Military Coupons: Do All Grocery Stores Accept Them?

I received an email recently from a reader sharing that Publix is now accepting military coupons.  I assumed that Publix always accepted them, but it looks like maybe I was wrong!  For those of you who are in the military or have a spouse in the military, do all grocery stores always accept military coupons?  And, can you stack a military coupon with a manufacturer coupons?

I know that one place to find military coupons is at your local commissary, but I’m also curious about where else you can find these.  While I’m not able to use these myself, I’d love to know for readers out there who may be able to find some extra savings!

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  1. A lot of the coupons say “Military Manufacturer’s Coupon” and our Publix will accept them as long as they do not specify “Commissary Only.” I’ve only ever picked them up at the commissary — there are a couple of publications at most store entrances.

  2. I know I’ve been told in the past that the Publix stores in this area don’t take them–since they are not accessible to everyone they’re viewed like a Sam’s or Costo coupon would be. Maybe they’ve changed?

  3. The Publix stores in our area (Huntsville) have told me that as long as the coupon number starts with a 5, it is a manufactor coupon. So I have used coupons that say “military coupons” as long as it follows that rule. The coupons scan fine and will even double. I have not used coupons If the wording states that it can only be used at the commisary. I will be curious to see how they accept them.

  4. Candie V says:

    I get the Procter and Gamble military manufacture coupon book in the mail. (sign up on their website) they are for buy a product get one free usually and I’ve actually never tried to use them at Publix around here! (in Jeff co.) I will try this week though!! We do every so often make the haul to Redstone when we’ve got a lot a stuff we need to do that way but other than that I usually don’t get to use them =/

  5. I have used them at the Publix on County Line Road and the one on Hwy 72 several times. I don’t think I’ve paid any attention to whether they say “Commissary Only”…
    I have never tried to stack them but have always assumed they’d be treated as manufacturer coupons since that’s what they are.
    My husband and I do buy some things at the commissary because it is cheaper than anywhere else ($1.50 for Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh lunchmeat!) and while we’re there we will grab coupons that we know will make good deals at Publix.

  6. I have been told that our Publix (Columbus, GA) does not take them, but it depends on your cashier! I’ve had many cashier’s accept them. Most look like MFG coupons but say something like “Good only in Military Commissaries/Exchages” but scan just like a MFG coupon. The cashier who told me that they did not accept them told me that it was because of the proximity to the base, and that since it was so far away it was not considered a competitor. Same reason why they do not accept DG coupons, even though there is one it town, it is too far away.

  7. Thanks for all your tips! I really thought they were seperate from manufacturer coupons, so I appreciate your input. I’m assuming that Publix would get reimbursement on them if they are manufacturer coupons, so I’m surprised they don’t always take them!

  8. I hope that the Publix on Winchester Rd. will take Military Store Coupons. I called the store about two months ago and they said they didn’t but hopefully that have changed their policy.

  9. Military coupons are manufacturer coupons issued to be used at military stores ONLY. They are not good at regular stores as the stores will not be reimbursed for them.

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