Kroger Gift Card Giveaway

Kroger Gift Card Giveaway

Congratulations to brigi. .. for winning the gift card giveaway, and thanks to everyone who entered!  Comments on this post are now closed.

How would you like to win a $25 Kroger Gift Card Giveaway?  Here's your chance! If you've been reading through the posts the last few days on Passionate Penny Pincher, you know that I'm super excited about the awesome savings going on at Kroger this week and absolutely don't want you to miss them. Basically, Kroger will give you a whopping $5 towards your next shopping trip when you purchase five participating Kroger products, which will make several items free or very close to free (WOOT!)

You can see a complete list of deals that are included in the sale this week HERE as well as information on how the offer will work, but I promise if you have a Kroger in your area, you don't want to miss this sale this week.  And, to make life a little sweeter, Kroger and My Blog Spark are offering a $25 Kroger gift card to one lucky PPP reader!

Here's how to enter to win:



  1. Required Entry:  Leave a comment sharing what you’re planning to purchase this week in Kroger's Betty Crocker Sale.
  2. Additional Entries: Join Passionate Penny Pincher on Facebook and leave a comment to let me know (or leave a comment if you’re already a Facebook fan.)
  3. Invite a friend to join Passionate Penny Pincher on Facebook and leave a comment to let me know.
  4. Subscribe to free Passionate Penny Pincher daily emails (or leave a comment if you’re already an email subscriber.)
  5. Visit the Kroger site and leave a comment sharing which coupons you've loaded to your Kroger card.



Giveaway will ends Friday,10/19/12 at 9:00 AM.  Good luck!


Disclosure:  This giveaway was provided by the Kroger Family of Stores and General Mills through My Blog Spark, however all opinions are (of course!) my own.  (I'm tickled about this offer and hoping we can stock up those food pantry shelves with instant potatoes this year!)  



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  1. Planning to stock up on fruit snacks and Honey Nut Cheerios!

  2. I am going to stock up on cereal and potatoes!

  3. I follow you on Facebook!

  4. I get your emails!

  5. I am getting potatoes, brownies and fruit snacks!!

  6. I’m have got the betty crocker potatoes and macaroni this week, i plan to go back to get more for food donations for my church!

  7. i follow you on facebook!

  8. Brownie mix!!!!

  9. already a fan of your FB page 😀

  10. I subscribe to your emails!

  11. i have recently loaded the breyers coupon, knorr coupon, and colgate toothpaste coupon to my kroger card!

  12. I havent had a chance to look but I plan to get anything good

  13. Melissia Dillmuth says:

    I follow you on Facebook and get your daily e-mails!
    I’m planning on buying potatoes, cereal, and granola bars! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  14. I follow you on Facebook!

  15. I’ve loaded the Betty Crocker cookie mix coupon 🙂

  16. Brownies,potatoes,snacks

  17. Already get emails and love it thanks

  18. I get your emails!

  19. Fruit roll ups and cake mixes and icing!!!

  20. I am signed up for your emails

  21. I like you on Facebook

  22. Cheryl Tucker says:

    taco shells

  23. Cheryl Tucker says:

    I like you on FB

  24. I am planning on getting 10 boxes of betty crocker potatoes, 6 boxes of honey nut cheerios, 4 boxes of cocoa puffs, 4 boxes of cinnnamon toast crunch, 8 boxes of toaster strudel, and 12 totino’s pizzas. I am also getting 4 tubes of crest toothpaste and 6 boxes of ocean spray fruit snacks!!! I’m sooo excited about the sale also!!!

  25. I already like you on facebook and love your posts!!! Thanks for you all you do to let us know of the deals!!

  26. I already subscribed to your daily emails as well. They are a great reminder for me to check your blog and see what I might be missing out on!!!

  27. I invited my friend Carolyn Swain Alger to like your facebook page and follow you and she did just that today and said she really likes your page.

  28. I loaded the Free store brand pasta with Ragu purchase coupon and the pillsbury cookie coupons to my card. I also load the totino’s pizza coupon as well.

  29. I loaded a bunch of coupons, knorr, betty crocker, Pillsbury. Just wish those coupons were doubled too!

  30. Jessie C. says:

    I’d get Cheerios and BC mix

  31. Jessie C. says:

    Facebook fan

  32. Jessie C. says:

    Subscribe to free Passionate Penny Pincher

  33. Delana Coley DeFore says:

    I will buy Au Gratin potatoes and Baking items

  34. I bought a bunch of potatos and cereal and fruit snacks yesterday and saved a ton of money!!

  35. I follow you on facebook!

  36. I want to buy cereal and potatoes.

  37. I follow you on facebook.

  38. I am subscribed to your weekly emails.

  39. I invited my mom to like your page on facebook

  40. Brigid Pitts says:

    I am going to buy potatoes to donate to my local food pantry!

  41. I shopped this sale on Sunday… And I got 6 fruit snacks and 4 fiber one brownies! Then, I turned around and used my two $5 Catalinas to buy 5 packs of bacon (rain check from last week) and three loaves of bread… Grand total on 2nd transaction was a nickel! That is a lot of food for about 15 oop! And it is all stuff we will eat!

  42. Brigid Pitts says:

    I went to the Kroger website and loaded the coupon for Betty Crocker cookie mix.

  43. I plan on buying lots of Betty Crocker potatoes and the pizzas. I plan on donating the potatos to the local food bank.

  44. hamburger helper, fruit snacks, and potatoes!

  45. I’m already a facebook fan!!

  46. I am now subscribed to receive your emails!

  47. I loaded the Jif coupon on the Kroger site. I never see Jif coupons!

  48. I got 70 dollars worth of food for 12 dollars today! 🙂

  49. bc potatoes, cereal, fruit snacks, toaster strudel, chex

  50. i loaded the banquet q to my card the other day

  51. cereal potatoes & brownies 🙂

  52. Jenn Scott says:

    Honey nut cheerios!! Gotta love the sale AND catalina!!

  53. I need cake mix!

  54. Jenn Scott says:

    FB fan as Jay Coupon

  55. Brownies sound good!

  56. Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes

  57. I liked Passionate Penny Pincher on Facebook

  58. I subscribed to free Passionate Penny Pincher

  59. I loaded Save $1.00 on Arrowhead Mills to my card.

  60. Honey nut Cheerios along with the Betty Crocker potatoes which will be donated to the pantry for the Thanksgiving boxes.

  61. I loaded the Kraft cheese, Kroger green beans , Duracell and a few others I can’t seem to remember right now onto my Kroger card.

  62. I like you on Facebook.

  63. I stocked up on potatoes, cake mixes, refried beans. I would love to win to stock you on pizzas.

  64. Honestly I am not planning to buy anything in the Betty Crocker sale. If I have it, I will eat it (and since it’s only me in the house, I will eat it all). I’d rather save the money or spend it on produce, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great deal!

  65. I am already your fan on FB, and I appreciate all your hard work to help us save tons of money!

  66. I currently have today’s Cart Buster deal of the day Q (Doritos) and a Magnum Q loaded. Time to add more (like $0.50/1 Jif Natural…yes, please!).

  67. I am subscribed to your emails.

  68. I’m going to stock up on cake mixes. I getting low around here.

  69. I’m already a FB fan

  70. I already get your emals

  71. I plan to buy honey nut cheerios and potatoes for donation at the food bank.

  72. I follow you on Facebook

  73. I get PPP emails.

  74. Cake mix!

  75. Hoping there are still things left on the shelf by the time I make it in…especially Honey Nut Cheerios!

  76. I liked on facebook.

  77. I’m stocking up on honey nut cheerios!

  78. I subscribed to emails.

  79. I loaded the doritos cartbuster coupon.

  80. Cheerios! Granola Bars! And Brownies!

  81. I’ve loaded cereal coupons onto my card

  82. Cookie mixes and potatoes.

  83. I like you on Facebook.

  84. I am an email subscriber. Thanks!

  85. Loaded the Doritos coupon.

  86. Wow Think I am goign to try and get a little of everything, potattoes, fruit snacks, cake mix, etc. Thanks for all the deals you do! I am subscribed to your daily email, facebook, and have told my sister Tyisha Walker about your site/FB page!

  87. I am planning to get boxed potatoes for holiday food boxes & Cheerios and fruit snacks for home!

  88. I like you on fb!

  89. I subscribe to your emails.

  90. Terri Johnson says:

    chex mix is my son’s newest favorite snack 🙂

  91. I don’t think I’m going to Kroger this week 🙂

  92. I’ll get Betty Crocker Brownie Mix and Cake Mix. Great time to stock up.

  93. I like you on Facebook (as the name in my email address)

  94. I’ll stock up on Betty Crocker and Cheerios

  95. I loaded a coupon for 50 cents off Betty Crocker cookie mix

  96. I need to stock up on cereal…so I plan on buying lots of it!

  97. Susan Stahley says:

    I plan on buying multiple boxes of the following: Brownie Mix, Chex Mix, Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams, and Hamburger Helper

  98. Lori Davidson says:

    I already got the Golden Grahams, Cocoa PUffs and Hamburger Helper. I tried to the get the potatoes, but all gone..

    Thanks for all that you do!

  99. cheerios!!!

  100. liked you on facebook

  101. subscribe via email

  102. betty crocker boxed potatoes thanks

  103. like u on fb Julie A Scott Laws

  104. email subscriber

  105. I am so excited about this sale…I am getting 5 of each of the deals and sharing them with my family members that are having a hard time. : )

  106. Brownie mix!

  107. Shannon C says:

    Cereal, potatoes, brownie mix

  108. Shannon C says:

    Like you on facebook

  109. Shannon C says:

    I tell everyone I know to Like you on fb and how much you help all of us

  110. Shannon C says:

    I subscribe to your emails

  111. Shannon C says:

    I loaded the Get Quaker Cookies Free
    Buy any ONE box of Quaker Cookies get a SECOND box of Quaker Cookies FREE.

  112. Honey Nut Cheerios, Old El Paso, Boxed Potatoes

  113. Liked you on FB

  114. Invited a Friend

  115. Signed up for emails

  116. Got coupons from Kroger for Honey Nut Cheerios, Old El Paso and Boxed Potatoes

  117. Monica Young says:

    I’d definitely stock up on the Betty Crocker potatoes, honey nut cheerios and lucky charms!

  118. Monica Young says:

    I already like you on facebook 😀