Drug Store Deal of the Week

Update #2 – (crazy, I know!)  Hurry over HERE and print a new $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon to make this deal even sweeter 🙂

Update  – We just got home from traveling this weekend and it looks like many of the Rite Aid coupons have been updated and are no longer available!  If I were you I would NOT purchase the Aveeno without the Video Values coupon, it’s just not a good enough deal (unless you love Aveeno!)  If you printed the Rite Aid coupons prior to this morning you’re in luck!  Even without those store coupons though this is still a great deal, just not as quite as good as it was . . .  (You’ll still get two packs of diapers and five other items for just $3.97 after coupons and UP Rewards, so I guess we really can’t complain!)

It looks like Rite Aid wins the drug store deal of the week again this week!  Check out this fabulous deal on diapers and many other freebies in the new ad at Rite Aid starting 10/24/10 . . .

Trip #1 – Buy . . .

  • (1) Alka Seltzer Plus Fast Crystal Power Packet (On Sale $5, get $2 in UP Rewards at checkout)
  • (1) Aveeno Hair Care (On Sale $5.99, receive $1 in UP rewards at checkout) 
  • (1) Huggies Diapers or Pull Ups (On Sale $8.99, receive $2 in UP Rewards at checkout)
  • (1) Nivea Happy Sensation Body Lotion (On Sale $5.99, receive $5 in UP Rewards at checkout)
  • (1) Carefree Liners (On Sale $.99)

Use . . .

Pay $6.96 out of pocket, receive $10 in UP rewards towards your next purchase!  (WOOHOO!) After changes in deal, pay $8.97 out of pocket, receive $9 in UP Rewards towards your next purchase, so really still a great deal!

Trip #2 – Buy . . .

  • (1) Huggies diapers or Pull Ups (On Sale $8.99, receive $2 in UP Rewards at checkout)
  • (2) Quaker Oatmeals (On Sale 2/$5, get $1 in UP Rewards at checkout)

Use . . .

Pay NOTHING out of pocket, receive $3 in UP Rewards, and if you had all the best coupons available you’ll still have $3 in Up Rewards from your first transaction.  That’s like paying $.96 for all those goodies out of pocket . . . WOOHOO!!!  Pay NOTHING out of pocket, receive $3 in UP Rewards, AND you should still have $2 in UP Rewards from your first transaction!  That’s like paying $3.97 for all those deals!

  Looking for more drug store deals this week?  See deals at Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS .

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  1. How do you use 4 coupons on the Huggies?? I’m still learning, but thought you could only use a manufacturer and store coupon.

  2. christine says:

    I love this deal, but my rite aid video values already moved to november, so I don’t have any of those u listed.. I wonder why this happened, we still have a week in October, and I was almost at my credit for 4/20 copon.

    • We just got home from traveling Christine and I saw that almost ALL of the coupons were gone for this deal – I’m so bummed too!

  3. Hey Lilian! You can only use one of the Huggies coupons, I just wanted to highlight all that are available so you had different options! Hope that helps 🙂

  4. The RA video values aren’t by calendar month. The change takes place the day after one set expires (the Sept coupons expired 10/23, and the new November set of videos started on 10/24). HOWEVER, if you already watched the video during the October month you should still be able to print it until it expires on 11/27. Mine are still on my list of rewards anyway..I had already printed some, but the Alka-Seltzer plus is still in my account.

    • Thanks Crystal! We were traveling when I posted this deal and I didn’t have time to watch the RA Video Valuse, so I’m kicking myself now! But, it’s still a good deal (but way better if you have the RA coupons!)

  5. Do the UP rewards “roll”? So they are not like the Walgreens Register Rewards? Essentially, I could do the same scenario over and over again?

  6. UP rewards DO roll, until/unless you reach a limit. Laurie, I’ve been in that same place myself which is why I try to watch all the videos during the month or at least the high value ones/ones for items that frequently go on sale…I watched the $4/1 aveeno early on since it was such a high value coupon. BUT, RA is my ONLY store so I am more dependent on getting deals there.

  7. Thanks for the info! How do we know when we’ve reached the limit???


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