Drug Store Scenario of the Week – Rite Aid’s Amazing Diaper Deal (10/3/10 – 10/9/10)

Update – I went to Rite Aid today to do the deal myself, and learned a few things!  Here are a few tips:

  • My store allowed me to “roll” my $2.69 Crest Toothpaste UP Rewards twice, and the cashier thought they would keep rolling as there was no limit listed, but I hated to buy them all and not leave them for anyone else! 🙂
  • Apparently I live in an area where Rite Aid runs the “short ad” (this was news to me!) So, the Schick Razor helped push my total up to get the $5/$25, but was not free.  🙁  So, here’s a quick new scenario if you’re in the short ad like me . . .

Buy 2 Packages Huggies Diapers (priced at $7.99)

Buy 1 Crest Toothpaste + Scope (priced at $2.69)

Buy 1 Oral B Toothpaste (priced at $2.69)

Buy 2 Suave Body Washes (On Sale 2/$4)

Use . . .

  • $5/$25 Rite Aid Coupon or HERE valid through 10/31/10 & some CVS stores will take these also!
  • (2) $3/1 Huggies Coupon HERE (leave zip code blank) or HERE, $2.50/1 Little Snugglers or Movers HERE, $4/2 HERE or $2/1 from 9/26 SS
  • $2/1 Rite Aid Video Values Huggies coupon HERE says Pull Ups but prints as Huggies Diapers or Pull Ups
  • $2/2 Rite Aid Video Values Suave Products HERE
  • (2) $0.50/1 Suave Naturals Body Wash
  • $1/1 Crest Toothpaste from 9/26 PG can also use $1/1 from Rite Aid Clip & Save Booklet if you have that one, but the scenario prices don’t include this!
  • $0.75/1 Oral-B Products P&G MIR Savings Booklet (exp 1/31/2011) This is from a coupon booklet received after rebate – I don’t have this one but maybe you do!

Pay $7.61 out of pocket, get. . .

  • $2.69 in UP Rewards towards your next purchase from Crest
  • $2.69 in UP Rewards towards your next purchase from Oral B
  • $1 in UP Rewards towards your next purchase from Suave Body Washes
  • Total $6.38 in Up Rewards towards more diapers!  (See trip #2 below)

I have talked to so many newbie couponers lately in search of diaper deals, that I’m almost considering switching my Drug Store Scenario of the Week over to Diaper Scenario of the Week!  I know that many of you don’t even have little ones in diapers, but if you do, it’s a HUGE expense that is also a huge budget buster! 

So, at least for this week I’m sharing another amazing diaper deal (this is one of the best I’ve seen!)  Even if you don’t have any kiddos in diapers, check out what a fabulous deal these would be to donate to someone in need!  Here’s how to pinch your pennies on diapers this week at Rite Aid . . .

Trip #1

Buy 2 Packages Huggies Diapers (priced at $7.99)

Buy 1 Schick Razor (priced at $5.99)

Buy 1 Nivea Lip Care (priced at $1.99)

Buy 1 Crest Toothpaste + Scope (priced at $2.69)

Use . . .

  • $5/$25 Rite Aid Coupon or HERE valid through 10/31/10 & some CVS stores will take these also!
  • (2) $3/1 Huggies Coupon HERE (leave zip code blank) or HERE, $2.50/1 Little Snugglers or Movers HERE, $4/2 HERE or $2/1 from 9/26 SS
  • $2/1 Rite Aid Video Values Huggies coupon HERE says Pull Ups but prints as Huggies Diapers or Pull Ups
  • $2/1 Rite Aid Video Values Schick Razor coupon HERE 
  • $4/1 Schick Razor from 10/2 SS
  • $1/1 Nivea Lip Care from 10/3 RP or September & October All You Magazine
  • $1/1 Crest Toothpaste from 9/26 PG can also use $1/1 from Rite Aid Clip & Save Booklet if you have that one, but the scenario prices don’t include this!

Pay $5.65 out of pocket, get. . .

  • $2.69 in UP Rewards towards your next purchase from Crest
  • $1 in UP Rewards towards your next purchase from Nivea Lip Care

Trip #2

Buy 1 Huggies Pullups or Wipes (priced at $7.99)

  • Use $3.69 in UP Rewards from Trip #1
  • Use (1) $3/1 Huggies Coupon  HERE (leave zip code blank) or HERE or from 9/26 SS could also use $2.50/1 HERE, $2/1 from 9/26 SS or $2/1 HERE, or $4/2 HERE

Pay $1.30 plus tax out of pocket

TOTAL:  Pay $6.95 plus tax out of pocket for THREE packs of diapers, 1 Nivea Lip Care, 1 Schick Razor, and 1 Crest Toothpaste . . .WOOOHOOO!  To see all the best deals at Rite Aid this week, check out Saving Addiction, and if you’re new to shopping Rite Aid read what I learned on my first trip over HERE.

If you’d like to see the top deals at the other drug stores this week, go HERE for Walgreens deals and HERE for CVS deals!  And to keep up with all the deals, join Passionate Penny Pincher on Facebook!

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  1. Tonya Caywood says:

    I am so going to be doing this deal, if at all possible. Thanks for coming up with these scenarios for us. It keeps me from having to figure out a good scerario myself. You guys are the greatest!!!!

  2. I’m so glad it helps Tonya! (Diaper deals are what got me into shopping the drug stores – it really is such a budget helper!)

  3. Great scenarios here to lower the OOP expenses. Thanks.

  4. I cannot find the Huggies coupons on Coupons.com. What zip code are they in?

    • Hey Rose – I have found it off & on at Coupons.com since they reset – but don’t see it now. I just looked around and found another one HERE. Hope that helps!

  5. tracey burgess says:

    I couldn’t find any huggies diapers at my rite aid priced at $7.99. They were all priced at $11.99. Pampers had some sizes for $9.99 with a $2.00 reward but my coupon was specifically for huggies. This is my first experience with coupons, so maybe I was looking at something wrong or maybe our store is just priced higher? BTW, I love your website! I’ve learned tons and went on my first shopping trip to publix today. Saved $35 with coupons and $50 with sale prices! Thanks a bunch!

    • Oh Tracey – I’m so sorry! The sale starts tomorrow . . . I should have put the date in the top (I’ll add it now). I’m so glad you did so well at Publix today – hopefully you won’t be too mad at me and still try the diaper deal starting tomorrow!!! 🙂

  6. I just checked and the 9/16 Crest coupons from the P&G insert all expired 9/30. Every coupon in the insert did so I would think using that expired coupon would be YMMV. Just a heads up. Have a good weekend!

    • Hey Sarah! It looks like all the coupons from 9/26 PG should expire until 10/30/10. I don’t have my coupons with me (so it’s possible I’m crazy), but I just checked the coupon database and hopefully we have plenty of time! Thanks for checking it though!

  7. Tracey- you might’ve gone a day early for it to work. Usually sales are Sunday to Sunday unless your store for some reason starts them early. Try tomorrow for the sale prices.

  8. I am wondering if the pure and natural diapers are part of this deal since that is what the $3/1 coupons are for

  9. Hailey Mac says:

    Just FYI…. the Schick Hydro 5 blade razors are AMAZING!! My boyfriend shaves his head and says he has tried every razor out there and i brought this one home for him to try when they first came out and we were scoring great deals on them and he was blown away… I use these on my legs now too… its razor love, let me tell you 🙂 I can’t wait to try this deal, can’t beat the price for diapers OR these razors 🙂

    Thank you!

  10. Tracey – You might want to keep in mind that even after the sale starts, the shelf tags may still say $11.99 – I know Rite Aid in my area tends to do this. But if the weekly ad (available at the front of the store) says $7.99 with card, you’re good to go. If you’re not sure if a specific type of Huggies (such as Pure & Natural) is included in the sale, you can always ask for a price check at the register…but in my experience, they include all Huggies in these deals.

  11. coralie duttweiler says:

    it says to use (2) $3 coupons on trip 2, but i am guessing you meant for that to be a one since you are only buying 1 package.

  12. can you use pure and natural coupons for regular huggies?

  13. Just did this deal. The only difference is my Crest coupon was only .50. Somehow I came out with $8.50 total and not $5 something but it’s still a GREAT deal. I used 3 of the $3/1 Pure and Natural…they were included in the $7.99 price.

  14. Thanks so much for working this deal out! I went today and did this exact scenario and it worked out great. BTW, the Nivea Lip Care gave me $1.99 in UP rewards, not $1.00, so even better! I paid just about $9.00 OOP, including tax, for everything. Awesome!

    Erin – I don’t know if the coupon will technically scan or not, but if it only says pure and natural on the coupon, I would not try to use them on the other types of Huggies. It’s not what the coupon was intended for. HTH

  15. I think it’s worth mentioning that Rite Aid has Similac liquid formula on sale for $4.99(normally $6.99) and if you buy $25 worth you get a $5 single check rebate. Similac has a printable coupon out for $3 off any formula. So when I went to Rite Aid today I was able to get 6 bottles of Similac, 2 Razors, 3 pks of Huggies Pure n Natural Diapers, 1 Aveeno Baby, and 2 candy bars spread over 3 transactions for $16.00, $11 after my similac single check rebate.

  16. Great deal! Also if you register your Rite Aid Wellness card, you can earn $1.50 from Upromise.

  17. Sometimes. A manager may let you if they are out of the pure and natural. Ymmv. I have 2 stores that are super coupon friendly and 2 that treat me like a criminal. Lol. Just ask the manager, it depends on the person.
    Oh, and I live in a short ad area, so no free razor at rite aid (just cvs with an extra can of free shave cream. Also got a hallowen dancing thing, two honey bunches of oats, and the contact solution for $2 oop, (used $17 ecb and got 12.99 back)
    I did rework my rite aid deal sense I found a banana boat sunscrean on clearance for 2.94 and used the $3vv coupon into my deal. Total $2 oop for 3 bags of recees, 2 huggies, 1 nivia, 1 toothpaste, 2 suave, 2 lint rollers, and a 3-pack of kids toothbrushes, sunscreen, and 4 ace hot/cold packs.

  18. Did anyone find the RP Nivea coupon? I did go to Rite Aid this morning and did not see any Pure and Natural Huggies…I didn’t ask, so I guess I’ll go again and ask 🙂


    I’m wondering if there were another place to find the Crest coupon? I don’t have a P&G, where do you get them?


  20. If you are having trouble finding the huggies coupon on coupons.com, try clearing the zip code box. For some reason the coupn only shows when I have no zip code typed in. HTH

  21. Hi! Thank You so much for this deal scenerio!! I try to help my daughter by buying my grandsons diapers and every deal and coupon helps since I lost my job last year!! I’m new to shopping at Rite Aid so could you tell me what “Short Ad” means? Also, I viewed their circular online and Maxwell House coffee is on sale for $2.99 with $1 up reward. There is another line saying something about $2 but the print is small and I can’t read it. Does anyone know what it says or am I just trying to make this a better deal than it really is because I have $1.00 mfg coupon to use toward it!!

    • Hi Robin! Our had included the Maxwell House – so add it into your scenario, and you should get this:
      Buy 1 Maxwell House $2.99
      Use $1/1 coupon
      Pay $1.99
      Get $1 in Up Rewards

      I’m not very clear on which areas include long ad or short ad, but if your Schick Razors are priced at $5.99 (on page 9) you’re in an area with a long ad. I’ve heard that you can print the long ad and take it to your Rite Aid stores in other areas and they MAY honor the price. (Try zip code 40059 to see the long ad). Hope that helps!

  22. Thank you! I only have two unopened diaper packages left and I was getting nervous! 🙂 I found out about this scenario from Money Saving Mom.

  23. I can’t seem to access a $5/$25 coupon. I keep getting a message that the file is damaged and can not be accessed 🙁

  24. Katie Lyons says:

    Thank you so much for this! My little guy is in Pull Ups, but my SIL had a baby shower today and I was able to get her 4 packs of diapers for cheap! By the way, you can get a great deal on Edge shave gel because of the video values coupon for $1.50/2 Edge, combined with the B1G1 free coupon on Coupons.com Here’s what I did.

    2 Packs of Huggies Pure and Natural $7.99 each
    1 Schick Hydro Razor $5.99
    2 Edge Shave Gels $2.99 each

    Total before coupons = $27.95

    -$5/$25 Rite Aid Video Values
    -$2 Huggies October Video Values
    -$1 Huggies September Video Values
    -$3 Huggies Printable
    -$3 Huggies Printable
    -$5 wyb Schick Hydro Razor and Edge shave gel (peelie taken off of my last razor I already had coupons for so saved)
    -$2 Schick Hydro Video Values
    -$1.50/2 Edge Video Values
    -B1G1 Free Edge Shave Gel

    = $2.46 Out of Pocket!

    The Hydro and Gel came to .49 for all. The diapers came to 1.97 for both!
    Thank you so much!

    • That’s a great deal Katie! I so wish those Hydros were included in our area 🙂

      Laura – I just checked the links for the $5/$25 and it looks like they still work. Try again this morning and hopefully you can get one!

  25. In my experience, you don’t have to use the UP rewards on your next purchase of anything in particular. You can use them on pretty much anything (except pharmacy) ~ they’re kind-of like cash.

  26. Hey – I just did the diaper deal and it was awesome!! I messed up a little on the transaction, so ended up paying out 6.16 + tax (I think 7.61) and .56 in tax and getting back 2.69 in Rewards to use next week. I would have rather used the 2.69 on this shopping trip. However, all in all – under 5 bucks plus tax for 3 diaper packs, 2 body washes, one lip balm and toothpaste? AWESOME! Also, my store did NOT have the Pure & Natural diapers marked as 7.99, but they rang up as 7.99 (I just asked for a quick price check before I began.) Super Happy!!

  27. Well good luck, I live in Utah in good ol’ Utah county and I went first thing Sunday ( shhh….don’t tell anybody 🙂 And there were NO Huggies Naturals at both stores I venture to…They hope to get more but weren’t sure, I did pick up some Goodnights underpants for not as good of deal but close…prob got in later this week and get a raincheck 🙂

  28. Did this just to see if I could make it work…it did!! I now have a wonderful shower gift…thanks for all the hard work that you did!

  29. I did the Rite Aid deal. Got the products, but ended up paying more than the amount told in site. Cashier was very rude and didn’t like my coupons, I guess. She huffed and puffed through the whole transaction, but used the coupons anyway.

    • I’m so sorry Lois! I hate dealing with grouchy cashiers (well, grouchy people in general . . .), but I know it’s frustrating. Hopefully next time you’ll get a sweeter cashier 🙂 (and remember all deals do vary some by area). I’m sorry!

  30. I just tried to do this. It did not work exactly the same for me buuutttttt. Here’s the break down: 2 pkg of Huggies @7.99= 15.98, 1 crest @ 2.69, 1 hydro refill @5.99, 1 nivea @ 2.99=27.65…coupons -$2.50 off 1 huggies = 5.00 off,$2.00 off rite aide video coupon, $1.00 off crest, $3.00 off hydro, $1.00 off nivea, $5.00 off $25.00—I couldn’t get the razor because they were all out—I got a rain check for it and saved my coupons…total of discounts = $17.00


    I got the reward bucks and bought my other package of diapers with a $1.00 off coupon.Great advice.

  31. This is awesome!! Thank you! I’ll be at Rite Aid sometime this week to pick up my deal 😉

  32. what exactly is” UP REWARDS ” thank you

    • Hey Cindi – Up Rewards are similar to CVS Extra Care Bucks – they’re like a coupon on your receipt for money off your next purchase. If you purchase the Crest, you’ll get $2.69 off your next purchase (of anything in the store). Let me know if you still have questions!

  33. christine says:

    Thank you sooo much! I am soo glad that I caught this on AOL.. I will be checking your site weekly for these scenerios.. I have a 2 week old daughter, and this was a lifesaver!!!Hope to find more diaper deals!

  34. I did this yesterday, Paid $6.46 but got no up Rewards. Don’t get it.

    • Jenny – if you still have your receipt you might want to go back to Rite Aid and ask about the Up Rewards. As long as you purchased the correct toothpaste/razor/UP purchases, they should have printed for you. I hate it when it doesn’t go as easily as planned (and with drug stores that happens a lot!) Good luck!

  35. Hi I have a question , can I use black and white coupons in rite aid?? I’ve been traying to save ink, I don’t have any color in … do you think they will accept them?

    • Hey Carmina! Yes – Rite Aid will accept black and white coupons – I never print mine in color (anything to save on ink!)


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