Kohl’s Amazon Returns – Now Make Free Amazon Returns at Kohl’s!?

Did you know you that Kohl's now accepts Amazon returns?  They're making it easier than ever!

Kohl's is now offering Kohl's Amazon returns at their stores!

Kohl's Amazon Returns Are Here!

In case you haven't seen the latest about the newest Kohl's Amazon Partnership,  you can now take advantage of free Amazon returns at your nearby Kohl's!

Kohl's is looking to downsize their physical stores and bring more shoppers in to their stores. To get more folks in the door, Kohl's stores will now package, label and ship your Amazon returns for free. Just swing by any of the Kohl's Amazon return locations at any Kohl's near you. 



So why on earth are all Kohl's locations accepting free Amazon returns?

(And how does the Kohl's Amazon return system really benefit both retailers? That's what we've been wanting to know)!

Well, Kohl's is going to get more people in their Kohl's stores which is a huge bonus for them. And, Kohl's returns at Amazon helps shoppers like you and me feel a little more confident when we purchase from Amazon. This way we'll there's an easy way to return an item if we just don't love whatever we buy.

I love that now we can head into our local Kohl's store and return Amazon purchases easily, check out the latest Alexa Smart home device, and pick up any Kohl's deals all at the same time.

(This is a great way to take advantage of the Kohl's deals going on right now and skip on shipping fees too by picking up orders in store!) 


Get free Amazon returns at all Kohl's stores.

This week Amazon a ton of incredible Amazon Prime Day and Amazon Pantry Box deals.  This makes it the perfect time to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day deals, but also be guarantee that you can easily return anything that's not what you really want.


It really is a great option for both retailers. Free returns for Amazon at Kohl's helps them get more people n the door (where we can snag the very best deals). And, it gives Amazon one more way to serve their loyal customers with excellence.

Have you made an Amazon return yet at Kohl's?

If you've never made returns to Kohl's before, here are a few simple tips that may help:

1 – If you'd like to make an Amazon return at Kohl's, start right over HERE at Amazon.

To begin your return process, click on the yellow button that says “return items”. (Bonus tip: you can even return a gift you received from Amazon at Kohl's t00)! 

2 – Once you've chosen your item to return on Amazon, decide how you'd like your return processed.

You can choose to have Amazon put a credit back on your account, refund you your money, or even put the money they would normally return towards another item in your Amazon cart.

Take advantage of free Kohl's Amazon returns.

3 – Select “Kohl's drop off” as your return option on Amazon. 

You'll see on this page that you don't need to print anything off at all, simply head to Kohl's wth your Amazon free return and easily return your item at Kohl's.

4 – On your smartphone, Amazon will email you a return shipping code.

If you have a smartphone, take the QR code that Amazon sends you by email to your local Kohl's along with your return. Kohl's will package, label, and ship your return for you.

If you don't have a smartphone, you can print out your label and take the return to Kohl's to let them send back for you too.

5 – Make your Kohl's Amazon returns early in the morning.

Typically Kohl's stores open throughout the week at 9AM, opening Saturday morning at 8AM (so if you can get up and out of bed early, you're going to save yourself a ton of time!)

6 – Or, if you can't get up early, wait until an hour before closing time to make your returns. 

Most Kohl's stores are open until 10PM on weeknights (except Sunday, when they typically close at 9Pm). Friday and Saturday nights you can run to Kohl's as late as 11PM at night.


Tip: Go HERE to find out the Kohl's Amazon return hours at the local Kohl's stores in your hometown. 


7 – Know where to find the customer service department at your local Kohl's.

Typically Kohl's returns are accepted in the in the customer service department, almost always in the back left hand side of the store. However, during the holidays Kohl's will occasionally move their returns section to the front of the store to make returning items even easier during the busiest season of the year.


So, is making a Kohl's Amazon Return using free Amazon Returns worth it?

Returning an item to Amazon can be a hassle if you have to mail it back to Amazon. Without stopping by Kohl's to take advantage of free Amazon Returns, you'll need to re-pack your item, print your label, and head to your local UPS or USPS to return the item. (So simply walking into your local Kohl's store might be a great option for you.)


And, since Amazon only offers free Amazon return shipping only on certain items, free Amazon returns at Kohl's ensures you won't pay anything to ship an item back to Amazon. If by any chance you order an item in error, taking advantage of free Amazon returns at Kohl's is a pretty great alternative to paying for postage on the return.


The only downside I see at all to Kohl's Amazon returns is that free Amazon returns might make you head to Kohl's for an extra trip (and be tempted by deals you don't really need . . . yikes)! 🙂

But as long as you have a little self-control to skip extra deals you don't need, taking advantage of Kohl's Amazon return locations can be a great bonus option for regular Amazon shoppers. 


(And if you do end up at Kohl's and can't pass up a deal, be sure to take advantage of the Kohl's Mystery Coupon ~ they send 40% off coupons fairly regularly, which is such a great way to save at Kohl's!)


I'd love to hear your thoughts on returning Amazon purchases to Kohl's ~ will you be taking advantage of this offer over the next few weeks with Amazon Prime Day right around the corner?

I think this is just one way that two great stores can offer us excellent customer service, and I'm a wee bit excited about this one. Leave a comment to share your thoughts too ~ I love hearing from you!



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  1. Helen Flowers says

    I live in Northwest Indiana, the other day I was in Khols picking up my order as we have an Amazon return and electronics. I asked them can I return anything I purchase on Amazon and I was told no they will only take back electronics and you have to live within 8 miles of the store and meet other criteria. I am not sure how new this is in our store and if they were just in the beginning of training but if that is the case I will never be able to buy clothes or other things and return easily as I live outside of the 8 miles. Any thoughts

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