Free Printable Scripture Tags For Advent (& Happy Thanksgiving!)


My friend (and awesome designer!) Cheryl made these completely free printable Scripture Tags for Advent  for you to enjoy this Christmas Season, as we were talking about just how easy it is for our children to forget exactly what all this Christmas craziness is about.


I'm using mine to clip on to bags (see below), and each day my kids will get to open a small gift and read a Scripture each day leading up to Christmas morning. To keep things simple, each bag includes items like a small piece of candy, packets of hot chocolate, and even new toothbrushes (I found most of the items in my pantry!)


Go HERE to print yours

I know things get crazy with all the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season that it's difficult sometimes to slow down, so we're hoping this will help your family remember just how precious the gift of this season is. Enjoy a very blessed Thanksgiving, and we'll see you back here bright and early Friday morning for just a few more deals. 😉


I'm so (incredibly!) thankful for each one of you.  Blessings!


You can also download these free printables from Passionate Penny Pincher:




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  1. Thank you!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. So beautiful! I think I will laminate and hole punch them, then we can build a “book” each day with a binder clip. We can read the whole story Christmas morning. (And I can reuse them next year!) Thanks for all you do!

  3. I love these!! I’m having trouble printing them though. Mine are coming out smaller than the one on your bag. Any idea how I can fix this? They are hard to read at the size they are printing out. Thanks!!

    • Hi Kim! I checked with my friend Cheryl who put them together, and here’s what she said –
      “The only thing I can think of is that she has the printer shrinking it to “fit”? It’s an option on PDF … if she doesn’t shrink to fit, they should work out they way we have them.”

      Hope that helps, if not, let us know!

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