Laurie’s Staples Back-To-School Trip: And Why You Need to Know Your Prices

Here's a peak at what I bought yesterday at Staples in my first back-to-school shopping trip this year! I was a little disappointed because a few of Staples “fantastic back-to-school savings” were really only a few pennies less or even more than the prices already were at Walmart, so I'll be checking prices at the office supply stores against this list pretty closely before shopping the rest of the year.


(Remember, everyone's going to be claiming to have the best deals this back-to-school season ~ your goal is to KNOW what the best prices are so you don't pay too much!)


Here's what I bought:


Bought 3 Crayola Markers 10 pack $.97 (regular price $1.27 at Walmart)

Bought 4 Composition Notebooks $.50

Bought 2 glue stick 4-packs $1.25 (2-packs were $.50 at Walmart – ugh! I knew they would be cheaper through the season but my kids convinced me they needed them . . . )

Bought 1 set sticky tabs $2 (these were also $1 at Walmart or at the Dollar Tree – ugh!)

Bought 1 pack 3-pack pink erasers $.96 (2-packs were $.50 at Walmart)

Bought 1 pack copy paper

So, not too bad, but if I'd known what my basic prices were at Walmart first, I would have skipped a few of the deals. I'll be sharing a few more tips next week on how to get the very most bang for your buck with back-to school savings, and would love to hear your tips too!
(But here's my most important tip . . . don't let kids of any age go with you ~ they'll try to convince you to purchase just about everything in the store.  Eek!) 😉
Let me know if you find any great back-to-school deals, and find the complete list of back-to-school deals over HERE!


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  1. drandmrst says

    I got the composition notebooks last year for a penny at office max on one of their sale weeks. I got I think they were 4 packs of the pink erasers for 50 cents. If you have the time to wait those penny sales at office max are awesome and each week they had amazing sales on the other stuff too. Note for homeschoolers: office max recognizes you as a teacher so you get teachers perks as well.

    • I think that’s the best plan too and am mad at myself for not waiting on those composition notebooks! My kids were convinced this was the only deal we’d see, but I knew better. We’ll be watching for more!

  2. Jennifer B. says

    Pretty sure if you wanted to take the time and make the effort, you could return some of the less than stellar sales priced items to Staples. Just a thought, especially if it is in a location you would normally be near anyway (so no extra trip).

    • I know – I keep thinking about that Jennifer! I may just get over it, but wish I’d thought it through a little more (and not let my kids convince me…)

      Jessica – the paper was free after the rebate at Staples, which is what I really went for to begin with!:)

  3. Big Lots usually has reams of copy paper for like $4.00.

  4. Kim Rowan says

    The regular size glue sticks are on sale at publix 3 packs are 3/$2

  5. Did you really pay over $10 for that pack of paper or is that a typo?

  6. Tim Cori says

    just bring your Staples ad to Walmart, they price match.

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