Free Lindt Chocolate?


Hurry over to “like” Lindt on their Facebook page, and you should be able to score a FREE Bag of Lindor Chocolate Truffles (yummmm!) 


This coupon printed for me, but I have to admit I’m not sure if it will be accepted . . . it’ prints awfully easily and it’s *very* rare that a company would offer up a free coupon so easily..  If I see anything that looks like this is not a legitimate coupon I’ll let you know, but hopefully it’ll work for you! 


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  1. I went to their website and they have a link to the facebook page offering this coupon – so it is a legit coupon from the company…..I figured if it was a good coupon they’d have some info or a link from their main website…and yup they did !!! : )

    • Thanks Lyn for letting me know! It’s so rare for a company to do that and I didn’t have much time to research it, so I’m hopeful the stores will allow them! 🙂

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