My First Walmart Price Matching Trip . . . It Worked!


I am so stinkin' excited because I tried out price matching at the new Walmart in our area this morning and it actually worked! Last week, PPP reader Ada asked why I didn't price match Aldi's great produce prices at Walmart more often (ummm ~ ever), and to be honest, I've just never taken the time to try it out. We also haven't had a Walmart near our home until recently, so making an extra trip with our crazy schedule just wasn't going to happen!

Today though, I decided to see if it worked and I'm soooo excited to let you know it did. Aldi's had bananas in their ad for $.44/lb. and a 3 lb. bag of apples for just $1.99, so I paid $2.93 plus tax for what would have normally cost $5.08 at Walmart. While I know that isn't a huge savings, it did help squeeze a few more dollars out of our grocery budget, and I'll definitely be purchasing more in the future. (I wanted to make sure it worked first!) I didn't have an Aldi's ad, so I pulled up the prices on my phone which was all the cashier needed. Success!


(Note ~ if possible I think it is best to have the ad of the store you're price matching at in hand . . . they may accept it from your phone but the real ad is always best!)



Don't forget you can also take advantage of Walmart's Savings Catcher program while you're at it. 

Have you tried out price matching before at Walmart? I'd love to hear what tips you have!  If you haven't tried it before it might just be worth a shot, and I'd love to know how it goes for you.


Thanks Ada for the great tip ~ I love learning something new about pinching those pennies! Be sure to also check out this week's best deals at Aldi's and Walmart before heading out.

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  1. I had been able to match Aldi’s, but the last time I tried, they claimed they would not match Aldi’s since it was not exactly a grocery store. This may vary by cashier. It was very disappointing, but I have found Walmart is sometimes wishy washy about their policy. May have to try again sometime.

    • They didn’t even blink an eye when I asked today – it definitely may depend on which store you shop at, but it worked perfectly for me! 🙂

    • When I ge my sale ads, I make my list of what I need, I go through the ads to make a note on my list who has it the cheapest. Then I gather my coupons and go to Wal mart. Let’s say milk is 1.99/gallon at albertson’s for the store brand, then I will get the store brand at Wal mart for the same price. I used to think everybody did this, but my sisters were shocked. And, the price matching isn’t just for groceries!!

    • I don’t think it should matter if Aldi’s is a grocery store. They price match drug stores and advertise all the price matching for toy stores during the holidays. I price match sometimes, but it is often a pain. If I don’t bring my own ad, the cashiers close the line and slowly go to customer service to find one. I’ve had some just make up policies as they go. I’ve even gestured to the sign above the register when one cashier was giving incorrect information and she took the sign down and put it under the counter. lol. It can be a great time-saver if the cashier knows what s/he is doing and I bring my own ad.

    • Denise, what stores each Walmart will match is entirely at the discretion of the store manager. One Walmart in my area refuses to price-match Aldi even though there is one nearly across the street. He said they were not a comparable store because you have to pay for a shopping cart (not true) and plastic bags (only if you want to! I never ask for a bag). I did say that’s not really true but did not bother to argue with him because he was so set in his opinion. I figure the best bet is to vote with your feet. So I said, well, then, why would I buy this stuff from you? I am going across the street to Aldi.
      But really, all the other Walmarts I go to match at the register without question as long as the items match. And the produce is better than at Aldi in my experience. I do always bring my ad but it may not be necessary.

  2. Wow that’s so smart…I’ve wanted to try Aldi’s for their great produce prices but just never make it there. I’m at WalMart all the time! Wow!

    • Let me know how it goes Lauren! I’ve had a few not-so-great experiences with Aldi’s produce (it’s usually fine, but have gotten some bad grapes, quickly browning apples, etc.) so I’m so excited to have an alternative and still get those prices. Woohoo! 🙂

  3. I’m going to have to try this. It’s about a 30min drive to the closest Aldi. I’m betting our Walmart won’t price match them. Especially without an ad. I only get Sunday and Wednesday paper. I’m hoping the ad comes in another day and my MIL has one. Will let you know if it works here.

    • Janell,
      Look up Walmarts policy on line, then it doesn’t matter what the cashier says! Some will give you a hard time cuz they don’t want to be bothered, some walmarts have the competitor ads posted!!

  4. Christina says

    I dont know if Walmart policies different state to state but here in my area of Michigan (Ann Arbor/Saline) we no longer have to show to ad to price match with makes things a GAZZILION times easier. I just go in with my legal bad and tell them what items I want to price match/where/ and how much. I always try to keep my price match items at the end of my order if Im buy a lot of things

  5. If you ask to speak to someone besides the cashier at Walmart, you will usually get what you ask for. Walmart’s policies vary depending on how much competition they have in an area. (IMHO)

  6. My local Walmart not only matches Aldi ads, but they will price match milk too, which isn’t always mentioned in the ad. I just ask for the Aldi price of milk, and the cashier gives to to me! Right now the price for milk is about .75¢ cheaper than Walmart brand milk. The closest Aldi location is about 30 minutes from my local Walmart. Walmart will also price match Publix BOGO free at Walmart prices, so it’s even cheaper than Publix!

    • Are you serious? Walmart will price match Publix BOGO? (Walmart is my least favorite store! I only go there for their brand of lotion, similar to Lubriderm.) I do want to price match the produce to Aldi sometime. Don’t laugh, but how is it cheaper than Publix, if it is the same BOGO price?

  7. If you email me I will send you an excel document I do every week for ad matching. I live in Oklahoma and of course you can’t use the ad match I use, but it would give you a pattern. Every Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning I work on ad matches. I print it off highlight with a yellow highlighter things I want to buy and ad match when I go to Walmart. I bought $400 worth of groceries and with ad matching and coupons I spent $181.00 and almost 30 dollars of that was taxes. We have 10 cents on a dollar here and they tax before coupons come off but not ad matches. You can find all the ad’s for stores online. That’s good because you don’t have to buy the paper. You can also ad match General Dollar and Walgreens at walmart. They also take competitors coupons, so if you have a walgreens or family dollar or target coupon walmart will take it.

  8. I choose my cashiers carefully. Perhaps after the store has been open longer, you will get to know a couple who are more gracious about the price matching. I have gone to some who tell me things that just aren’t right, so I know the ones to go to so I don’t end up in a conflict. Price matching is great, isn’t it? I especially use it where I live, as we have no other grocery store in the closest town that has a Walmart. It saves our family lots of money! Walmart’s policy states that you do not have to show a flyer, but I write out a list and write which store has the sale, the weights (if applicable) of the item and tell the cashier (if they ask) where the sale is as a matter of courtesy. Have fun, Laurie!

  9. Luetisha Hogan will you send me your excel doc. for ad matching


  10. Hey Laurie, every time I have been in the new Wal-mart it has been a good experience. They employees are friendly and have not given me any problems with coupons like they have at the other Wal-mart stores in town. I was pleasantly surprised.

  11. Melissa Fouts says

    Good afternoon! Could I get a copy of the spreadsheet too? I’ve witnessed a few ladies doing the price match thing and have always been curious 😉

  12. Luetisha will you please, pretty please, send me a copy of your excel spreadsheet as well. It sounds fabulous! THANK YOU for your consideration!!!

  13. Terri Taylor says

    Luetisha, I would like a copy of the spreadsheet too. Thank you so much.

  14. Luetisha, Could I possibly get a copy of the spreadsheet also? I am fairly new to the couponing/ad matching, so anything that would help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  15. Crystie says

    Hi! I’m going to ask for the same as everyone else 🙂 Luetisha – could you send a copy of the spreadsheet? Thank you in advance!!

  16. Luetisha,

    I would love to have a copy of your spreadsheet! Thank you in advance and thanks for providing this great info.

  17. Luetisha,

    My email is

  18. Lueitisha, I would be so grateful if you could sent me a copy of your spreadsheet. My email is Thanks!

  19. The Wal-Mart in Hampton Cove/Big Cove allowed us to use the Aldi's ad to price match last night! woot!

  20. Heather Adams says

    I price match everything at Walmart and only make one trip. The only bummer is if it is an amazing stock up price they won't restock the shelves until the sale is done. 🙁 they are getting more strict as well so at least know which store the price is from and they will check the ads for you. If they already know it they just ring it thru. I love that they often tell me if someone else found a better deal and they give it to me too!

  21. A few weeks ago, CVS had a great price on laundry detergent, and I had coupons, but CVS was sold out. I never ask for rain checks, because I forget to use them. But I was able to price match at Walmart, and use my coupons, and got the exact same deal! I didn’t have my ad, but they had the ads and looked it up for me.

  22. Lueitisha (or anyone with a copy), I would be very grateful for a copy of your ad match excel sheet! I’m still new to this and need all the help I can get! 🙂 But, thanks to this website, I saved over $100 at Kroger yesterday!!! Thanks to Laurie all of you lovely people!
    Thanks again!!!!

  23. Alicia Bailey says

    My Walmart will only price match if it’s the same brand that’s on sale. Since Aldi has their own generic brand name my store won’t price match. My Walmart sells GV, Reiter, and Smith’s milk. GV is $3.50 or more a gallon, Smiths and Reiter go for about $4.86 a gallon. There are 3 stores nearby that my Walmart price matches. One or more have milk for $2.59 to $2.79 every week. That’s two bucks just on one gallon!

  24. Can anyone send me a copy of the excel price matching?

  25. Policy states it’s gotta be the identical product, brand, weight, ounces, etc….so technically no…they are not supposed to price match “private label” brands…and technically everything at ALDI is private label…the only thing they are allowed to match would be produce priced per lb…again, its gott be same weights…aldi is weird Bout it since they pre bag.their produce etc…for speed at the checkout so the ringer doesnt have to weigh every thing.

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