FREE Harry’s Shaving Trial Box only $3 S&H ($13 Value!)

Click to Save!

Here's a fun new free trial to check out! (I just got mine a couple days ago and it's great!)

For a limited time, Harry's is giving away a FREE Harry's Razors Trial Set ($13 value) – which includes a Truman Razor, Blade and Travel Cover, and Foaming Shave Gel!  (If you don't see this offer right away, click on the top left hand corner of the page where it says”Get Started”)



Just pay $3 for shipping and handling.  This makes a great little gift to ship to a college kid!

If you've tried Dollar Shave Club and therefore can't get their awesome Welcome Box Offer anymore – this is a fun way to sample another shave club!

Target & Walmart sell Harry's Razors for around $10 – so really and truly I consider this a great deal.

Go HERE to check it out! 

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  1. Steve Richards says

    None of the links worked on the Harrys razor web page, so I was unable to order a trial set.

  2. What’s going on with your prom link I keep hearing on the radio but went going on the site we are having difficulties opening up the link

    • Hi Marcelino! So sorry the link is giving you trouble! You may need to try it in a different browser! 🙂 Hope that helps!

  3. I got an offer to a free trial razor set from Harry’s with the obligation of paying for shipping and handling. Of course, the only way to get that free razor office seem to be that I also have to sign up to receive regular shipments of blades. I am not going to sign up for some long term supply chain via Harry’s so I can see if I like the razor. No thanks. I will gladly try your free offer, but I refuse to be conned into paying for regular shipments of blades for a product that I may not even like.


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