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Amazon just dropped the price on several Keto products today! Items ship free with Amazon Prime or Free Super Saver Shipping. Here are a few options:

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PPP member Jamie says: “These are really pricey – but really good.  I'm still munching on my first bag three weeks in, just a little something to help me get through the day without feeling too deprived. 🙂 (These are just 2 net carbs per 60 chips!)”.

Amazon just dropped the price on the Lily's Dark Chocolate Chips (9 oz) to under $5.70, which is a great deal for these (and they're so hard to find!) They are on back order for a week or so, but supposed to be back in stock and deliver soon, so order now and they'll be here before you know it!

Coffee Sweeteners/Flavors:

Jordan's Skinny Syrup – I was lucky enough to find this at a Tuesday Morning near me, but you can also purchase on Amazon!  I love the Hazelnut but also they have a million yummy sounding flavors.  The bigger bottle is a great deal!

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops – My mom just loves her Sweet Drops in Chocolate, so I finally ordered some.  They're good!  I need about 8 drops to get my coffee how I like it.  But then I added a little splash of the Hazelnut Jordan's Skinny Syrup, and now I have chocolate hazelnut coffee that is my new favorite 🙂

Pyure Vanilla Stevia Drops – These are still good – but I needed a break from the vanilla.  I like have a few varieties to keep my mornings exciting 😉  Also the pyure drops have more of a “diet sugar” aftertaste to me that I don't love.

Sugar Substitutes:

The two most popular sugar substitutes for Keto folks are Monkfruit (which lots of people swear tastes the best for baking)

…and Swerve (which the other lots of people swear tastes the best for baking)

I bought both of them so that I could find which one I like best – and so far I've used the Swerve Granulated to make this Blueberry Bread and the Swerve Confectioner's to make the glaze.  It was REALLY REALLY AMAZING – so I give Swerve two thumbs up!  I'll try the Monkfruit next and let you know 🙂


Whisps  I bought Parmesan Whisps last week at Walmart because the other flavors were out.  They tasted too powdery, so I gave them away. On Mexican restaurant day I was so sad I didn't have my Whisps to eat salsa with!  So I ordered some more from Amazon, and this time I got a 2-pack that includes Cheddar and Asiago & Pepper Jack.  Excited to try these!  They're about $1 more on Amazon, but worth it if you need them to help stay on track.

By the way – you get to eat 23 of these and it's only 1 carb!

ChocZero Keto Bark: Last week everyone left comments on my Lily's Chocolaterecommendation and told me to try ChocZero.  It was a little pricey (isn't everything on Keto??) but I ordered some anyway.  It hasn't arrived yet but I'll surely let you know when I do!

Lilly's Chocolate Chips

These are really pricey – but really good.  I'm still munching on my first bag three weeks in, just a little something to help me get through the day without feeling too deprived. 🙂 (These are just 2 net carbs per 60 chips!)

SlimFast Keto Peanut Butter Cups – These are still my ABSOLUTE FAVES but they are sold out all the darn time!  Amazon wants $20 for them – but you can order them for Walmart pickup for just $9.97.  They're SO GOOD and they help me get my fat in if I'm running low for the day.




Almond Flour  (or Coconut Flour if you have a nut allergy)

OH MY GOSH I can't even tell you how much almond flour is saving me.  For a hot minute I thought I might not be able to eat bread anymore – but you can actually make coffee mug bread in the microwave with almond flour!  WHAT???  I will show you!!  Check out my Almond Flour Coffee Mug Bread Recipe here!

I use my bread circles for mini pizzas, little sandwiches, I toast it and cut it up like “croutons” to sprinkle in soups, or to add texture to other dishes, etc…  My next goal is to figure out almond flour tortilla chips 😉


MCT Oil Powder –  In my quest for regularity, I was told my multiple folks to add MCT oil to my coffee.  Other side effects include boosting your energy and clearing your brain fog.   Honestly, I DO actually have more energy after having this in my coffee for two days in a row.  The brain fog might take more than 2 days to clear 🙂  This one was an investment – but since I'm also testing things for the rest of us I thought it was worth it.

Magnesium – I'm still taking the Magnesium supplements I mentioned last time.  I've read a few things about how important it is – so I'll go with it.  I picked ones that are really hard to swallow though (Target brand), so I'm looking for a different kind.  The ones in the link get great reviews!  (Make sure to get Magnesium Citrate and not Magnesium Oxide.  They're more expensive but the body absorbs them much better!)

Ketone Testing Strips

As a newbie I had no idea if eating this new way was putting me in ketosis or not.  These strips told me I WAS in ketosis and it was such a morale booster!  Plus it will let me know when I go out of ketosis, so I can figure out what food caused it.

I've also read about people adding collagen to their coffee – do any of you do this?  Do you notice a difference in your hair/skin/nails?  I'm game to try some!


Need a Helping Hand?

Now I really want to know – do you have any favorite keto foods or products that help you stick with it?  What about recipes?  I truly want to hear what they are  – please leave me a comment so I can try it out!

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