Ultimate Home Checklist Day 1: I’m declaring 2019 the year of the pantry.

Are you joining me for our Ultimate Home Checklist Challenge this week? Here's everything you need to know!

  • Beginning Monday, 1/7/19 and through 1/11/19 we'll do a Facebook Live between 9 and 10 AM each weekday tackling a few chores on this checklist ~ go HERE to get yours
  • Each day we'll do the daily chores + AM tasks while on Facebook Live
  • Each afternoon I'll update you with a blog post including what we've worked on each day (and I'd love to hear if you're joining in too!)
  • We'll also tackle one BIG home project that's included each week on the lists as well ~ this week it's to organize the pantry ~ take a peek at mine below!)

UPDATE: JANUARY 13th ~ the price goes up on the planner and the 2019 Home Checklist Private Facebook Group closes TONIGHT ~ order NOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN ME!

It's day one of the 2019 Ultimate Home Checklist Challenge (I'll be sharing my updates each day throughout this first week . . .), and the first thing I had to tackle (EEK!) was my pantry.




Hint: Each week in the challenge is one BIG task (the pantry this week!) along with simpler daily tasks to manage each day. You can do that task any time in the week, I just wanted to get this one out of the way! 

I have a mountain of excuses as to why it looks this way (um, three kids home from school, running a deal blog during the Christmas season, having a husband who kind of refuses to pare things down …. not to mention being a frugal girl who hates throwing things away.




For. Real.


This is ridiculous. 

Let me give you a closer peek. 

Yup, things were clearly a wee bit out of control around here.


But, my sweet Caroline and I set to work, and in a few hours (yes, hours) we completed the task



Here's a peek.

2019 Ultimate Home Checklist Challenge


I. can't. even.

We'd picked up a few containers at Home Goods (which were pretty reasonable – between $5-$10 each . . . ), looked up “Pinterest Perfect Pantries”, and de-clutttered a ton. 


Here's how things shaped up at the end of the day . . .

BEFORE > > >

AFTER  > > >


Here's the thing.

While I'm pretty good at keeping up my home (the daily tasks are easy for me!) the BIG projects that just need to get tackled often get thrown aside because I'm just too busy.


I have a busy job, busy kids, and a busy life. The pantry simply isn't a priority. (Until we need dinner and can't find it. Yikes.) 


Especially as a frugal girl (who's been pinching pennies her entire life!) I hate throwing things away out of fear that one day we won't be able to afford them. (Which is something I think all frugal folks struggle with!)


But keeping expired 2003 Jell-o (um, not kidding . . . ) clearly isn't a win for anyone.Which is why I decided I needed a doable strategy for both you and me, and we'll be tackling it all together in 2019.


(And in all honesty, most  of the things on this list are things I've done in our own family for years. The pantry is just one I've always struggled with, partly because I can't keep my family on board. But remember, THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE PANTRY. 🙂 So I'm going to win this time.) 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Are you ready to join me? Do you need some motivation too?


Today is the day.


Right now, get access to ALL THE ROTATING HOME CHECKLISTS FOR 2019 FOR JUST $23.95 (regularly $19.95) and join me. 

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Go HERE to check them out, and hit the leave a comment button if you have any questions at all. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a small part of your journey ~ I'm praying a beautiful 2019 for you!




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  1. Do you ever have a problem with your food items tasting like plastic after being stored in plastic bins? I’ve had that happen in the past, so am hesitant to use them now.

  2. Tami Daniel Means says

    Ima need to borrow Ms Caroline please! Looks great!!!

  3. Can you put words or notes on each section to help us what is where an in what, for example the big basket at the bottom what’s in it?

  4. Where did you buy plastic containers from and baskets?

  5. Did you get the black wire basket for your cleaning supplies at Home Goods? I love it!

  6. Kate Jones says

    What do you have in the big basket on the floor?

  7. Just spent 2 hours cleaning the pantry out.I have the same shelf set up as you.We took everything out and got rid of a ton of stuff.It looks and feels great.Thanks,for the little push to get it done.

  8. Sarah Bemis says

    I purchased the checklist – how do I get added to the Facebook group?

  9. Where did you get that large basket on the floor? Did you get it at Home Goods too? And how much was it?

  10. I see your Instant Pot is high up on the top shelf and in the corner. If I can’t reach it, I can’t/won’t use it. Oh, I don’t like step stools – too high for me. 🙂

  11. Jessica young says

    What is your workout schedule like? What do you do as a frugal busy mom?

    • Hi Jessica! I’ve always worked out early in the morning (I leave for the gym at 5AM!) Years ago I went to a gym that was super cheap (like $12 a month!) and got hooked on Body Pump and Body Attack, it was great for my budget and my schedule bc they had 5:30 am classes. We moved and I now go to another gym that’s a little more expensive (I miss that one!) but still do Body Pump 2 days a week, Attack 1 day a week, and spin 1 day a week (since I work from home, I like having a reason to leave my house each day, and if we need a small grocery run I stop by on my way home!) Another great frugal option was running with a friend – for about a year I ran with another working mom at 5AM – it was such a great way to get out and get a fun chat in each day too. Hope that helps! 🙂

  12. Cheryl odonnell says

    It looks very nice . I have a hard time getting my daughter when she comes home from school on breaks to help me . I’m very impressed with the job you 2 did and all the work your husband did.

  13. Jamey Goff says

    I have sent for two things and have not received either I am disappointed because I love you and all the money I habwbdrv

  14. Sharon Shepherd says

    I love that you’re so “real”, Laurie! Oh and thanks a lot for getting “Sweet Caroline” stuck in my head. Haha just teasing. It was very nice of her to help you. Your pantry looks great!

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