How to Save at Hobby Lobby | 9 Insider Secrets!

Check out how to save at Hobby Lobby with these 9 insider tips – and get oodles more cuteness for your buck!


My idea of a lovely afternoon is wandering down the aisles of Hobby Lobby and dreaming up new ways to fluff up my home…. but I definitely have to watch what I'm spending there!  I was just in the store today and they have SOOOOO many great home decor items on clearance for 75% OFF!

Plus Summer Toys and lots of Spring decor were already 66% OFF – basically it's a crazy good time to shop Hobby Lobby right now!

If you're a fan of adorable home decor and super-cute craftiness…. you are probably already familiar with Hobby Lobby.  🙂  But do you know all the best tricks to save money there?


Here are 9 easy ways to save at Hobby Lobby that will make your love of shopping there a teensy bit more affordable.

How to Save at Hobby Lobby

1 . Never EVER Pay Full Price!

There is always a 40% OFF coupon available for regular-price items at the top right corner of the Hobby Lobby website You can print it out, or simply pull out your phone and show the coupon at checkout time.

You can also use the 40% off coupon on a single cut of fabric or trim up to 10 yards. If you prefer, you can use the Hobby Lobby app that includes both their store sales ad and coupon on iPhone and Android.

If you're shopping – clicking the “Get Coupon” button at the top right-hand corner of the website will automatically apply the e-coupon to your cart.

    • 1 coupon per person, per day (Technically your kids can count as extra people so you can present a coupon through them as well)
    • You can also use a Hobby Lobby coupon at a competitor's store! (think Michael's)

You can also use your 40% off coupon INSTEAD of whatever sale is on – if it's a better discount.  A chair might be 30% off, but you can get 40% off instead if you ask to use your coupon. The cashier will be able to ring it up at full price and then apply your coupon to get you that extra 10% OFF 🙂  (NOTE: This practice varies by store – so check with your cashier!)


2 . Learn About Hobby Lobby's Sale Schedule

One of my BEST insider tips for how to save at Hobby Lobby is to learn the sales schedule.  If you never knew that Hobby Lobby rotates it's sale items on a set schedule, this is going to change the way you shop for good!


Certain items go on sale every 3 weeks, while others are every 4 weeks, and select items are actually on sale EVERY SINGLE WEEK.  (Like t-shirts?  ALWAYS on sale!)  You can see the Hobby Lobby Sale Ad for the current week here – but here are some examples of their sales cycle.

ALWAYS on Sale:

  • Furniture
  • Floral
  • T-Shirts
  • Trees & Plants
  • some Fabric
  • Frames & Posters

Every Other Week:

  • Yarn & Needlepoint
  • Craft Kits, Art Supplies
  • Jewelry Kits
  • Floral Stems
  • Garlands
  • Trays
  • Baskets and Boxes
  • Wreaths
  • Ribbon and Tulle
  • Metal, Wood, Ceramic and Resin Decor

3 Weeks Out of Every 4:

  • Clocks
  • Candle Holders
  • Pillows
  • Rugs and Wall Decor

2 Weeks Out of Every 3:

  • Jewelry Making Supplies
  • Canvas 2-Pks

Once Every 4 Weeks:

  • Home Decor
  • Paper Crafting and Stationary
  • Select Fabric
  • Men's Decor
  • Scrapbooking Supplies

Of course some items never ever go on sale, and you won't be able to use a coupon on them either.  Those include candy and cake making supplies, gift wrap, party supplies, bakeware and Cricut products.  (Although you will be able to find party supplies and gift wrap on CLEARANCE seasonally!)

But for party supplies – I totally recommend hitting up the Dollar Tree anyway because that have tons of cute stuff for just $1!



3 . Look for Clearance!

One of my very favorite time to shop at Hobby Lobby is after any holiday.  You can find OODLES of clearance and if you wait long enough it'll get marked down to 90% OFF!  I use these opportunities to stock up for next year's Holiday supplies – and store them in a tote.  It's a fun surprise to me each year when I open up my Christmas tote and there's already tons of cute ribbon and decorative supplies!

  • Shop clearance after Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween

  • Also shop for season-specific items as the season winds down – love getting cute things for next year!  You can find lots of summer toys at the end of summer for instance – even halfway through summer they're already at 66% OFF!
  • Find clearance up to 50% OFF right before the holiday arrives, then it will go down to 66%, 80% and finally 90%.
  • Keep in mind the selection will be pretty puny by the time it goes 90% OFF, but what treasures you DO find will be ultra-cheap!


4 . Score Online Clearance Deals

If your store is always thoroughly picked over in the clearance department – give the Hobby Lobby online clearance section a shot!  You can shop rock-bottom clearance online long after the stores have cleared out seasonal inventory.  It's a procrastinator's dream!

For one example: Snag this Paas Color Snaps Egg Dying Kit for 60¢ and stash it away for next year (Reg $2.99)

Shipping is not cheap however, so wait until Hobby Lobby runs a free shipping event to go deal hunting online!  To find out when the Free Shipping events happen (usually a couple times per month), make sure to sign up for Hobby Lobby's Email!


5 . Hobby Lobby Price Matches

This is a fun one!!  Hobby Lobby will price match competitors like Michael's or JoAnn's – but you need to know a few rules:

  • Item must be an EXACT match
  • You must have the competitor's physical ad in hand
  • You can't use a coupon along with a price match

6 . Scratch & Dent = Bigger Discounts

I love a good scratch and dent find!  If you find something you love and it has a little nick on it or is otherwise damaged in some way, you can ask your cashier to discount it further.  They will generally take an extra 10% – 15% OFF the item, which can make for a sweet deal!

7 . Grab a Raincheck for Sold Out Items

One of my favorite tips that spans alllll of my couponing and bargain shopping habits is asking for a rain check when an item you want is out of stock.  This goes for Hobby Lobby too!  If something is on sale but has been all snatched up, Hobby Lobby will honor the price on your rain check when it's back in stock.

Additionally, you might want to know that Hobby Lobby never has extra stock hiding in the back.  Everything they get in goes right to the floor, so what you see is what you get!

8 . Hobby Lobby has great prices on poster board.

This one may seem a little bit random, but I love getting poster board at Hobby Lobby!  My kids are always up to some project at school, and while the Dollar Tree has white poster board on sale every day 2/$1, their colored poster boards are $.69. Every few weeks Hobby Lobby puts all of their poster board on sale 2/$1 (including colored poster boards), which is worth watching for when you're there.


9 . Will Hobby Lobby Price Adjust?  You Bet!

If you need fabric or decor RIGHT NOW at full price – but find out next week it went on sale – Hobby Lobby has you covered!  Just bring in your receipt and the product and get a price adjustment up to 14 days after your purchase 🙂  Money back in your pocket is always nice!  (Does not apply to clearance events)


When it comes down to it, the top 3 ways to save at Hobby Lobby are using that 40% OFF Coupon, waiting for sales to cycle around and visiting the clearance aisle for huge markdowns.  I'd love to hear your favorite tips on how to save at Hobby Lobby  – and what your favorite things to buy there are!



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  1. If you’re interested in Art supplies, Hobby Lobby has an every other week rotations… All Master`s Touch and Fine Touch art supplies over 4.99 at 50% off and the following week Strathmore and Canson art paper pads 40% off, marker and pen sets (9.99 & over) 40% off as well as Sargent tempera paint and foam board.
    Also, this week they have some cake decorating stuff at 30% off some of it is icing and fondant, plus candy wafers, it’s in the add under the party heading.

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