Book Review & Giveaway: The Money Saving Mom’s Budget

I really didn’t mean for this post to go on quite so long but here goes . . . go ahead and grab a cup of coffee and curl up for a few minutes!


As many of you know, I’ve always been a frugal girl at heart, but started seriously using coupons about five years ago before my youngest was born.  My best friend Nancy called me up one day, told me that she’d saved over $100 at the grocery store, and that she was reading some blog that helped her understand how to do it.


“Hmpphhh,” I thought.  Because I’d always been a penny pincher and tried using coupons early in our marriage, I was pretty aware that coupons could save you a little money at the grocery store, but inevitably every time I tried using them, I found it cheaper to buy the store brand product than it was to use that coupon.  So I really couldn’t believe that some little coupon blog could make a difference. 😉 Yup, you can guess where this one’s going . . . 


I trusted Nancy’s judgement though, and decided to give it a shot.  (Let me tell you, spending that first $1.50 on the newspaper just about killed this penny-pinchin’ momma!)  But, I forked over those pennies for the paper, went to CVS, did my first crazy coupon deal, and was hooked.  I followed the advice of that coupon blogger (I really kinda liked her . . . ), and do you know what?  For the first time ever, using coupons made sense.  And I was beside myself as I skipped out of CVS with my loot.


Fast forward five years. . . 

If anyone would have told me then that Money Saving Mom (who I feel is the best money saving blogger out there . . .) would let me review her book, to share on my coupon blog (who knew?), I would have said there was no way.  (In fact, I’ve sent and received a few emails from Crystal and totally feel like a rock star whenever I see her name in my inbox!)  But here I am; and guess what?  I loved her book.


Crystal is so down to earth, giving basic practical advice on how to pare down your spending, cut your expenses, and reduce debt to make real changes in your financial future.  Because our family is out of debt except for our home, and because I’ve obviously followed Crystal for awhile, I kind of felt there wouldn’t be much for me in the book.  Boy was I wrong.


The first few chapters in The Money Saving Mom’s Budget talk about de-cluttering, scaling back, and taking charge of your home so that you make everything work better for you.  My favorite recommendation was to take an entire day twice a year to de-clutter your home from top to bottom.  (Brilliant!)  While I try to keep our home tidy, I don’t think I’d yet connected how often clutter in our home causes us to over-spend on things we simply don’t need.  (Anyone else ever cleaned out their children’s closets and realized there’s just no way your children need even one more stitch of clothing?)  Over the holidays, I took about a week to de-clutter *most* of our home thanks to Crystal’s advice, and it has brought so much peace to our home.


More importantly though, in the end of the book Crystal discusses the importance of feeling contentment no matter your circumstances, which was just what I needed to hear.  It’s so easy in a world where we’re encouraged to keep up with others to feel that we never have enough, despite the incredible blessings that surround us.  I struggle personally so very often feeling I’m not “cute” enough, “smart” enough, that I don’t have exactly the right “stuff”, and even that my kiddos don’t wear exactly the right clothing. I find myself all too often in a competition which I’m never going to win.  (Isn’t it just nuts that we do that to ourselves?)  Crystal’s gentle exhortation to seek contentment right where we are was an amazing reminder to me, and as I looked around my cozy home where we have warm baths, running water, plus a dishwasher and laundry machine (thank goodness!), I was again reminded that I simply have nothing to complain about.


The Money Saving Mom’s Budget just released today, and I highly recommend ordering your copy.  While it’s a fantastic book on it’s own, here’s the most exciting part:  Crystal and her husband are donating 100% of the proceeds to Compassion International, so when you order yours, 100% of the proceeds from the book will go to support mission work in the Dominican Republic.  (How amazing is that?)  As many of you know, much of the reason  that I started Passionate Penny Pincher was to support mission work, so watching how God has amazingly allowed Crystal to give back in such an incredible way encourages me to work harder and give more abundantly.


Would you like to win a free copy of the The Money Saving Mom’s BudgetLeave a comment on this post only sharing what your number one financial goal is right now, and I’ll choose three winners on 1/14/12 to win. Good luck, and you can take a peak at the book over HERE.


Disclosure:  Money Saving Mom provided me with a book to review, however all opinions are my own.  I truly think so highly of Crystal and her mission, and had already pre-ordered a copy of the book before receiving my copy to review. 



This giveaway has now ended and comments are closed.  Thanks so much to everyone who entered! 


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  1. My #1 financial goal for 2012 is to pay off all debt except our mortgage, and our two vehicles. Then 2013 will be to payoff our vehicles!

  2. Our #1 goal this year is to get everything paid off! Job losses and job changes have gotten us behind and we’re ready to be back on top!

  3. Our number one goal this year is to save, save, save!

  4. This year we will pay off our car and then only have the house payment. YEAH! So very excited.

  5. To pay off my student loan so I can go back to school. 🙂

  6. My number one goal is to have my husband’s surgery paid off.

  7. We are blessed enough to be debt-free except for our mortgage (even have college funds and retirement funds going!) so for 2012 we want to budget more intentionally so we can increase our savings and giving.

  8. My number one goal this year is to be able to be cut back on our expenses and save more money for the stuff we really want to do.

  9. My #1 financial goal is to start being able to save for my two little boys college by
    finding other areas that we can pinch some extra pennies.

  10. My #1 financial goal is fund retirement accounts and pay cash for major expenses (no new debt!) as they arise!

  11. My #1 financial goal is to be able to remain a stay-at-home mom (I quit my job in mid-2011 to stay with my 5 kids) and to start a serious savings account, without incurring any more debt (we’re almost debt-free, just have the student loans to contend with, which is sad since our oldest heads to college in just 3 yrs!)

  12. My goal is to pay off my Visa card and remove it from my wallet so I won’t be tempted to use it again. When I have to pay cash, the item doesn’t seem as important!

  13. My number one financial goal is to pay off our mortgage which is our only debt.

  14. Lindsey Smith says:

    My number one goal is to build our savings!

  15. Number one goal is to get rid of credit card debt. Next build an emergency fund. Then give more to our church and school and finally pay off the mortgage.

  16. Our #1 goal this year is to save enough for our very first Disney trip with our little one to pay for it all in cash.

  17. Debbie Jones says:

    Our number one goal is to payoff the car and then only have the house payment.

  18. Our financial goal for 2012 is to get rid of our credit card debt!

  19. In 2012 I hope to pay off the substantial amount of unsecured debt that my husband and I have built up. We have very different financial views and it almost ruined our marriage! But now we are both on the same page and are working very hard to build a stable financial future 🙂

  20. Jennifer H says:

    My #1 financial goal is to sit down with hubby and actually write out a budget. Now to get him on board.

  21. My two big goals this year are to pay off my student loans (which will leave our only debt as our mortgage and my husband’s student loans as long as life doesn’t throw us a huge curve ball) and save enough to pay cash when we have to replace my husband’s car (which is coming sooner rather than later, I fear).

  22. My goal is to save and pay off consumer debt, but I don’t have a good plan to do that yet. I struggle with the whole “get down to $0 for every month” budget plan that Dave Ramsey suggests, and I haven’t found what works for me yet. I’m hoping to figure out something soon!

  23. My family’s main financial goal for 2012 is to be more accountable with how our money is spent. Hopefully, this will result in adding to our savings!

  24. My number one goal is to increase our savings.

  25. #1 goal this year is to save a 3 month emergency fund.

  26. Our #1 financial goal is to just stay in the green every month. We already don’t go out to eat or anywhere that requires spending money. I need to do even better on couponing!

  27. Jennifer G. says:

    Our number one financial goal is to keep saving. Personally, I’d like to start following a budget, but my husbands answer is always, “No need for a budget, just always spend as little as possible”. I might try putting myself on a little personal one. 😉

  28. Number one financial goal is to get up to 6 months worth of expenses in our Emergency account!

  29. Working on paying off a vehicle and then saving to purchase another as I have 17 months until I have a driving teenager.

  30. My number one financial goal is to pay off the car loan.

  31. We have stopped eating out as much and it is saving us lots of money!

  32. Saving to pay cash for our youngest son to attend Christian school next year. Then it is time to battle the home equity loan.

  33. My #1 goal? To beef our emergency fund back up…we’ve had to spend a lot of it in the past month.

  34. My #1 financial goal is to get out of debt! We are on the right track, but we still have a long way to go! I would love to read her advice!

  35. Our saving goal right now is to save the money to pay cash to fence in our backyard. We set a goal three years ago to pay off our credit cards before we built the fence. We made our last credit card payment this month, so now we get to start saving!! I’m very excited for my kids to have a fenced-in backyard!!!

  36. Mindy Kroesche says:

    My husband’s and I number one financial goal is save 15% of our income to retirement. We’re slowly getting there, but have a ways to go.

  37. Our 2012 saving goal is to pay off two looming debts: mine and my husband’s student loans. Having those paid off will be much more relaxing than any vacation, and more gratifying than any piece of new clothing could ever be.

  38. To keep a grocery budget!

  39. To set up a budget and stick to it. Now I have to get my husband on board so I am going to get him to read this book.

  40. Our # 1 financial goal for 2012 is to sell our current home, take the equity from that and build/buy another home that will be debt free! We have followed Dave Ramsey for awhile and the house is the only debt we have. How wonderful to be completely debt free. It will allow for other important things, as missions, donations, etc. Praying for a quick sell!

  41. My #1 goal is to actually hit my budget. Something unforeseen always comes along during the month that totally derails me. I’ve redone the budget & am really buckling down. Can’t wait for January to be (hopefully) my first successful month!

  42. My number one goal is to stay on track with budgeting! I have my grocery budget down, but there are some other areas that need some tweaking.

  43. Darcie Flight says:

    My number one financial goal this year is to eliminate credit card debt

  44. Start a cash system

  45. To pay off the plastic! I’d love to win this book!!!

  46. I am new to coupons and budgets. I have made terrible mistakes in the past, but am trying to learn from my mistakes. We homeschool our son and have him enrolled in a Dave Ramsey course. We are learning together and love to see what a difference it is making in our choices and attitudes. My goal for 2012 is to set up a working budget and learn how to NOT pay full price for the things we buy.

  47. My #1 financial goal is to start using cash and stop using credit cards.

  48. Our number one goal is to have a written, zero-based budget every month and actually stick to it – even though we have always lived within our means and not had any debt, I know we could be saving a lot more than we do. This is an area that overwhelms me and caused me distress when our budget isn’t done.

  49. To use cash only this year (except for mortgage and utilities)

  50. My current #1 goal of the month is no spending other than necessities ie: gas & groceries. I really want a copy of this book but I have to win it if I’m going to get it in January! My big goal for 2012 is to double up on our mortgage payment. So far so good with both goals.

  51. My number one financial goal this year is to save up cash to renovate our master bathroom.

  52. To significantly increase our giving abroad.

  53. My number one financial goal is to pay off our mortgage.

  54. Our financial goal this year it to pay off 1/2 our debt!

  55. My goal this year is to make a a biger reserve savings account.

  56. My number one financial goal is to make final payments on my credit card to finally have no credit card debt. Yeah!!!!!!!

  57. Number one goal is save enough to pay cash to send our 17 year old and our 14 to college when the time comes.

  58. My number one goal is to save money so our family can attend The Loving and Leading Conference in Milford,Ohio this fall.

  59. My number one financial goal this year is to not pay any overdraft fees to my bank!

  60. to get rid of credit card debt

  61. My number one goal is to build our emergency fund this year…you never know when you’ll need it!

  62. My number one goal is to save for a new fence for the backyard!

  63. Number one goal is to pay off consumer debt!

  64. Katherine says:

    Our big goal is to save money for a down payment on a house. Then promptly spend it all on said house haha!

  65. My is to finish my emergency fund!!!!

  66. My number one financial goal is to pay off a credit card.

  67. My husband and I are saving like crazy this year so that we can have a 50% down payment on our house that we want to buy.

  68. i do a great job at pinching pennys. i also do a great job at wasting them too. so, getting control of where my money is going would be great…

  69. My goal is to pay off credit card debt!

  70. Melissa B says:

    My number 1 goal is to create a budget. Really. I need her help!

  71. Our number one financial goal for this year is to lower our monthly credit card bills and consistently put away monthly savings!

  72. kathleen vasquez says:

    my #1 goal is to graduate college with zero debt (no student loans) and BOY IS IT TOUGH!

  73. We are saving for a down payment for a home.

  74. Tammy Shelton says:

    My number one goal of 2012 is to be credit card free. We consolidated all of our credit cards into one loan with a much more manageable payment and percentage rate. So it’s within reach. I’m SO EXCITED!

  75. Our number one goal is to be debt free by June 🙂 We are on our way!

  76. No. 1 goal is to build up a better emergency fund.

  77. Anjanette says:

    My main goal is to pay down on off the credit card bills and simplify my bills.

  78. melissa dudley says:

    paying off all our credit cards and paying by cash from now on! thanks for doing this~

  79. Kathryn J says:

    My goal is to learn to use a budget and stick with it in order to be able to pay for 2 major expenses that we anticipate this year without debt.

  80. Rachel Beita says:

    Save so that we can go overseas as missionaries

  81. pay off our last two credit cards

  82. Our number one financial goal is to use Dave Ramsey’s plan to pay off credit card debt.

  83. My current goal is to help my two kids successfully get through college with as little debt as possible.

  84. My number one financial goal is to figure a way to live off of my husband’s 80% pay cut with 5 kids!!

  85. My family’s number one goal this year is to have enough money to put a down payment on a place to finally call our own.

  86. Our #1 goal this year is to pay off my husband’s truck and purchase a car to replace my 12 year old van.

  87. Urban Wife says:

    Our #1 goal this year is to be debt free! God willing, that will happen by July.

  88. My number one goal is get a good reliable car.

  89. need some economic help

  90. My number one goal is to actually stick to a budget. In the past I have been under most months, and then barely over the next, but it was still over. So that is my goal, being under budget

  91. Cari Wagner says:

    I have spent a lot of money in my emergency fund this last year. My goal is to pay it back.

  92. One of my financial goals for this year is to save money for the birth of our first child!

  93. One of my financial goals this year is creating a monthly budget and following it.

  94. save something, anything, on a consistent basis for retirement.

  95. Our #1 financial goal this year is to reduce our credit card debt.

  96. My number one financial goal is to be able to afford to feed my children good, healthy food without government assistance. We are able to get off of food benefits, but worry that it may mean a lower amount and quality of food on a regular basis.

  97. My financial goal is to pay off the second mortgage we took out when we bought our home. (Yes, I’ve learned a lot since then. Mainly, don’t do it!)

  98. Debbie Kingham says:

    My number 1 goal would be to control our money instead of the other way around.

  99. to finish funding our emergency fund

  100. My number one financial goal right now is to pay off debt and save more!

  101. My goal is to cut credit card spending and go only cash!

  102. Our financial goal right now is to fund a full emergency fund

  103. To be debt free by this spring, and yell it out on Dave Ramsey’s radio show from Financial Peace Plaza in Nashville!

  104. Ashley H. says:

    My goal this year is to pay off my student loans.

  105. Katrina Page says:

    My goal is to stop living paycheck to paycheck.

  106. We are working very hard to manage our budget since I cut back my hours at work to stay at home an extra day with our kiddos!

  107. Our number 1 financial goal right now is to to make enough money each week to be able to pay for our family of six. Both my husband and I are currently unemployed and we receive no financial help. Would love to read Crystals inspirational stories, cause frankly I don’t know how we are going to make it.

  108. Be able to save enough money to purchase new washer and dryer since ours is constantly on the Fritz.

  109. #1 goal is to save money.

  110. My number one financial goal is to pay off my credit card and keep a zero balance this time. I would also like to figure out how to stop living paycheck to paycheck.

  111. Our biggest goal is to pay off our debt!

  112. My number 1 financial goal is to pay off our second mortgage this year.

  113. Our #1 financial goal is to stop living paycheck to paycheck.

  114. I would like to be able to save cash for our daughter Christian Education bills. She starts Kindergarten next year.

  115. Kristie Anderson says:

    Our #1 financial goal this year is to pay off our last and lonely credit card….sooooo can’t wait!

  116. Cassie Shrigley says:

    Oh how I want to learn your ways!! :o) I’m on the road to being debt free in about 14 months!!! (except for our mortgage!!!) I’m trying to pinch our pennies to help make our dreams come true! Thank you!!!!

  117. Lori@Mothering-Matters says:

    The main thing we are changing this year financially is . . . That after almost 20 years of me doing our finances . . . My hubby will be taking over!! I NEVER would have thought this would have happened in our lives (as I’ve always LOVED managing money) but God has other plans! He’s been working on both of our hearts regarding this issue for some time. It’s awesome (yet challenging) to see both of us stepping into totally new roles with this.
    As for a financial goal . . . We are trusting God and seeking him for ways to be able to afford to send 2 more of our kids to private school next fall. We are also praying and seeking his wisdom for my blogs (as it would be wonderful to actually make a little money to support what I love doing . . . Reaching out to and ministering to women!)

  118. Jennifer P says:

    My goal is to pay down our home equity loan

  119. virginia geist says:

    number 1 goal is to pay off credit cards

  120. Our goal is to pay off the credit cards!

  121. Elizabeth B says:

    Our number one goal is to survive on the savings we have until September 2012 when my husband starts his full-time teaching job. We had saved a lot and been able to do this since 2010 (when I became unemployed), while my husband has had an occasional adjunct teaching job. But now our savings is dwindling and I’m trying to find more and more ways to “pinch pennies!”

  122. My number one goal is to pay off my mortgage early! How awesome would it be to own the house free and clear?!

  123. Our #1 goal is to continue working to pay off our cc debt so that we can be debt free and begin giving more to others as God leads us…

  124. Stephanie G. says:

    Our #1 financial goal is to add 1-2 months of income to our savings account this year

  125. Jessica Tillett says:

    My #1 financial goal this year is to continue to work towards paying down my debt.

  126. Vanessa Ellis says:

    Our goal is to pay off our daughter’s surgery bills this year and bump our emergency fund back up to where it should be.

  127. MIchelle G says:

    looking forward to using this book to get my finances under control

  128. Pay down credit card debt, pay less money for groceries this year even though I have more mouths to feed.

  129. Our goal is to finish getting our housing organized and increase efficiency, before I go back to work. We are hoping that my couponing will make it possible to only go back to nursing part time, so that I can spend more time being a mom.

  130. our 2012 financial goal is to save enough money to be able to pay in full for our may 2013 wedding!

  131. My goal is to pay off my car this year…one year early!!

  132. Kristin Gideon says:

    My biggest financial goal is to create and effective budget and actually stick with it. This book would be such a great resource to have!

  133. I need to get out of CC debt and pay off my student loans!

  134. My #1 financial goal is to continue saving $15000 for in-vitro to have the baby we have been trying for 7 years to have. Only $9000 to go!! Wooohoooo!!!

  135. My number one goal is to pay off our credit card debt and use only cash and to have enough put aside that when a medical emergency comes along to be able to save enough cash to pay them without having to retreat to the credit cards for medical purposes

  136. I have been reading your blog and Crystal’s ever since we had our second child….THANK YOU both for saving me lots of $$! I was concerned about our budget with two in daycare (I am a full time working mom). I have to say, without both of your kindness in sharing your knowledge, we would be struggling…but thanks to coupons I have been able to reduce the grocery & household items budget. I also love all the advice you give on life. My husband was just offered a position that may mean I will be a stay at home mom….I love all the ideas for activities with the kids since I have a 3 year old and 9 month old. Gives me hope that I will be able to keep them occupied and learning through the day. THANK YOU AGAIN!!

  137. #1 goal is to save money for our new house and eventually preschool.

  138. I would love to get out of debt!! Kids going off to college has me worried about future money plans.

  139. Our main goal is to pay off our credit cards this year. Being newlyweds budgeting has become my favorite word.

  140. biggest financial goal is to create a budget..period.

  141. My most important goal is save money while grocery shopping!

  142. Michelle R says:

    I have been diagnosed with a chronic pain disease that makes doing anything very difficult. Due to this our medical bills are extremely high. We are also wanting to try an experimental procedure however it is not covered by insurance. We are trying to save to be able to do this.

  143. Rebecca K. says:

    Our #1 financial goal is to put aside an emergency fund that would pay our bills for up to six months.

  144. Shelly Goguen says:

    Our number one financial goal is to pay off my student loan debt from Masters Degree. Would LOVE to have that gone!!

  145. Our goal this year is to keep all areas of our budget in the black. We have cut back on water and electricity. We have started a winter vegetable garden (live in FL). I use coupons, rebates and refunds. We thank God everyday for who we are and what we have.

  146. To save more money while grocery shopping and household items

  147. We have a car purchase to make this year ~ the goal is to make it happen (sell current one and make purchase) without having a car payment!!!

  148. Crystal I. says:

    Our financial goal is to save more money to be able to start a savings account for our 3 girls to go to college.

  149. My goal in 2012 is to save enough money by staying on budget, using coupons and reducing any unnecessary shopping to take my children to Disney this summer. I have two children, 13 and 4.5. My oldest has the chance to dance with her dance school there and it is such a huge opportunity for her. My yougest will be 5 she is at a perfect age to do this. We haven’t taken any kind of a vacation since my oldest was 18 months old because of financial issues. I don’t know what it is going to take but I know I need to do this for them. Any advice or help I could get would be so welcomed. I know how to coupon but that is where my knowledge ends. I could really use your help….

  150. to start a college fund for my son so he wont have to take out student loans

  151. kimberly perkins says:

    My most important goal this yr is to pay off credit cards!!

  152. my goal would be to get a good savings a retirement going!

  153. My #1 goal is paying all my SUV.

  154. Tiffany Hazard says:

    My goal is to pay cash for everything or dont buy it. No more credit cards in my life!

  155. Numeru Uno financial goal: starting a college savings account for my newborn daughter!! I can’t imagine what tuition will be like in 18 years ~ so its really important to get as much of a head start as I can!

  156. Julie Humbert says:

    I have been unable to work for the past year due to medical problems. I will not be able to return to work so our number one goal is to continue learning how to live off of one income. I have already learner so much this past year by following the advice of blotters like you and Crystal but I have SO much more to learn.

  157. My #1 financial goal this year is to finally pay off my husband’s student loan! The last step to being totally debt free (except for the house)! Can’t wait! 🙂

  158. Dawn Maxwell says:

    Pay in cash for the balance of my son’s tuition/housing (after scholarships/financial aid) for his upcoming first year at college in the fall. Thanks for offering this book as a giveaway, I have been following Crystal for years as well and you are so right, she is wonderful!!

  159. Our number one financial goal is to purchase a new to us vehicle with 100% cash. It will be our second vehicle to do as such thanks to Money Saving Mom!

  160. Our #1 goal is to be debt free except for the house! Can’t wait for that day!

  161. My financial goal is to make a $100 a month off of my blog by the end of this month, but my overall goal for 2012 is be more financially independent.


  162. Bergen smith says:

    I realllllyyyy want to stop living paycheck to paycheck!

  163. Rebecca Smith says:

    My number one financial goal this year involves husband I are both students, so I intend on putting money back to begin paying on our loans as soon as we complete, plus, save a little extra back for our son’s education, just in case he changes his career choice..right now at the age of six years he wants to become a Jedi..and work along Luke SkyWalker..but I know that will change!! LOL..a child’s imagination!

  164. emily raborn says:

    My number one goal is building up our savings for rainy days!

  165. It’s hard to decide which of our financial goals is the most important, but starting college savings plans for our children is definitely the biggest.

  166. My number one financial goal is to help my daughter and her family of 5 children get back on their feet, due to the fact that her husband lost his job and waiting on disability based on a heart condition. I cannot help with money, but I can help in other ways so that this family will be able to meet their bills better, which should the case be that I will, this book will be donated to my daughter.

  167. Our goal is to pay off credit cards and put money back in savings. We have had crazy circumstances in the past three years and have even helped family members and need to catch up.

  168. My biggest goal is to SAVE! When we decided I’d stay home once our baby came, saving kind of got put on hold. I am trying to find more ways to be frugal so we can pick back up where we left off!

  169. My number one goal is to be able to save enough money to send my son to our local catholic high school. Our tuition payment will double since our littlest one will be starting kindergarten at the same time.

  170. Our financial goal for 2012, is to get rid of our debt, which means a weekly grocery budget of $100 or less some weeks. That has to include oil changes, household goods, clothes, etc.

  171. My goal this year is to get employed my toddler is 18mo old now and if I get a job we will be able to afford to take her to a daycare and as she is older hopefully less sick days!. Once I secure a job our first priority will to pay off our personal loans and credit card debts.

  172. leslie Rodriguez says:

    Pay off debt

  173. Michelle Kilcoyne says:

    Our number one goal this year is to start using coupons and use that money to buy us a van in three years. Our goal is to save $300 a month for three years starting this month for a good down payment. So far so good!

  174. I hope to pay down credit cards and learn to live with a lower pay rate.

  175. My #1 goal is to focus on ways to put money away for college. I only have 3 more years.

  176. Brenda Sanders says:

    I would love to win thi book to help me save money nowtht I am not working and need to find ways to save.

  177. Looking to adopt this year so financial goal is to be able to become one income family while still saving for new child’s college.

  178. Our #1 financial goal is to pay of a $11K credit card bill.

  179. Amy Vandiver says:

    I plan to trade for a car that will get better gas mileage and to buy less and spend less. I also want to put together some care packages for elderly ‘shut-ins’ with the excess items I obtain with coupons.


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