in some cases, they will find out there’s a much bigger world out there, and those early friends will become life-long friends. It’s a new adventure waiting for all! Look on it as an adventure they get to share with their old friends, with a new home, new friends to be made, new parts of the world to be seen. Your husband is a very lucky man to have such a strong and loving wife and partner, who probably found out just how strong she is with all this. If you can handle a move like this on your own, you can handle just about anything that comes your way! Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way for the next few weeks!

  75. Debbie Pitts says

    Laurie, It sounds like you are in for a great "God-venture." That's what I have grown to call our change of lifestyle experiences. I am a Pastor's wife and in our 42+ years of marriage have moved 13 times, all while raising 3 children (now grown, of course). God is already preparing a path for each of you in Columbus. We now live in a small town 30 minutes outside of Columbus called Lancaster. While Columbus is a big city, it provides many, many opportunities and options for activities, schooling options, culinary adventures, and athletic opportunities. Bargains are at your fingertips with unlimited options. As far as churches, you will be in the Bible belt. Many different options of faith and worship styles abound. Even though the actual physical move and the separation is extremely difficult, the end result will prove to be better than you could have ever imagined. I will be adding you and your family to my prayer list. You will find that your family will become a much stronger and cohesive unit than you could have ever thought. May God bless you and direct you in each of your decisions and steps. Need any suggestions or hints, I am available. We still go to Columbus several times a month for a "get outta Dodge" day or for mega thrift shopping. Enjoy as much of this experience as possible. One of the best parts for me was once the move is complete and everything is in its place, the house is immaculate and organized for possibly the one and only time during your stay! LOL

  76. Laurie, I’ve been following your posts for a couple months and have enjoyed them immensley! Just wanted to say welcome to Ohio! My husband, daughter, and I live in Delaware (very close to the Powell line). If you need anything please feel free to contact me. While I’m not familiar with moving far from home, I am familiar with churches, schools, activities, shopping, ect. in the area. I’m so looking forward to possibly attending one if your classes here in Ohio! I pray you have a great move and have peace during the whole transition.

    • Brandi – our address is actually Delaware so we must be close! I appreciate that so much (and am so curious which store you find best to coupon at up there!)

      Thanks for taking a minute to comment – I’m so encouraged having so many people from Ohio comment (it just makes me feel a little more at ease as we go!)

  77. I just cried a few tears with you as I read your blog for the last few days! You will be missed in Madison, but, you will have many blessings waiting on you in Ohio! Good luck to your family as you move! Take a breather from your blog and just concentrate on all the moving details and the end of the year school activities! I’ll pray for you and the kids this week. I know you can’t wait to have your family all together in one place again!

  78. Cheryl Leigh Horlick says

    You're going to do just great! Gods putting you there and he'll take care of all the details! We'll miss you!

  79. Marion r. says

    We moved in November from martinsburg, West Virginia to canal winchester, ohio which is just outside if columbus. Our kids already like it here better, and so do we. I had zero desire to ever live in ohio, but I do like it a lot. People here are really nice, much nicer than those that came from d.c.. Best of luck!!

    • We looked at Canal Winchester a little before deciding to move North of Columbus Marion, but I’m so glad to know you all have enjoyed it here! Thanks for your encouragement 🙂

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    board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot.
    I hope to give something back and aid others like you
    helped me.

  81. We miss you down here in the South!! Please come back and visit soon!!

  82. We miss it there too Nicole and will stop by HGC if we're there when you all are in session! (Caroline did get her aerial today – she was pretty excited.) 🙂

  83. Barbara Horvath says

    We just spent 2 days at the Colunbus Ohio zoo and hands down it's the most amazing zoo I've ever been too.

  84. Sending prayers to you and your family a mom from maine

  85. Christina Mary Car Marcucilli says

    Really great story; I moved like this when my children were small; moved to Atlanta from New Hampshire when my girls were 7 and 4; then to Missouri and finally here to Michigan twenty one years later. I feel all the experience and all the friends we met made our life blossom, and I wouldn't want to change a thing. Blessings to you. 🙂

  86. Let me welcome you to the Heart of it All! Ohio is fantastic, it really is. Lots of culture, fun for kids and SNOW! (Snow fills in those pot holes, you know.) If you're moving to Columbus, I'm about an hour north of you. (We measure distance by how long it takes to get to a place. Miles? PSH!) Welcome!

  87. Glennis Griner says

    Best of luck on your move……Remember the things you worry about most never happen.

  88. Remember, he carries us when we truly need to be carried. God Bless you all on your new journey. Peace Colleen

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