Grocery & Donation Deals: Spent $41 Plus Tax For $126 in Groceries

Here's the quickest post ever of what we spent this week at the grocery!  (We're running late for gymnastics . . . eek!)  

Spent $41 plus tax at Publix . . .


Reagan's determined to be in the pic every week – what to do?

And here's what we're donating . . .



I’d love to hear how your grocery trip went this week, and if you were able to purchase an item or two to give please take a minute to share that too! See how other folks are saving at Super Savings Saturday at Money Saving Mom,Weekly Totals at I Heart Publix, and Friday Finals at Southern Savers.


New to couponing? Start out by checking out all Publix matchups over HERE, and also take a minute to visit this week’s top Kroger deals and Drug Store Deals.  You can also check out my beginners series over HERE.

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  1. How much did you pay for your goldfish crackers? My sale price is 1.75 but when Kroger had them on their mega sale this week I almost fell out of my chair. I picked up 3 for .99 each! The family loves them and I joked that we should just leave kroger with an entire cart of goldfish crackers to last us until-who-knows-when-the-next-sale-will-be-at-that-price.

    • I paid too much! They were BOGO – which I think made them $1.29? But, I hardly ever seem to make it to Kroger, and it was still a decent price for Publix 🙂 I can’t buy them too often because my kids don’t know when to stop eating them, but if I allowed them much in our home I definitely consider buying a cart full of them at that price (as long as I left a few for the next person . . . ) 🙂

      • Funny you say that. I picked up two from the shelf and when I returned later (some chips I was going to buy as part of the sale were sold out) to grab one as a filler the shelf was stocked. I told my husband “Didn’t I just grab two of these?” It was eerie/funny

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