Easter Diy Centerpiece | Charming Bunny Topiary!

Note from Laurie: I am soooooo crazy excited to share my friend Julie from Less than Perfect Life of Bliss with you! If you haven't met her before, Julie is my online blog crush . . . every time I visit her site or take a peek at her kitchen table on Instagram I'm inspired to love on my home just a wee bit more.  Take a minute to also see how Julie set her Easter dinner table last year (her paper garland over the mirror is my favorite!), and don't miss her $5 Goodwill lamp makeover too. Thanks so much Julie for sharing this darling Easter DIY centerpiece ~ I can't wait to make it  for our Easter table this year too! This bunny topiary in this Easter DIY Centerpiece is full of country charm and would be perfect for a mantle or tablescape!

Easter DIY Centerpiece | Bunny Topiary

Julie here! I’m really excited to be guest-posting here on Passionate Penny Pincher! Laurie and I have been blogger friends for several years now, and I’m a huge fan of hers! She is a master at teaching us how to save money and still have fun while adding some great style to life, so I’m sharing a little project that goes right along with that! With Spring in the air, and Easter just around the corner, I thought I’d share this DIY bunny topiary which is a re-make of one I did in my early blogging days. It’s both cute and inexpensive, and a great project to do with the kids as well!  

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • my free bunny pattern
  • floral foam for fresh flowers (a.k.a oasis)
  • a handful of preserved moss
  • Elmer’s glue or basic craft glue
  • a thin stick
  • a pot or container
Laurie's note: You can actually find EVER SINGLE ONE of these things at the dollar tree!  They have floral foam, green moss, glue, and loads of little candle holders/vases that would work so well for this.  Check out the selection at the Dollar Tree online here!   1 . To start, print a bunny pattern in the size you want by clicking HERE, then cut it out. (I printed this particular one at 50%) Keep in mind that you want the bunny form to be slightly larger than the overall width of the container or pot you choose.
2 . Next, using a sharp knife on a cutting board, cut your block of foam to the approximately size of the pattern and slice it to about 1 to 2 inches in thickness.
3. Then, use some straight sewing pins to pin the pattern onto the slice of foam.
4 . Using your knife, cut around the pattern in short cuts, being careful to cut all the way through the foam.
5 . Once that’s done, clean up any rough edges by cutting them away.
6 . Now you’re ready to cover the bunny! This is the messy part, so you may want to cover your surface with newspaper or use a paper plate. Working in sections, start by applying glue, then gently sticking on the moss!   Here’s a tip: there’s no need to use big clumps of the moss. Pull it apart and use the smallest pieces, and snip larger pieces to make a fine moss for better coverage. This will also help to keep the shape of the bunny. When applying the moss, press firmly but gently to prevent having clumps.
7 . After the entire bunny is covered, you may even want to add a little color by gluing on a tiny piece of faux flower.
8 . Once the glue is dry, cut or break your stick to the length you want for your topiary.(I just found this stick right in my yard!)Press some of the floral foam into your pot or container, then place the stick in, topping it with your bunny form.
9 . Lastly, just use a little more of the moss to cover the foam in the pot! That’s it!It’s such a simple DIY, but adds the perfect touch of Spring to your decor!
I hope you've enjoyed this little DIY! Big thanks to Laurie for inviting me to share this with you all. I hope to see you here again soon. And visit me at my own blog anytime for plenty of DIY inspo!  

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