7 Things You Need To Know About The New American Girl Rewards Program

secrets to thenew American Girl Rewards Program!

American Girl Stores have recently launched their American Girl Rewards Program, where your loyalty to the AG brand will surely pay off! For each dollar you spend you can earn points, which can then be redeemed for all sorts of American Girl Doll perks.

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{Costco sometimes carries American Girl items during the Christmas season ~ definitely watch for those!}

Now, the best way I've found to save on American Girl items is to shop their huge sales a few times a year (I always post those here on PPP), or watch for deals on American Girls in private Facebook selling groups that are local in your area. You can also always watch for American Girl Savings online, and taking advantage of the new American Girls Rewards Program and really help you rack up.



So how can you make the most of the new American Girls Rewards Program? Here you go:

1. Sign up.

Sign up for the American Girl Rewards Program online or in store. It isn’t a complicated task and takes just seconds. Just enter some basic information and you are all set to start earning points on your purchases.

2. Use your membership number at checkout.

Whether you're shopping in store or online, don't forget to enter your account number so your points can be added to your account. Even if you forgot your number or don’t have it on hand, you can easily pull it up by logging into your AG account.

3. Make at least one purchase a year.

Your points will stay in your account as long as you make one purchase per year. If you don’t, your points will vanish ~ don’t let that happen! Instead, be sure you are using your account when you shop and getting credit for your purchases.

4. Use your member number even on clearance and restaurant purchases.

Your member number can be used when you purchase clearance items and even when you eat at the café! Be sure anytime you spend money at American Girl you are using your member number so you can get points. The only item you can’t earn points on is gift cards, but everything else is free game.


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5. Turn gift cards into points.

Did your child get an American Girl gift card for a birthday or holiday? You can still use it at check out and earn points on your purchase. Whether paying cash, charge, or using a gift card, you'll still earn points on your purchase.

***Don't forget ~ Costco frequently has $100 in American Girl Gift Cards on sale for $79.99, so grab your gift cards at Costco then use them at the American Girl Store!****


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6. Know your rewards.

It's motivating to know what perks you are working your way towards, so make sure you know how their point scale works. For each 200 points you earn you'll get a $10 gift card.


Point categories are tiered so you can get even more perks with the more points you earn, including birthday gifts for your child, exclusive sale access, members only surprises, and so much more.

7. Check your email.

As a club member you will get perks and special announcements sent to your email. Be sure you check those emails so you don’t miss any information that is coming your way. You can opt out of these emails at anytime, but they are excellent for being in the know.

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Have you heard of other ways to save at the American Girl Store? I'd love to hear them, leave a comment to share

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  1. Helen in Idaho says

    You can’t use the American Girl gift cards you buy at Costco at Costco when they have the American Girl mini doll and books, or the actual American Girl products like Bitty Baby at Costco.

  2. Ok

  3. Lauran Glover says

    The rewards program has been amazing! I have an additional tip: When friends/family buy AG for your daughter, have them use your account- this racks up the points. We landed in BERRY (top tier) due to this. As a result: 1) daughter got bday and Christmas gift from AG, VIP party with just a few girls (hors d’ oeuvres, fancy mocktail, wine/champagne for adults, swag bags with miniature dolls and awesome AG mugs)- they shut the whole store down and treated the girls like true VIP’s), won an AG doll of her choice…we have seriously gotten at least $200 extra items via being Berry members….it’s highly worth it. And you don’t have to spend all the money to get there when you shop DOUBLE POINTS days and when generous family /friends use your account. Hope those tips help! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 🙂

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