How to Make Your Cashier Love You

We all know how important it is to find the “right” cashier at the checkout lane.  I am the worst, I literally walk in the store, scout out my options, and roam the aisles until the one I like is available (this is sometimes tough to do at my Publix, they’re usually chomping at the bit to help me!)

I hate to say it, but some folks in this world are just nicer than others, so obviously the same goes for cashiers.  But I’ve found that most (definitely not all) will warm up to me with a few helpful tips.

  • BE NICE TO THEM!  Smile, make small talk, ask how their day is going (easy, right?)
  • If someone is behind you and has just one or two items, let them go first. I’ve offered to do that many times and sometimes they would rather stay and watch my deals! But it’ll let the cashier know you’re not there to make them crazy, and the person behind you in line won’t go nuts. (I had my first grouchy person ever behind me in line last week. Bless her heart, I don’t think she could have sighed any louder and been any more miserable! My sweet cashier was totally on my side though and just kept scanning those coupons!)
  • Let your cashier know you’ve got coupons.  Some like the whole stack up front, some couldn’t care less how they get them.  Let them know you’re excited about the deals!
  • Save your rain check items or items that are free with a coupon until the end.  That way they can easily give you the deduction for your rain check or free coupon because they’ll have the item right there with the coupon.
  • Don’t use expired coupons.  While Kroger and some drug stores will occasionally accept these, Publix will not.  If you use one, they’re bound to question every coupon you’ve got.  You want to let them know you’re totally fair, because some of them are looking for you to mess up!
  • Clip the entire coupon!  A reader just emailed me from Georgia and said that many cashiers are getting stuck with the entire printed sheet and they have to clip the coupons before turning them in.  Really, is there another way to drive cashiers more crazy?  We want them on our side!  Keep scissors in your purse and you can even clip in the checkout line while they’re scanning your items (although I do recommend making sure you watch the prices while they’re scanning).
  • Always, Always, ALWAYS be ethical with your coupon usage.  The way you coupon sets the stage for yourself and other couponers, and it’s not worth sacrificing your integrity for a dollar.  Go HERE to see more on Publix coupon acceptance policy and HERE to see more on coupon ethics (thanks Kim Saves!)
  • If a coupon doesn’t work and you feel it’s legitimate, NICELY ask to see a manager.  You might say something like “I thought the last time I was here you all took those, I just want to make sure so I’ll know for next time.”  Or, if it’s not that big a deal, just let them know you don’t want to purchase the item (unless it’s something you really want!)
  • If you’re buying something to donate, let them know that – they love it!  Because I did the $100 challenge at our church, many of the cashiers at my store know I grab things to donate, so they like to see my finds!  One night I was buying 15 boxes of potatoes (imagine that!)  I was a little worried that they might limit how many deals I could get, so I just mentioned that I was buying some for our food pantry.  It made them excited to see how cheaply I got them!
  • When all else fails, figure out your favorite cashier’s schedule – really.  There’s a guy at our store that we all LOVE (he’s really great – he even knows my name!)  A friend of mine loves him too, so we decided we want his schedule!   We really need something more exciting to do than couponing, don’t we?

I really believe that as long as we treat our cashiers kindly and with respect, odds are they’ll do the same us.  (I know there are some exceptions, but so far I’ve been pretty lucky!)  Do you all have any other tips on buddying up with cashiers?  I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Wow I can’t believe people would be so rude as to give a cashier the entire sheet of paper instead of cutting the coupon out!
    I like your idea about telling them when an item is to donate, that would get them on your side for sure. 🙂

  2. Share helpful hints with the cashier. My friendly cashier’s name is Shelly and I inform her of the local consignment sales. She is a young woman that helps a family at her church and helps buy clothes for their teenage daughters. When I walk up after she says ‘hi’…her next question, what good shopping tips do you have for me today?
    I do the same for the cashiers, asst. manager at CVS. Young moms that would like to know about the consignment sales and double or triple coupons. Just ‘pay it forward’ !

  3. Great tips! As a former cashier, I think it’s so important to be nice to them. Another tip: don’t get upset with the cashier if something doesn’t ring up right. The cashier has nothing to do with the labeling, signing or pricing of an item. They also don’t know the price of everything in the store so there is no way they would know that something is priced wrong unless they just had that happen. Sometimes, sale items don’t get marked down like they are supposed to and honestly, the cashier doesn’t always have a chance to look through the sale ad since things are changing so frequently. Just remember the golden rule and you should be fine.

  4. If I have an extra coupon for one of the deals for the week, I offer it to the cashier. They often accept and are sure to tell me about the deal they got next time I see them. It really builds the relationship!

  5. One more important tip, have your coupons ready for the cashier, don’t wait until you are checked out before you start sorting which coupons you want to use. 🙂

  6. Great tips! I like to go early in the morning, because it’s not that busy and I don’t feel rushed from the people behind me. The cashier’s also seem more friendly in the AM. It might be because they just started their shift.

  7. I have a favorite cashier at Publix. She always commented on my deals and I suggested she start with Southern Savers. Her computer was down, so I started bring her some really good competitor coupons
    ($ off of meat, produce, and bakery purchase). I always follow the coupon policy and if I make a mistake it is by accident. I just feel happy when she is working because she also thinks it is great to save money and I know I will not be hassled.

  8. I noticed a lot of cashiers expressing how they either were tired and sick of coupons. Our local grocery store has a survey site on the bottom of the receipt and I suggested some kind of incentive for cashiers on those heavy double/triple coupon days. One day I just picked up a nice, yet inexpensive brand of chocolate at the checkout and had the cashier ring it up last and then gave it to her and told her to have a nice day.

    • Love that idea! I definitely think they get frustrated with couponers (especially not nice couponers), so I always try really hard to just be nice 🙂 Love the idea of getting them something little to let them know you appreciate them!

    • While a wonderful idea, at most places I know of, that is not allowed. A cashier is not allowed to accept anything from a customer under any circumstances and will be in trouble if caught.

  9. Ahhh! I do the same thing ( scope out my cashier and then find the one I want and wait for him to be available). I love publix and everyone seems very helpful but I have one guy in particular that is just so friendly and never ever rejects any of my coupons which is the best. Also an added plus is that he is actually nice to speak to while I’m waiting for him to scan my things. 🙂

  10. Ahhh! I do the same thing ( scope out my cashier and then find the one I want and wait for him to be available). I love publix and everyone seems very helpful but I have one guy in particular that is just so friendly and never ever rejects any of my coupons which is the best. Also an added plus is that he is actually nice to speak to while I’m waiting for him to scan my things. 🙂

  11. I’m in love with Publix too. I think they’re the best. When I start shopping, I open one of my four reusable bags and start placing only the things with coupons in there. After I check the fine print to see if matches the item, I put the coupon in one of the attached paper clips on the edge of the bag. That way when I get to the cashier, she can take out the item and match the coupons as she/he goes. They really do seem to appreciate that.

  12. What a cool article—another idea! If you have good service…most of the major stores have websites and a way to fill out an online comment card—employees are rewarded and recognized when customers fill these out!! It could really make their day to get “KUDOS”. A kind word goes a long way:)

  13. This is so true! There is one older woman at my CVS who is just unpleasant and acts like the act of ringing in a coupon is the hardest thing she has ever done. She was really angry with me during my first coupon transaction, when I had ECBs and a small stack of coupons for maybe 6 items. Everything was organized.

    At that store, I try and wait for the teens who are working there, since they seriously get a kick out of seeing how much money people can save there, like a game. I’m always polite and have my card ready to go along with my items, and I do coupons last followed by ECBs. Never had a problem! It doesn’t hurt that I go in often since it’s 2 blocks away from my home.

  14. I always get some kind of candy at little or no cost, after I've checked out, I give to my cashier. Sometimes they fight over who is going to check me out

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