Grocery Budget Check Up Week 3: Saved By Eating At Home

How did you do this week on your grocery budget? I spent a bit more than I have over the last few weeks (mostly because of some great sales that I didn't want to miss), but stocked up on a ton of groceries. I was most excited though because after cleaning out the freezer last week I realized I already have a bunch of meals right in my kitchen, so this weekend we managed to eat out just one time on Sunday after church (which is the best we've done in awhile around here!)


Here's where our grocery budget went this week:


  • Dollar Tree: $3 for bread (plus more for school supplies)
  • Publix: $51.99 (saved $87.09)
  • Kroger: $6.98 (emergency – realized I needed snacks for my daughter's Upward game at the last minute!)
  • Publix Trip #2: $5.45 (saved $15.34)
  • Dollar General $17.02 (stocked up on clearance items plus milk, fruit and veggies)
  • Total: $84.44
So while I was just under my $85 goal for the week, our pantry is stocked and I already have everything I need to make my absolute favorite Baked Spaghetti recipe (so we can stay on track again this weekend!) One thing that I've realized in the past is that I often look forward to the weekend as a time to get a break from cooking, but as our weeknight schedules have gotten crazier (and I'm cooking less and less full meals during the week) it's nice to be able to cook more on the weekends when we're actually home.  Eating out of our freezer last weekend easily saved us $50 over what we would spend on a dinner out ~ success!


If you need to change your grocery budget in 2014, I encourage you to hold yourself accountable to make changes each week. Keep your receipts together so you can see exactly where you're spending your grocery budget, and then you'll know where your money has gone each week. I'm amazed at how that just keeps me mindful during the week of wasting money without thinking about it, because I know I've got some accountability for it! Feel free to also share how you've been doing in the comments section, and we'll work on it together!


Remember that your grocery budget is the one area in your family's finances that you have so much control over simply by purposefully shopping the sales ads and using a few coupons, and you really can change how your family spends this year.  Share how you've done this week by clicking HERE ~ I love hearing from you!

(You can also download this free printable monthly budget spreadsheet if you're new to budgeting ~ go HERE to get yours.)


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  1. Karen Kent says

    I am making a lot of somewhat painful and scary life changes at the moment and remembering to give myself grace every day. I am having to budget for myself and my kids, to keep my household afloat. I am thankful for reading a blog like yours that reminds me I can do this. So, one thing I do every day is to reward myself for my hard work with a small treat. It can be something free to me, like sitting in a warm bath, or a minimal cost, a soda at McDonalds. I find that when I do these small things and see them as a reward, I feel better about turning down the bigger things that are budget wreckers. I am also grateful to have a plan for my money like Dave Ramsey says. Thank you for your encouraging blog. I read you every day.

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